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DJLeo live on Radio LoRa

DJLeo live on Radio LoRa

About radio-DJ Leo

– Started DJing on the radio around 1987
– First radioshows on Radio Lora Zurich were about new music and releases
– broadcasting today on Swiss radios Lora, Open Broadcast, Radio4, Kanal K, Plus Radio, Schaffhauser Rundfunk and others
– all radios are broadcasting on FM/DAB+/online
– next to the radio working as journalist (print+online) + music-promter
– musician with post-punk/indie-band Spencer (singer), electro-indie-band Inbetween Movies and rockabilly-4piece Louie & The Wolf Gang
– connected with lots of radios across Switzerland where you can send your music to

Music in DJLeo’s radioshows

– Indie: indie, shoegaze, drum’n’bass, reagge, dub, dance, alternative, all kinds of metal and hardrock, punk, rock, pop, psyche(delic), experimental, world…
– Gothic: goth rock, apocalyptic folk, post-punk, ambient/dark ambient, industrial, synthpop, medieval, heavenly voices, hellelectro…
Rock’n’Roll/Rockabilly: rockabilly, psychobilly, rock’nroll, re-issues, jive, country, blues, soul, northern soul, oldies, garage/60s, psychedelia, oldies…
Swiss music: all kinds of styles – from hip-hop,indie, dance to metal and pop
Vinyl: as this gets more and more important to a lot of bands we started dedicating new vinyl some specials on air

Submissions: How to send your music

Please include us into your promo-mailing list. Always looking for new music from all around the world.
The following formats are accepted:
– digital: MP3s/320kb or WAV
– physical: CDs, and we do love and play vinyl, there are even vinyl-specials on the radios

Submissions can be sent as downloads to leoswissradio{at)gmail.com.
For physical copies please use this adress:
Leo Niessner
Indie-Team (Musicpress-agency)
Im Bruennli 3
CH-8152 Opfikon
As I’m connected with a lot of media in Switzerland you can send your music easily (more infos).

DJLeo’s favourite Sounds

There’s a such a lot of great music out there. But after all, I got my all-time-favourites.
Track 1–32: These are the bands and tracks that’ve inspired me.
Tracks 32–…: There are my favrourite tracks at the moment. Always changing…




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