Indie-Block 13-14-2019-new music from all around the world

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Radioshow: Indie-Block new music – Pearlbreaskers (indie/britpop) in session, Wave-Gotic-Treffen-countdown, new music, musicpress-review: Rolling Stone Magazine

This week on the radio: A lot of new music from all around the world. Listen to the «Indie-Block» on the dates below.

Musikexpress-review: Musikepress april 2019



📻 Broadcast-dates:
🔘 Mon, 1.4., 21h Kanal K
🔘 Tue, 2.4., 18h Radio RaSA ± 21h Radio 4 TNG
🔘 Wed, 3.4, 18h Radio Rasa
🔘 Thu, 4.4., 20h open broadcast radio
🔘 Sun, 7.4., 20h, Open Broadcast Radio
🔘 Tue, 9.4., 18h Radio RaSA ± 21h Radio 4 TNG
🔘 Wed, 10.4, 18h Radio Rasa
🔘 Thu, 11.4., 20h open broadcast radio
🔘 Sun, 12.4., 20h, Open Broadcast Radio
N-Gage Productions👉🎤😶



New music from all around the world.

CombichristHate me like meHate me like meOut Of LineOut Of LineSCD, 2019
FoxygenFace the factsFace the factsFactory 92Factory 92SCD, 2019
New Radicals, TheYou get what you gotYou get what you gotOpen BroadcastOPen Broadcast
TechnimaticHolding onHolding onShogun AudioShogun AudioSCD, 2019
Hell-O-MaticBreakawayHell-O-MaticHerzberg VerlagHerzberg VerlagCD, 2019
A Slice Of LifeOlderRestlessManagementManagementCD, 2019
Musicpress-Review: Musikexpress feat. Tracks and quotes from the magazine
Cinematic Orchestra, TheA Caged bird...Musikexpress 04/19MusikexpressMusikexpressCD, 2019
John HoltPolice in HelicopterPolice in HelicopterHospitalHospitalSCD, 2019
Crystal FightersThe Get downGaia & FriendsWarnerWarnerCD, 2019
Garcia85AbuelaAlbumManagementManagementEP, 2019
Jungst?tterWound wrapped in songLove IsPIASMVCD, 2019
Pearlbreakers, TheLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 01/04/2019
Kaamos WarriorsTalventuojaIkueisen Talven SarastusInverseNon Stop MusicCD, 2019
Buffalo PostcardMorning ChimesMorning ChimesSonic CathedralSonic CathedralSCD, 2019
LejoCleopatraCleopatraPop UpPop UpSCD, 2019
Indie Butterflies TeamSevenSevenManagementManagementSCD, 2019
Kelman DuranPatice LumumbaSMS for LocationShuffle NoteShuffle NoteCD, 2019
Pearlbreakers, TheActionActionN-GageN-GageSCD, 2019
Boo Raydleys, TheWake up BooWake up BooCreationCreationSCD, 1995
Bear PawMoonshapedMoonshapedManagementManagementSCD, 2019
Logic & OliviaA point of view (Club Mix)A point of viewManagementManagementSCD, 2019
Pearlbreakers, TheLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 01/04/2019
Hearty HarRadio Man '56Radio Man '56ManagementManagementSCD, 2019
Infinite WorldsNear and farNear and farManagementManagementSCD, 2019
MonofictionFallFallManagementManagementSCD, 2019
Pearlbreakers, TheLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 01/04/2019
Pearlbreakers, TheLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 01/04/2019
Bella DonnaSometimesThe EdgeEtage MusicEtage MusicCD, 2019
KadinjaFrom the inisdeSuper 90Nuclear BlastWarerCD, 2019
SilvertonguedevilXSecret demonsMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeSCD, 2019
SulduskThe elmLunar FallsNorthern SilenceNorthern SilenceCD, 2019
HamferdOdnOdnMetal BladeMetal BladeCD, 2019
Pearlbreakers, TheLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 01/04/2019

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