Check out what we’ve been playing on the radio in the last 6 month. Listed are all titles only that have been aired more than 10x on the radios:

Tracks in our radioshows between june 18 and jan 19:
indie, gothic, alternative, rock, metal, punk, neofolk, dance, reggae, ambient, alternative, pop….

Swiss radio-DJLeo
Swiss radio-DJLeo



13 EnginesBefore our timeNocturnalNocturnalLP, 1987
3 Chord WonderPunk Christmas Vol. 2TBA PhonagTBA PhonagCD, 1997
3 TeethRef 1CleopatraCleopatraCD, 2018
40 Years Stray Cats
5 Royales, TheR&B HipshakersOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastLP
A Cetrain RatioDirty boy feat. Barry AdamsonmuteMVCD, 2018
A Few Bad MensameManagementManagementSCD, 2018
A Few Bad MenKiss me on the lipsManagementManagementSCD, 2018
A Few Bad MenTrain ManagementManagementSCD, 2018
A Horse Named Death When the world becomes undoneLong BranchMVCD, 2018
A look into the programmes of radio Rasa
A PearlMusikexpress 09/18MusikexpressMusikexpressCD, 2018
A restless HeartChristmasAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2018
A Wound of BodyCommon Eider, King Eidercyclic LawCyclic LawCD, 2018
A. Harlanaada belleManagementManagementSCD, 2018
A. HarlanaManagementManagementSCD, 2018
AbacusEverybody's got to learn somethingShogun AudioShogun AudioSCD, 2018
Abw?rts@Gaswerk Winterthur
AcarashIn Chaos BecrownedDark EssenceNon Stop MusicCD, 2018
AcceptLive at WackenNuclear BlastNuclear BlastCD, 2018
AcceptSymphonic TerrorNuclear BlastWarnerCD, 2018
Acht Eimer HuehnerherzenEis Auf ExRookie Rookie SCD, 2018
Adverts, The
Agent Side GrinderDoppelgaengerNordklang Nordklang SCD, 2019
AgentyrOlykkeNorthern SilenceNorthern SilenceCD, 2018
Aha ComaComfort ComaManagementManagementSCD, 2018
AirforceEPMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeEP, 2018
AirforceBlack box recordingsMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeCD, 2018
AjnaLucid IntrusionsCyclic LawCyclic LawCD, 2018
Akina McKenzieTired feet bluesFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
Al & The Black CatsFrom bad to worseOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastCD, 2016
Albrecht SchraderMarijke AmadoStaatsaktMVSCD, 2018
Album of the week: ?baby You Win? by Cliff Westfall
Album of the week: Dead can Dance -Dionysus
Album of the week: Guanabatz (Back to the Jungle)
Album of the week: Hillrockabilly ?Banana Republic?
Album of the week: Mighty Joe Castro
Album of the week: Ray Black & The Flying Carpets – Better Way To Move
Album of the week: Ruby Ann – Mama's backMama's BackAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2018
Album of the week: Wanda Jackson ?Heart trouble? Airplaydirect
Alejandro ReyesI already knowHertzhaftHertzhaftSCD, 2018
Alex MayrBei aller LiebeBelieve DigitalBelieve DigitalSCD, 2018
Alex the AstronautWaste of timeFactory 92Factory 92SCD, 2018
Alex the AstronautWaste of timeFactory 92Factory 92SCD, 2018
Alfie TemplemanEPRed Light ManagementRed Light ManagementEP; 2018
Alice FrancisInstrumentalGlamjazzGlamjazzEP, 2018
Alice In ChainsRanier fogFactory 92Factory 92CD, 2018
Alice in ChainsNever fadeClausenClausenSCD, 2018
Alice in ChainsThe One You KnowTBA PhonagTBA PhonagSCD, 2018
Alien VampiresBring in the apocalypseAlfa MatrixAlfa MatrixSCD, 2018
AliensDesolation angelsManillaManillaSCD, 2018
Alissa MustoWhat we saw from the piano barManagementManagementEP, 2018
Alissa MustoWhat we saw from the piano barManagementManagementEP, 2018
AlkbottleBlader, fetter, lauter und a bisserl mehredelPhonagCD
All You've SeenAlbum ManagementManagementCD, 2018
AlligatorShadow by your sideInternet-Track of the week
AlligatorShadow by your sideManagementManagementSCD, 2018
Alpaca SportsNobody cares but meElefantElefantEP, 2018
Alt-JDeadcrush X AlchemistMVMVSCD, 2018
Alt-JHouse of the rising sun
AlterityAfterlifeManagementManagementCD, 2018
AlterityEPManagementManagementEP; 2018
AlterityAfterlifeManagementManagementCD, 2018
Amanda TenfjordFirst ImpressionNordklang Nordklang SCD, 2019
Amazons, TheSITWManagementManagementSCD, 2017
Amber UnitRadicalisRadicalisCD, 2018
AmorphisQueen of TimeNuclear BlastWarnerCD, 2018
Ancient BardsOrigineLimbNon Stop MusicCD, 2018
And OneStopLimmatLimmatCD, 2012
And OneBack HomeLimmatLimmat
And One
And One
And OneOut Of LineOut Of Line
Andrea BignascaMurderRadicalisRadicalisSCD, 2018
Andreas DorauFeelingsgef?hleTapeteTapeteSCD, 2018
Andrew SisistersBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Andy FLettecw promotionscw promotionsSCD, 2018
Andy FMorbusg Googlecw promotionscw promotionsCD, 2018
Andy RozzHeading for somethingManagementManagementEP, 2018
Andy RozzHeading for somethingManagementManagementSCD, 2018
Andy Rozz
Anita LeisterLast dayManagementManagementCD, 2018
Anita LesterLast DayManagementManagementSCD, 2018
Anna101-IsmOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastCD
Anna Aaronwhy notRadicalisRadicalisSCD, 2018
Anna CalviHunterMVMVCD, 2018
Anna CalviMusikexpress 09/18IrascibleIrascibleCD, 2018
Anna CalviHunter IrascibleIrascibleSCD, 2018
Anna CalviHunter DominoIrascibleSCD, 2018
Anna CalviHunterIrascibleIrascibleCD, 2018
Anna CalviHunterMVMVCD, 2018
Anna Calvi
Anna LuxM?dchen im KomaProfi MediaProfi MediaSCD, 2018
AnnaluGet awaySnowhiteSnowhiteCD, 2018
AnnaLux7 FragenProfi MediaProfi MediaSCD, 2018
Annita and the StarbombersLive @ Kiff 2005CrazyeventikCrazyeventik
Antero LindgrenTalking with the dead
Any SecondS?nde:MenschOut Of LineOut Of LineCD, 2018
Arcade FireEverything nowOpen BroadcastOPen BroadcastCD
Arcana RaspailCyclic LawCyclic Law
Arch EnemyReason to believe
Arctic SunriseOrkus Compilation 134OrkusOrkusCD, 2018
Aretha FranklinAretha in ParisLP, 1968
Aretha FranklinTribute to Dinah WashingtonLP, 1964
Aretha FranklinSoul sisterOpen BroadcastOPen BroadcastLP; 1966
Aretha FranklinGreen waveAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2017
Aretha FranklinBest ofOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastCD, 1994
Aretha FranklinAretha in ParisOpen BroadcastOPen BroadcastLP, 1968
Aretha FranklinAretha in ParisLP, 1968
Ariel's AtticEPMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeCD, 2018
Arliedidya thinkManagementManagementSCD, 2018
Arlie DuffRare rockabilly Vol.1Bear FamilyBear FamilyLP
Armored SaintSymbol of SalvationMetal BladeMetal BladeCD, 2018
ArstidirHvelNordklang Nordklang CD, 2019
ArtilleryThe Face of fearNuclear BlastWarnerCD, 2018
ArtmagicThe songs of other EnglandArtmagicArtmagicSCD, 2018
Arts Fishing ClubLiesManagementManagementSCD, 2018
Arts Fishing ClubShaking for your loveManagementManagementSCD, 2018
AscentMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeSCD, 2018
AscentAscent EPMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeEP, 2018
Ashbury HeightsThe Victorian WallflowersOut Of LineOut Of LineCD, 2018
Ashes of JupiterGreedMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeSCD, 2018
Ashes of JupiterGreedMetal CoffeeMetal CoffeeSCD, 2018
Astro ZombiesAstro ZombiesCrazy Love RecordsCrazy Love RecordsCD
Astrolemo Supernova epManagementManagementEP, 2018
Astrolemo sevenelevenManagementManagementEP, 2018
Astrolemo Time Travel (Grey Tropical Remix)ManagementManagementSCD, 2018
AsylumsAlien Human EmotionsCD, 2018
AtaraxiaDeep Blue FirmamentManagementManagementCD, 2018
Atrium NoctisAeterniMetalmessageMetalmessageCD, 2018
Atrium NoctisAeterniMetalmessageMetalmessageCD, 2018
Atrium NoctisAeterniMetalmessageMetalmessageCD, 2018
AudiobooksNow!MVMVSCD, 2018
AuriAuriMetal BladeMetal BladeCD, 2018
AutoramasStressed outRookie Rookie SCD, 2018
Avarice in AudioWolves at the doorAlfa MatrixAlfa MatrixSCD, 2018
Avarice in AudioWolves at the doorAlfa MatrixAlfa MatrixSCD, 2018
Avett Brothers, TheI and Love and You American RecordingsOpen BroadcastCD, 2009
AyuKings and queensvia LoRavia LoRa
AyuKings'n'queensLoRaManagementSCD, 2018