About The List 2020

A list of tracks that made it into our playlists in 2020. Some of them appear more than once as they’ve re-selected for airplay.
They all have been played more than 10x on air.
They’ve been broadcast on radios Lora, Open Broadcast, Kanal K, Radio4, Radio Rasa and others.


Powerplays of DJLeo on different radios

New releases between october and november 2019.

100Special VisionSpecial VisionManagementManagement
11?Fr?ehligFr?ehligBaldy MinderBaldy Minder
13th Floor ElevatorsYou're gonna miss meThe psychedelic sounds of...RhinoWarner
21West ft. VelvetYo Bailo!Yo Bailo!MoveproductionsMoveproductions
6tailsThree DemonsThree DemonsManagementManagement
7AMUgly LifeBenefit for Iggy's shirtPigpowderManagement
7AMYour opinion
7AMIt hurts so bad
7AMNothiing left to say
7AMat least I? tried
A Human ScannerTrack 9The 20th anniversary compilationDark DimensionsDark Dimensions
A Line Of CrowsDark MedicineDark MedicineEchozoneEchozone
A Place To Bury StrangersI can feel your heartSpotify-Playlist: IndiemusicFriday
A Tale Of Golden KeysHockey PantsHockey PantsKluckKluck
A Tale Of Golden KeysRainbow MelancholyAlbumListen CollectiveListen Collective
A-HaDiv. TracksWarnerWarner
Aaron TaosSaboteurSaboteurManagementManagement
Aaron TaosDazed & AmusedDazed & AmusedManagementManagement
Aaron TaosDazed & AmusedDazed & AmusedManagementManagement
AbortedGloom and the art of tribulationLa grande mascaradeCentury MediaCentury Media
Absurd MindsTrack 8SaptaDark DimensionsDark Dimensions
AbwaertsBeim ersten Mal tut's immer wehDie Neue Deutsche Welle is Da Da DaOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Abw?rtsAlkoholAlkoholOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Abw?rtsInterviewInterview @Gaswerk Winterthur 2008
Abysmal DawnHedonisticPhylogenesisSeason of MistSeason of Mist
AC/DCLandslideThe Flick of the switchOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
AC13Tell no soul (Skantia Remix)Tell No SoulSoulventSoulvent
AccuserLux in TenebrisAccuserMetal BladeMetal Blade
Ace DiamondElvis, Jerry Lee and MeElvis, Jerry Lee and MeAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
AcherontasThe offeringThe offeringAgoniaAgonia
Acht Eimer H?hnerherzenGesellschaftstanzGesellschaftstanzRookieRookie
Adam Melchor30 Minutes30 MinutesManagementManagement
AdinineThe hopeless and the damnedThe hopeless and the damnedManagementManagement
AdorableSunshine smileLiveCreationCreation
Adrianne LenkerAnythingAnythingMVMV
Adrianne LenkerAnythingAnythingMVMV
Adriano Koch?I don't know yetLoneDas OfficeDas Office
Aeronauten, DieIrgendwann witd alles gutNeun ExtralebenTapeteTapete
Aeronauten, Die?Neun ExtralebenGletscher sterben leiseTapeteTapete
Aerzte, DiePlan BHellBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DieThorHellBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DieEinmal ein BierHellBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DieUnrockbarUnrockbarBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DieGitarristen?HellBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DiePolyesterHellBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DieTracks
Aerzte, DieWoodburgerHellBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DieLiebe gegen rechtsHellBademeisterBademeister
Aerzte, DiePlan BHellBademeisterBademeister
Afflecks PalacePink SkiesEverything is an attempt to be humanIslandIsland
Afflecks PalacePink SkiesEverything is an attempt to be humanIslandIsland
Afflecks PalacePink SkiesPink SkiesSpike IslandSpike Island
AfzeliaOn the moveEPRadicalisRadicalis
Ah Cama-Sotz?Naj' Hammadi (Theme)Dead CitiesHandsHands
AjnaParallel HypnosisOracularCyclic LawCyclic Law
AjnaEta CarinaeRengetegInverseInverse
Ake NorenMy Sweet MarieMy Sweet MarieManagementManagement
Akina McKenzieBelieve meBelieve meMontavonMontavon
Akne Kid JoePizza NapoletanaDie grosse Palm?ll?geRookieRookie
Akne Kid JoeNachbarnDie grosse Palm?ll?geRookieRookie
Al PrideHungerHungerRadicalisRadicalis
Al PrideHungerSpruce epRadicalisRadicalis
Al PrideKalif OnyaSpruce EPRadicalisRadicalis
Alan VegaBe Bop A LulaJukebox BabeOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Albert LeeOne Way RiderThe Greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show 103
Album of the weekRock That SwingRock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
Album of the weekRock That SwingRock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
Album of the week
Album of the week:
Album of the week:
Album of the week:Ronnie Nightingale – Finally (Part Records)
Album of the week:Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Album of the week: Bobby Darin – Highlight (10", 2020, Bear Family)
Album of the week: Doc HornHorny Tunes Vol. IIIHorny Tunes Vol. IIIPart RecordsPart Records
Album of the week: Edwardian Devils – Vol. 1 – Part Records
Album of the week: Edwardian Devils – Vol. 1 – Part Records
Album of the week: Haim – Women in Music Pt. III (Universal)
Album of the week: Iker Piris and his Dual Electras
Album of the week: Jake Calypso (One Take Jake)
Album of the week: KIng Size Taylor?Taylor MadeTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
Album of the week: Lee Curtis & The All StarsLet's stompShack MediaBear Family
Album of the week: Shemekia CopelandUncivil WarUncivil WarAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Alec LehrmannLaura's PlantationLaura's PlantationManagementManagement
Alex IzenbergDisraeli WomanDisraeli WomanIrascibleIrascible
Alexis FrenchRadiateRadiateManagementManagement
Alibi, TheNo solutionNo solutionManagementManagement
Alibi, TheNo solutionNo solutionManagementManagement
Alice BomanEverybody HurtsMusikexpress 03/2020MusikexpressMusikexpress
Alice BomanEverybody hurtsEverybody hurtsOutroOutro
Alice BowmanWake me upWake me upMVMV
Alice In ChainsMan in the boxFaceliftOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
All About EvePhasedUltravioletOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
All The Beautiful Skiesfreakin out
All The Beautiful SkiesBridgesBridgesManagementManagement
All Them Witches?Lights outLights outMVMV
All This Noise?So it goesSo it goesManagementManagement
All We AreNot your manNot your manIrascibleIrascible
AllegaeonExtremophilesApoptosisMetal BladeMetal Blade
Allen OlzonWolds apartNever dieFrontierMV
AlligatorsWild Blue CatRockabillygatorOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
AlligatorsWild Blue CatsRockabillygatorOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
AlmanacRush of DeathRush of DeathNuclear BlastWarner
AlmanacRush of deathRush of deathMetal BladeMetal Blade
AloisAfter LifeAzulPrologProlog
AlpmannstreuD?nn l?tisch aCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
AlpmannstreuAlles f?r dichCorona-Homesessions
AlpmannstreuAlles f?r dichCorona-Homerave-Session
Alptraum? GmbHAuf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb einsWuppertal SamplerPigture DiscPigture Disc
Always The AlibiRunning in circlesRunning in circlesManagementManagement
Always the AlibiRunning in circlesRunning in circlesManagementManagement
AmarantheMake it betterMinifestNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
AMJ CollectiveHunger dubHard rockRDXRDX
AncstThe burden of hope...Summits of despondencyLifeforceLifeforce
Andrea JonesMore Than EverMore Than EverManagementManagement
Andrea JonesMore Than EverMore Than EverManagementManagement
Andrew CushinWhere's my family goneYoutube-track of the week
Andrew CushinWhere's my family goneWhere's my family gone
Andrew CushinWhere's my family goneWhere's my family goneManagementManagement
Andrew CushinWaiting for the rain?Waiting for the rain?Leigh MacfarlaineManagement
Andy BellLove comes in wavesThe view from Halfway DownSonic CathedralSonic Cathedral
Andy PawlakSunshine girlRare Trax Vol. 124Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Ane BrunGentle wind of GratitudeHow beauty hold the hand of sorrowLautstarkLautstark
Angel EdwardsHigh on the good timesHigh on the good timesManagementManagement
Angry BHey Corona (Nice to meet ya)Corona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
Angry ChildRobert NajajasAngry ChildManagementManagement
Anna B. SavageA common ternA common ternIrascibleIrascible
Anna CalviDon't beat the girl ou of me (feat. Courtney Barnett)Don't beat the girl ou of me (feat. Courtney Barnett)IrascibleIrascible
Anna CalviHunter (Hunted version)non wmIrascibleIrascible
Anna MaeDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 03/04/2020
Anna MaeDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 06/04/2020
Anna MaeInterview
Anna MaeDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 06/04/2020
Anna MaeLivesessionCorona-Homesessions
Anna MaeDJLeo-SessionsCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
Anna MaeDJLeo-SessionsCorona-Homesessions
Anna MaeLivesessionsCorona-Homeravesession
Anna of the NorthBelieveBelieveMVMV
AnnapurnaThe Butchertown werftThe Butchertowm werftManagementManagement
AnnapurnaThe Butchertown werftThe Butchertown werftManagementManagement
Annie TaylorTelephoneTelephoneYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Annie TaylorDJLeo-SessionsCorona-HomesessionsYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Annie TaylorCorona-SessionsCorona-Homesessions
Annie TaylorCorona-SessionsCorona-Homesessions
Annie TaylorLivesessionCorona-Homesessions
Annie TaylorWhere the grass is greenerWhere the grass is greenerYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Annie TaylorBandraumsessionCorona-HomesessionsYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Annika AuweilerWar ja klarRolling Stone - New Noises Vol. 154Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Annita & The StarbombersLive @Kiff AarauLive @Kiff AarauCrazyeventikCrazyeventik
Annita & The StarbombersLive @Kiff AarauLive @Kiff AarauCrazyeventikCrazyeventik
Annita and the StarbombersLive at KiFF AarauLive at KiFF Aarau 12-12-2003CrazyeventikCrazyeventik
Annita and the StarbombersLive at KiFF Aarau 2004
Another MeToxicToxicIndieCommIndieComm
Antilopen GangBang BangYoutube-track of the week
Appalachian ExpressDon't forget meWalking the BluesAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
ArcanaChant of the awakeningCantar de PrcellaCyclic LawCyclic Law
ArcanaMy Cold SeaInner Pale SunCyclic LawCyclic Law
ArcanaHymn of the absolute deceitThe last embraceCyclic LawCyclic Law
ArcanaTrack LiveLive@WGT 2018
ArcanaLove eternalThe last embraceCyclic LawCyclic Law
ArcanaTrackCyclic LawCyclic Law
Archark KingsHaunt meHaunt meManagementManagement
ArcheBack to the sunBack to the sunManagementManagement
Ariel BeelseyClean so babyClean so babyManagementManagement
Arlo ParksGreen EyesGreen EyesMVMV
Armored SaitBubblePunching The SkyMetal BladeMetal Blade
Armored SaitUnfairPunching The SkyMetal Blade
ArshenicWhere did you sleep last nightWhere did you sleep last nightManagementManagement
ArshenicWhere did you sleep last nightWhere did you sleep last nightManagementManagement
Art NoirDunkle SterneDfl?gelAeneosAeneos
Art NoirHildflosFl?gelAeneosAeneos
Art of EmpathyEnd Of IEnd Of IAeneosAeneos
Art of EmppathyWhere souls shine brightestWhere souls shine brightestAeneosAeneos
Arthur HnatekEucidHeatEucidHeatMouthwateringMouthwatering
Arts Fishing ClubDevil on my shoulderDevil on my shoulderManagementManagement
AsaBerlin On My MindBerlin On My MindManagementManagement
AsenblutCodex GigasDie Wild JagdAfMAfM
Ashraf Shari KhanDrive me on the floorDrive me on the floorNo Fun In The Church
Askel & ElereGlassGlass EPSoulventSoulvent
AsmorodKend kaVol. 1 Dark AmbientProjektProjekt
AsylumsA perfect life in a perfect worldGenetic CabaretSky.comSky.com
AsylumsA Town Full Of Boarded up windowsGenetic CabaretSky.comSky.com
AsylumsClean MoneyGenetic CabaretSky.comSky.com
AsylumsA Town Full Of Boarded up windowsGenetic CabaretSky.comSky.com
AsylumsPltitudesGenetic CabaretSky.comSky.com
Atlantic FancisPark Ranger DreamPark Ranger DreamManagementManagement
Atomine ElektrineMetonic SpirakThe Antikythera MechanismWinerlightWinerlight
August Burns RedBonesGuradianFearlessFearless
August Burns RedParamountGuardiansFearlessFearless
Aurea AetasI'm so coldI'm so coldManagementManagement
Aurea AetasI'm so coldI'm so coldManagementManagement
AustraAnywayzMusikexpress 280MusikexpressIrascible
AustraMountain BabyMountain BabyIrascibleIrascible
AutomaticCalling it peekingCalling it peekingRewikaRewika
AvatariumRubicon (Live)An evening with AvatariumNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Average joe feat. The RulesKing for a dayAlbumManagementManagement
Ay WingVelvet RoomVelvet RoomVia Radio LoraVia Radio Lora
Ay Wing?AntidoteAntidoteYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Ay Wing x AntidoteAntidoteAntidoteYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Ay Wing x AntidoteAntidoteAntidoteYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Azure BlueNew moonNew moonManagementManagement
B-Shakers, TheKiss meKiss meYoutube-Tracks
BabehavenIt nanEPManagementManagement
BabehavenJaliscoHome for nowLa MissileLa Missile
BabehavenThrough the nightHome for nowLa-MissionLa-Mission
Baboon ShowI never say goodnightI never say goodnightRookieRookie
Back To The BottomLoservilleLoservilleYooutube-track of the week
Backwater StillYour love makes me highHowl like wolvesManagementManagement
Backwater Still?Your love makes me highYour love makes me highManagementManagement
BaltoBlack snake, Mojave BluesBlack snake, Mojave BluesManagementManagement
BambaraSing me in the streetAlbumManagementManagement
Banaani-MiehetAntti Hulkon LompakkoFiniish Rocklabilly
BananagunPeople Talk too MuchThe True Story of BanananagunRough TradeMV
BanananagunThe MasterThe MasterRough TradeRough Trade
Banane MetalikTrack
Bang Bang BazookaRed DressDemoCount OrlockCount Orlock
Bang Bang BazookaDirty HoundDemotapeCount OrlockCount Orlock
Barbara & The BrownsI'm start a warNorthern Soul FloorshakersOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
BarbarossaAlways FreeAlways FreeSnowhiteSnowhite
Barnaby ByeCan't live this wayNorthern soul's guilty secretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Barney KesselHoney RockDestination Lust Pt.2: Chicksville U.S.A.Bear Family?Bear Family?
BarnshakersFlippin' awayGoofin around promo samplerOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Barrence WhitfieldTrackLet's get Wild 2006
Barry DmuirEvangelineAlbumManagementManagement
Barry MuirAngel wingsAngel wingsManagementManagement
Baseball Bat Boogie BastardsDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2/11/2015
Basement RootsFree TonightLockdown SessionManagementManagement
BasementRootsFree tonightCorona-HomesessionsManagement
BasrishiThe Silenct CircleOld SmokeSeason of MistSeason of Mist
BasszillaKiss my (B)assEvil Nuns Crashed my Party!Dark TunesDark Tunes
BasszillaHell RaveEvil Nuns Crashed my Party!Dark TunesDark Tunes
BasszillaKiss my (B)assEvil nuns crashed my partyDark TunesDark Tunes
BatbaitPunksongDJLeo-Sessions Jan 2020
Batbait?PunksongDJLeo-Sessions 2020
Batbait?WalkDJLeo-Sessions 2020
Batbait?RedWhiteStripedGirlRedWhiteStripedGirlDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2020
BaterijaBackboneBackboneEquipe MusicBaldy Minder
BaterijaHeck of a night fadeHeck of a night fadeBaldy MinderBaldy Minder
BatfinksSleep PillsWazzed and blastedRaucousRaucous
BatmobileThe CannibalTape The greatest rock'noll-show Vol. 98
BatmobileKillmachineBrand New BlistersCount OrlockCount Orlock
BatmobileIce RockAmazons from Outer SpaceCount OrlockCount Orlock
BazeTirana SkitAlbumManagementManagement
bdrmPush/PullBedroomSonic CathedralSonic Cathedral
bdrmmA Reason to CelebrateA Reason to CelebrateSonic CathedralSonic Cathedral
BdrmmTrackSonic CathedralSonic Cathedral
beabadoobeeWort oMusikexpress 1120MusikexpressMusikexpress
Beard BatesFireballFireballManagementManagement
Beatles, TheLong Tall Sally -LiveLive
Beatles, TheFrom me to you1962-1966Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Beau XForgotForgotManagementManagement
Beauty of Gemina, TheMonstersFlying with the owl
Bebo and the Goodtime BoysFaded JohnnyFaded Johnny
BeckahestenRopetVattenhalens Dr?pareCyclic LawCyclic Law
Beckie MargaretGodYoutube-Track of the week
BellyTracksBeggars BanquetBeggars Banquet
BelongingHow Could You Know?How Could You Know?ManagementManagement
Belonging?How could you knowHow could you knowManagementManagement
Ben CroslandTetheredTetheredManagementManagement
Ben GraceColoradoColoradoManagementManagement
Ben SnowOut in the streetsOut in the streetsElevateElevate
BenedictionThe crooked manScripturedNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Benevolent MachinesThe FighterThe FighterManagementManagement
Benjamin GibbardProxima BSpotify-Playlist New Indie Music Friday
Benjamin GibbardProxima BIndie Music Friday
Benny JoySpin the bottleSpin the bottleBear FamilyBear Family
BergetonDepeche LoadMiami MurderMeUs RecordsDarkher
Berlin QueenRunning from meRunning from meManagementManagement
Berlin QueenRunning Fom MeRunning Fom MeManagementManagement
Bernhard, TheFly awayAlbumSixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
Beths, TheI'm not getting excitedJump rope gazersSnowhiteSnowhite
Beths, TheI'm not getting excitedJump rose gazersSnowhiteSnowhite
Betsy HammerMe TooMe TooPillagiAloha Music Group
Bette SmithWhistle StopThe Good, the Bad and the BetteRufAirplaydirect
BhamBhamHaraTiefschwarzTiefschwarzDark DimensionsDark Dimensions
Bibi VaplanCrazy Popcorn 1Crazy Popcorn 1ManagementManagement
Big BopperCrazy BluesThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Big Kitty & The Scaredy CatsTryin' to forget youHola!Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Big Mama ThorntonHound DogRock'n'Roll-Girls Vol. 6Bear FamilyBear Family
Big Mama ThorntonHound dogHound dogOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Big StarSeptember GurlsRolling Stone Rare Trax 125: September SongsRolling StoneRolling Stone
Bigness, TheThe rest of The SkyThe rest of The SkyManagementManagement
Bikini BeachParty TooAtollCommunityCommunity
Bikini BeachNo FriendsAtollCommunityCommunity
BismarckOneiromancerOneiromancerApollonNon Stop Music
Black Dahlia Murder, TheChild of nightVerminousMetal BladeMetal Blade
Black HoneyBeachesBeachesPopupPopup
Black HoneyTrackPopupPopup
Black HoneyDiv. TracksPopupPopup
Black Nail CabaretBlack LavaGods Verging...DependentDependent
Black Palms OrchestraTwin PeaksSeayou
Black PumasOct 33 (Livesession)Oct 33 (Livesession)MVMV
Black PumasBlack Moon RisingBlack PumasMVMV
Black Sea DahuGuinevereGuinevereSinnbusMouthwatering
Black Tape For A Blue Girlacross a thousand bladesashes in the brittie air (2020 remastered)ProjektProjekt
Black Tape For A Blue Girlthe touch and the darknessashes in the brittle airProjektProjekt
Black Tape For A Blue Girlacross a thousand bladesashes in the brittle airProjektProjekt
Black Tape For A Blue GirlIn my memoriesHighlightsProjektProjekt
Black Tape For A Blue GirlKnock Three TimesThe CollectionProjektProjekt
Black Tape For A Blue GirlEating Rose PetalsEating Rose PetalsProjektProjekt
BlacklabEarly BirdsViolet EPSoulventSoulvent
Bleed From WithinNight CrossingNight CrossingCentury MediaCentury Media
Blind Boy De VitaCumpaCumpaMouthwateringMouthwatering
Blind ChannelFeverViolent PopOut Of LineOut Of Line
Blind ChannelDied Enough For YouViolent PopOut Of LineOut Of Line
Blixa BargeldID Indie-Block
Blossoms and James SkellyDreaming of you?Lockdown Session
Blown MadThe CallHigh AboveDFPMV
Blue HighwayBlue Ridge Mountain GirlAlbumAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Blue Moon BoysDemoDemo
Blue Oyster CultTattoo Vampire40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of future40th anniversary agents of futureFrontiersMV
Blue Oyster Cult(Don't fear) The Reaper40th anniversary agents of furtuneFrontierMV
BlueanimalFollow the hardFollow the hardManagementManagement
BlueanimalFollow the hardFollow the hard
BlueanimalFollow the heartFollow the heartManagementManagement
Bluegrass StuffSwiss mountain LullabyeBluegrass StuffEl ToroAirplaydirect
Blues OillsDreaming my Life AwayHoly Moly!Nuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Blues PillsRhythm in the bloodHoly Moly!Nuclear BlastWarner
BlutengelWir sind unsterblichWir sind unsterblichOut Of LineOut Of Line
Blutengel & Massive EgoNothing but a voidNothing but a voidOut Of LineOut Of Line
Bob OxbloodTrash MansionTrash Mansion
Bob OxbloodMansionsMansionsManagementManagement
Bob OxbloodYoung loveYoung loveManagementManagement
Bob OxbloodTrash MansionTrash MansionManagementManagement
Bobby DarinQueen of The HopHighlightBear Family?Bear Family?
Bobby DarinOe-Ee-TrainHighlightBear Family?Bear Family?
Bobby DarinDream LoverHighlightBear Family?Bear Family?
Bobby DarinOe-Ee-TrainHighlightBear Family?Bear Family?
Bobby DarinOe-Ee-TrainHighlightBear Family?Bear Family?
Bobby DarinOe-Ee-TrainHighlightBear Family?Bear Family?
Bobby DarinClementineHighlightBear Family?Bear Family?
Bombs, TheWhen you're in loveDon't Wait Too LongPart RecordsPart Records
Bona RhodesRunning OutRunning OutManagementManagement
Bone Idle BrosLatelyLatelyManagementManagement
Bonecollectors, TheLucretia my reflectionYoutubetrack of the week
Bonnie & The Groove CatsDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2013
Bonsai KittenDone with hellDone with hellDrunkabillyDrunkabilly
BonzieZone on nineZone on nineManagementManagement
BonzieZone on NineZone on NineManagementManagement
Boogie BanausenBump Jump Boogie?Rock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
BootblacksThin skiesThin skiesArtoffactGordeon
BootblacksHiddeen thingsThin SkiesGordeonGordeon
Booze Bombs, TheWanna Hug You (Live)Live at the Pier ViewRhythm BombRhythm Bomb
Bop x SubwaveHigher DimensionDream On EPHospitalHospital
Boppin' SteveHighschool hopLive?
Born RuffiansEdicationJuiceYep RocYep Roc
Bowmans, TheDiggerDiggerIndieCommIndieComm
Box of Moxie2 TracksIrish Sea LoversManagementManagement
Bradley WestAll we didAlbumFreedomtracksFreedomtracks
BraidsYoung BuckYoung BuckIrascibleIrascible
BrainchildUnicornUnicornYoung and AspiringYoung and Aspiring
Brainchild?Shadow Of A DancerShadow Of A DancerYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Brains, TheThe DarknessThe BrainsStomp RecordsStomp Records
Braves, TheNahNahManagementManagement
brdmmGushGushSonic CathedralSonic Cathedral
BreathlessBad Bad BoyBad Bad Boy
Brenda LeeRockin' around the Christmas treeBest ofBear FamilyBear Family
Brenda LeeRockin' around the Christmas treeBest?Bear Family?Bear Family?
Brenda LeeCryBest ofBear Family?Bear Family?
Brendan MoonGirlGirlManagementManagement
Brendan MoonWaitin' in WodongaWaitin' in Wodonga
Brendon MoonMissing YouMissing YouManagementManagement
Brent CashGood Morning SunshineRare Trax Vol. 124Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Bri HitowerLet it all outLet it all outManagementManagement
Brian GoodStillwater girlStillwater girlManagementManagement
Brian Setzer OrchestraLet there be rockLiveSurf DogMV
Bright Light Socal Hour, TheThe MoonSpace is still the placeTBLSHTBLSH
Bright Light Social Hour, TheVinyl-alum-specialSpace is still the placeTBLSHTBLSH
Bright Light Social Hour, TheMy BoyJude Vol. 1BLSHBLSH
Brigitte HandleyWildmanRed Hot & BlueAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
BroenTrackOne Of A Million 2020
Broke RoyalsBad ChemicalsBad Chemicals
Brooks DixonAnymoreAnymoreManagementManagement
Brooks DixonAnymoreAnymoreManagementManagement
Brooks DixonAnymoreAnymoreManagementManagement
Brothers Comatose, TheDon't me get up and...ManagementManagementSi, 2020
Brothers Comatose, TheDon't make get up and goDon't make get up and goManagementManagement
BrutusCemetaryNestFulltime HobbyFulltime Hobby
BrutusDjangoNestManagementFulltime Hobby
Bryan BurnettOutlawOutlawAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Bsts, TheFields of visionFields of visionSpotify-Playlist Indiemusicfriday
Bucks, TheTrackBrave and stupid
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsDiggin' my potatoesAlone & AcousticAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Buddy HollyHolly HopBest ofBear FamilyBear Family
Buddy HollyMaybe babyBesstBear FamilyBear Family
Buddy Holly & The CricketsIt's too lateThe Chirping CricketsBear FamilyBear Family
Bugalettes, TheSeventeenYoutube-track of the week
Bullet LavoltaDead WrongIrascibleIrascible
Bullets, TheBuzz for the bluesIt's a rockabilly riot vol. 1Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Burning WitchesDance with the DevilDance with the DevilNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Buzz and the FlyersRock BopAlbumNervousNervous
Buzz and the FlyersKiss the girlsBuzz and the FlyersNervousNervous
Buzz KullLast in the clubLast in the club
Buzzard Buzzard BuzzardChristmas is Coming 2020Christmas is Coming 2020CLWB CreativeCaroline UK
BuzzcocksI don't mindSingles going steadyIrascibleIrascible
Bysmarqe & SnowwhyteHexeneinmaleinsThe Last GiftEchozoneEchozone
Cabaret QuicksandBurning DaylightBurning DaylightManagementManagement
Cables for cloudsRain on your dayRain on your dayManagementManagement
Cables for cloudsRain on your dayRain on your dayManagementManagement
Cables for CloudsRain on your day
Cables for CloudsRain on your dayRain on your dayManagementManagement
CadaverD.G.A.F.D.G.A.F.Nuclear BlastNuclear Blast
CadavosLong Tall SallyYoutube-Track of the week
Cadizier, dieBliib derheiBliib derheiRadio LoRaRadio LoRa
CalexicoHappy Xmas (War is over)Rolling Stone Rare Trax Vol. 126IrascibleRolling Stone
Call Me ClarkSmogSmogManagementManagement
Callum PitYou'd better sell it while you canYou'd better sell it while you canManagementManagement
Callum PitAway from the rousing paradesAway from the rousing paradesManagementManagement
Callum PitIf you needIf you needManagementManagement
CamaranoMortal ManMortal ManManagementManagement
Cameo HabitatResideEPManagementManagement
Camilla SparkssTrack
Camilla SparkssLive OOAM 2020Kanal KKanal K
Camilla SparkssLive OOAM 2020
Camo & KrookedClimaxRed Bull SymphonyHospitalHospital
Camo & KrookedAll NightRed Bull SymphonyHospitalHospital
Camo & KrookedEmberRed Bull SymphonyHospitalHospital
Camo & KrookedMove AroundRed Bull SymphonyHospitalHospital
Camo & KrookedNo tomorrowNo tomorrowHospitalHospital
Camo & Krooked & MefjusNo Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger)No Tomorrow (feat. Sophie Lindinger)HospitalHospital
CamuBamboo RoadBamboo RoadCommunityCommunity
Car Seat HeadrestDeadlinesMaking a door less openMVMV
CaramelStill thereStill thereSpotify-Playlist Indie Music Friday
CaravanBoogie BabyBoogie BabyManagementManagement
CaravaneBoogie BabyBoogie BabyManagementManagement
Caravans, TheJail Guitar DoorsTape
CarcassSlaughtered in SohoSlaughtered in SohoNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
CaribouYou and IMusikexpress 03/2020MusikexpressMusikexpress
Carl MillerRhythm GuitarRockin' Hepcat RockabillyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Carol DavisLittle BitRock'n'Roll-Girls Vol. 7Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Caroline & Her Rhythm RocketsLift off?By my sideOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Caroline RoseFreak like meSuperstarMVMV
Caroline RoseDiv. TracksDiv. TracksMVMV
Caroline RoseDiv. TracksIrascibleIrascible
Carter FamilyMy Father's fiddleCountry's first familyAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
CasanoraDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 16/03/2020
CasanoraDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 16/03/2020
CasanoraDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 16/03/2020
CasanoraDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Session 16/03/2020
CasanoraInto the stormSadness For FreeTUTPTUTP
CasanoraLuigi in SpaceSadness For FreeTUTPTUTP
Casey JonesDon't ha haThe greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show 102
Cash Box Kings, TheI'm the man downstairsHail to the Kings!AirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Cash Box Kings, TheI'm the man downstairsHail to the kings!AirplaydirectAirplaydirect
CassiaDo it rightDo it rightCommunityCommunity
CassiaDon't make a sceneDon't make a sceneCommunityCommunity
CassiaDon't make a senseDon't make a senseCommunityCommunity
CastFinetimeAll changeOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Castle PinesVillageVillage
Cat CityBabe PrisonNighttime on meadow streetManagementManagement
Catch The WindNot of my strengthNot of my strengthManagementManagement
Catch Twenty Twou didn't let me knowu didn't let me knowManagementManagement
CatchTwentyTwoLet me know...Let me know...ManagementManagement
CatchTwentyTwoU didn't let me knowU didn't let me knowManagementManagement
Catherine Anne Davies and Bernard ButlerSabotageYoutube-track of the week
CesairIshtarDies, Nox et OmniaManagementManagement
CesairJa Boda Ne VideoBridges Burned and hands of timeManagementManagement
CF98Dead InsideDead InsideGordeonGordeon
ChainreactorInterlinkedInterlinkedDark DimensionsDark Dimensions
Chamaleons, The?3 TracksLivePhonagPhonag
ChamitoDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Session 18/10/2010
ChamitoDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Session 18/10/2010
Charles Ellsworth50 Cent Smile50 Cent Smile
Charlie FeathersOne hand looseBest OfBear FamilyBear Family
Charlie Lane Feat. Kate AsterHollywoodHollywoodManagementManagement
Charlotte BashLeaveLeaveManagementManagement
Charmaine RivasDisneylandDisneyland
Charmaine RivasDisneylandDisneylandManagementManagement
Chase Mc BrideDemo HostLivesessionManagementManagement
Chase McBrideDemon HostDemon HostManagementManagement
Chasing AliceGive it upAlbumMoveproductionsMoveproductions
Cheetah ChromeRollin' VoodooSoloAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Chelsea StormMother?ManagementManagement
Chelsea StormMotherMotherManagementManagement
Chevy Cats, TheWhy don't you love meDemo
Chili and the BaracudasA Million Years From NowFemale CasanovaOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Chili PalmerS.I.T.S.I.T.Fierce PandaFierce Panda
China BearsJoleneJoleneFierce PandaFierce Panda
ChocolatEtre un artisteEtre un artisteManagementManagement
ChocolateEtre un artisteEtre un artisteManagementManagement
Chris Perez BandJust say goodbyeJust say goodbyeOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Chris SamuelSo highSo highDas OfficeDas Office
Chris White Experience, TheHeard your songVolume 2RDXRDX
Christian KjellvanderAbout love and loving againAbout love and loving againTapeteTapete
Christoph DahlbergGuardiansGuardiansSinnbusSinnbus
Christopher George & The Sapidity AgentsTanz mit de G?tterAlbumDas OfficeDas Office
Chritoph DahlbergI saw that from farTimeSinnbusSinnbus
Chuck BerryMerry ChristmasBest ofBear Family?Bear Family?
Chuck Berry & Little RichardLiveLive at Jay Leno
Church, TheAuraPriest=AuraOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Churchie BoysBlBlaBlaReturn of the MondayManagementManagement
Churchie BoysReturn of the MondayReturn of the MondayManagementManagement
ChurchieboysChurchytownReturn of the MondayManagementManagement
Churchioe BoysGin TonicReturn of the MondayManagementManagement
ChvrchesDiv. Tracks
ChvrchesDiv. Tracks
Circa WavesJacquelineSad HappyMVMV
Circa WavesSa HappyMVMV
Circa Waves feat. Alfie TemplemanLemonadeLemonadeMVMV
CircularInto the deepest currents25 LokiLokiLoki
Citygirl BouncesNow they want itNow they want itManagementManagement
Clan des Dinosg?nd mol go schaffePandemic Sampler Hausfest 2020ManagementManagement
Clan of XymoxShecompiled by DJ DZ
Clan Of XymoxLoversLovers (Hante)TrisolTrisol
Clan Of XymoxLoversLovers (Hante)TrisolTrisol
Clan Of XymoxcoX (Asshcode Remix)Spider on the wallTrisolTrisol
Clan Of XymoxcoX (Asshcode Remix)Spider on the wallTrisolTrisol
Claus FunchDrugged Up Future WorldDrugged Up Future WorldNicky BladtNicky Bladt
Click ClickParty HateParty Hate
Clocks TikLive in SessionCorona-Lockdown-Session
Clocks TikLive in SessionCorona-Lockdown-Session
Cloks TikLiveCorona-Lockdown-Session
CLT DRPLike fatherLike fatherManagementManagement
CLT DRPSee SawSee SawRough TradeMV
CLT DRPWorth it (AK_DK Remix)AlbumManagementManagement
CLT DRPSeesawWithout the eyesRTDMV
CLT DRPWorth it (AK_DK Remix)AlbumManagementManagement
Coach Party?BreakdownBreakdownYoutube-Track of the week
Coco O'ConnorEmpty in California
Coda ChromeOut of BodyOut of BodyManagementManagement
Coda ChromeWaterInsiere there's still lifeManagementManagement
Coffin Draggers, TheJingle Bell RockPsychobilly ChristmasCleopatraCleopatra
Coffin' NailsHeartbreak HotelLive & Rockin'LinkLink
Colin StetsonThe end of your sufferingThe end of your sufferingManagementManagement
Collection D'Arnell AndreaLe Jour VenuAnother WinterManagementManagement
Collection d'Arnell-AndreaPangs of SeveranceAnother winterManagementManagement
Collie HerbClarksClarksManagementManagement
Collie HerbReadyFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
Collie HerbReadyFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
Collin KidsI don't like cakeBest OfBear FamilyBear Family
Collin Kids, TheThe Cuckoo RockAntholgy: The Deluxe Collection
Colossal RexBloodlettingBloodletting
ColosslothLittle cups of gracePlague alone
Coma AllianceSepiaWeapon of ChoiceOut Of LineOut Of Line
Common Eider, King Eider & Cober OrdReclamation of WaterPalimpsesteCyclic LawCyclic Law
Company of Men, TheThe one's who love youSounds of the centuryIrascibleIrascible
Connie ClarkeMy Sugar babyNorthern Soul PartyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Conway TwittyShake it upThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Conway TwittyMaybe BabyThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Coral, TheJaquelineJaquelineOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Coronas, TheMark my wordsCloser to youMy PromotionMy Promotion
CoteMeet me in the morningMeet me in the morningManagementManagement
Country Side of Harmonica Sam, TheI will
Courtney BarnettElevator OperatorSometimes I sit...Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Courtney BarnettTrackIrascibleIrascible
Cowboy DiplomacyMountain ManMountain ManManagementManagement
Cowboy DiplomacyMountain manMountain manManagementManagement
Craig DuncanEverybody's traing to be my babyRockabilly BluegrassAirplaydirectBear Family
Craig GerdesBetween the cradle and the graveBetween the cradle and the graveManagementManagement
Craig GerdesTonight's not the nightAlbum
Craig GerdesTough as nailsAlbumManagementManagement
Craig GerdesBetween the cradle and the graveAlbumManagementManagement
Cramps, TheBop PillsStay sick!Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Cramps, TheHow far can too far go?Zuerich, VolkshausOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Cramps, TheHuman FlyLive @ Volkshaus Z?rich 1986Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
CreeonHold onHold onDas OfficeDas Office
Creepshop, TheRun for your lifeRun for your lifePeople Like YouPeople Like You
Creepshow, TheLive at Merkker Baden
Crucchi GangSteiner & Mdlaine – La Dolce VitaLa Dolce VitaCommunityIrascible
CruisersDo you know how muchDo you know how much
CruisersDo you know how muchNop-RockOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Cruisershey Mister Songwriterhey Mister SongwriterManagementManagement
CruxSharonMechanimalInner EarInner Ear
Crying VesselLivetracks
Crying VesselGhostly FiguresA Beautiful CurseCleopatraCleopatra
Crying VesselLive Roessli Bern 2017
Crying VesselLive Roessli Bern 2017
CulkVelvet MorningAlbumSiluhSiluh
CulkVelvet MorningCulkSiluhSiluh
Culk?Jahre sp?terJahre sp?terSiluhSiluh
Culk?NachtZerstreuen ?ber euchSiluhSiluh
Curtis GordonRock, Roll, Jump And JiveThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Curtis GordonSittin' on topThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Curtis SalgadoThe Longer That I Live2020 Blues - New Music from Alligator RecordsAlligatorAirplaydirect
Curtis SelgadoHook me upThe beautiful lowdownAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
CutOut of touchOut of touchMVMV
Cyril CyrilPresidentYallah Mickey MouseIrascibleIrascible
D.A.F.Co Co PinoGet CloserMusikexpressMusikexpress
Da Silva TrioBoppin' BeautyBoppin' BeautyEl ToroAirplaydirect
DachsSi h?nd de Schlagz?ger us d? Band gr?ertSi h?nd de Schlagz?ger us d? Band gr?ertMouthwateringMouthwatering
Daddy Long LegsDing Dong DangLowdown waysManagementManagement
DagmarStolzer VogelJetztManagementManagement
DagmarZeit des Rock'n'RollZeit des Rock'n'RollManagementvia Kanal K
DagmarHonig war gesternHonig war gesternvia LoraManagement
DagmarHonig war gesternCorona-Homeravesession
DagmarWorte dieser SorteCorona-Homeravesession
DagmarZeit des Rock'n'RollHomerave-Sessions
DagmarWorte dieser SorteHomerave-Sessions
DagmarTequila SunriseHomerave-Sessions
DakotahScarsScarscw promotioncw promotion
Dalai PumaKarma Ping PongManagementVia Radio Lora
Damian LynnDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2014
Damien McFlyLeapLeapManagementManagement
Damn YouGhost caravanGhost caravanManagementManagement
Damon EdgeNo reason to leave from the sunGrand VisionsNew RoseDisctrade
Dan ForbesShe got her phd in meShe got her phd in meManagementManagement
Dan RomeoChaosChaosManagementManagement
Dan Romeo and the Lone StrangersChaosChaosManagementManagement
Dana GavanskiAt last I am freeDon't make a sceneRough TradeMV
Dana GavanskiTrackDon't make a sceneRough TradeMV
Danny and The Fat BoysAmerican MusicAmerican MusicOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Danny WrightBroken YouthBroken YouthManagementManagement
Danny WrightI Hate Everything?I Hate Everything?ManagementManagement
DanzigKiller WolfOOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Dark ForestWafarer's eveOak, ash & thornCruz del surCruz del sur
Dark PatternsFlip Flop MantraFlip Flop MantraManagementManagement
Darrell LabradoTwo hands and a prayerTwo hands and a prayerPillagiAloha Music Group
Darryl MorrisMy NameMy NameManagementManagement
Darryl MorrisMy NameMy NameManagementManagement
Darwin NelsonLazy LuStars of RockabillyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Dave BrightJust danceJust danceManagementManagement
Dave Del MontaHubby Hubba Ding DingHubby Hubba Ding DingManagementManagement
Dave Del MonteBald Headed DaddyBald Headed DaddyManagementManagement
Dave Del Monte & The Cross County BoysDrag Racing SantaDrag Racing SantaManagementManagement
Dave Del Monte & The Cross County BoysCarburetor For ChristmasCool Yule BoogieManagementManagement
Dave EdmundsDon't call me tonightKing Biscuit Flower Hour
Dave EdmundsRun Rudolph RunFrom small things..Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Dave Taylorkeep it up babyDave TaylorOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Dave TaylorCadillac Car
Davey SuicideMedicate meMedicate meOut Of LineOut Of Line
Dawn Of AshesSleep ParalysisThe Antinomian?ArtoffactArtoffact
De Hijgende HertenGood Golly Miss Molly
Dead DefinedYou push me awayYou push me away
Dead DefinedDon't push me awayDon't let goManagementManagement
Dead Heart BloomLost in a dreamLost in a dreamManagementManagement
Dead LordMessin upMessin upCentury MediaCentury Media
Dead LordEvil always winsEvil always winsCentury MediaCentury Media
Dead PonyObscence StrategiesObscence Strategies
Dead ShamanOut of PhaseAlbum?Sixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
DeadlineButtons ft. Emily MakisButtons ft. Emily MakisShogun AudioShogun Audio
Dean DenmarkGrow olderGrow olderManagementManagement
Dear LifeThe way you walkThe way you walkManagementManagement
Dear MissesLife is tryin' tricksMonster's MotherMonobusterMonobuster
Dear MissesLife is tryin' tricksMonster's MotherMonobusterMonobuster
Dear MissesHotel RozelleMionster's MotherMonobusterMonobuster
Death in RomeBarbie GirlEPOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Death Valley GirlsThe UniverseThe UniverseYouttube-track of the weekIndie-Music Friday Spotify
Decent MessRecall (session version)DJLeo-Sessions 1991
Decent MessActing Like A ChildDJLeo-Sessions 1991
Declan McKennaTwice your sizeZerosOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Deep ArtSad MoonSad MoonManagementManagement
Deep ArtEnter the dream
DefectoRiseRiseSound PollutionSound Pollution
Defending the PilotSecond chancesSecond chancesManagementManagement
DegsKillerLetters from NdegwaHospitalHospital
DegsThe RootsVersions from NdegwaHospitalHospital
Deja VuKissing BoatCorona-Homesessions
D?j? VuInterview
D?j? VuDJLeo-Sessions
D?j? VuDJLeo-SessionsCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
Deke DevilsonJukebox ManFin-a-BillyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Del AmitriClose your eyes and think of EnglandClose your eyes and think of EnglandSpotify-Playlist Indiemusicfriday
Della MaeSleep with one eye openAlbumAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
DelugeMetal BladeMetal Blade
D?lugeAbyssesAego TemploMetal BladeMetal Blade
Demented Are Go!Holy Hack JackBest of
Demented Are Go!Daddy's making monstersDaddy's making monstersPeople Like YouPeople Like You
Demented Are Go!House of BloodOrgasmic nightmareOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Denis DonatschDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2018
Denise DonatschA RevairA RevairDas OfficeDas Office
Denise DonatschDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2018
DenmHey YaHey YaManagementManagement
Denny SmithLike God's asleepLike God's asleepManagementManagement
Denny SmithLike God's asleepLike God's asleepManagementManagement
Dentals, TheDigital world heroManagementRadio LoRaRadio LoRa
Der Blaue ReiterThe Children of ChernobylNuclear Sun
Der B?se Bub EugenM?dchen vom andern Sterm
Der B?se Bub EugenBesucht
Der B?se Bub EugenDene Schuhe
Der B?se Bub EugenKomm mit
Der FluchWerwolfDer FluchOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Der NoschCorona-Song
Derek AnthonyIf I don'tIf I don'tManagementManagement
Derek DriverThat feelingThat feelingManagementManagement
Derek Lee GoodreidGod, the Devil and IGod, the Devil and Ivia Twittervia Twitter
Desiderii MarginisThe silence of a thousand?DepartedCyclic LawCyclic Law
Desiderii MarginisDeadbeat MMXIXDepartedCyclic LawCyclic Law
Desiderii MarginisAn immense hardened shadowDepartedCyclic LawCyclic Law
Desperados, TheLet's get wirldYoutube-Track of the weekWild RecordsWild Records
Desperate JournalistThe fearthe fearFierce PandaFierce Panda
DestructionMad Butcher (Live)Maximum Metal Vol. 257Metal HammerMetal Hammer
DestructionBorn to perishNuclear Blast
Devil DollLiquor StoreYoutube-Track of the week
Devils' Daughters, ThePass that bottlePass that bottleYoutube-track of the week
Diana RadarSex SellsSex SellsManagementManagement
Dick BraveNo one knowsRock'n'Roll-TherapyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Die Chinesischen Gl?ckskeksePornostarUnter StromManagementManagement
Die Chinesischen Gl?ckskekseHeute hier, morgen dortUnter StromManagementManagement
Die ErdeLebe den LebendenMusikexpress 06/2020MusikexpressMusikexpress
Die KreaturDie KreaturDie KreaturNapalmNapalm
Die SaunaDas EndeDas EndeManagementManagement
Die SaunaDer LetzteDer LetzteManagementManagement
Die SaunaDer LetzteDer Letzte
Die SterneDer Sommer wird in die Stadt kommenMusikexpress 03/2020MusikexpressMusikexpress
Die Toten HosenHang on sloopyEn Misi?n del Se?or: Live in Buenos Aires
Dig ExoticSee through youSee through you
DigvalleyI gave you love...I gave you love...ManagementManagement
DilemmaExit stage leftExit stage leftSoulventSoulvent
Dillians, TheDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2018
Dirk MaassenFjaraOceanRewikaRewika
Dirty projectorsThere I said itEarth crisis
Dirty ProjectorsInner worldFlightIrascibleIrascible
Dirty Sound MagnetUSA LSDLive AlertManagementVia Kanal K
Dirty Sound ProjectorsOn the breezeEPIrascibleIrascible
Divining RodHemlock BluesHemlock BluesManagementManagement
DivvasWhite RoomChallenger deepIrascibleIrascible
Dixie ChicksThe Long Way AroundThe Long Way AroundOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Dixie FriedDon't you do me no wrong
DJ HansGathererP. D4anceCold Storage RecordsCold Storage Records
DJ MarkyTrouble feat JaveonRun the streets epShogun AudioShogun Audio
DJ MarkyTrouble feat. JaveonRun the streets epShogun AudioShogun Audio
DJ Tennis/Mr. TophatTime LapseTime Lapse (DJ Tennis Disko Remix)Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Django DjangoTracks
DJDenHappy (Club Mix)Happy (Club Mix)DeeVuDeeVu
DMA'sLearnng aliveLearnng aliveManagementManagement
DMA'sLearning AliveIndie Music Friday
DMA'sDiv. Tracks
Dobbel DeckerSchwarzpeterSchwarzpeterManagementManagement
Dobie GrayOut on the floorThis is northern soul
Doc HornSpades SevenHorny Tunes Vol. IIIPart RecordsPart Records
Doc HornSeek and hideHorny Tunes Vol. IIIPart RecordsPart Records
Doc HornDoo Na NaHorny Tunes Vol. IIIPart RecordsPart Records
Doc HornLet it all goHorny Tunes Vol. IIIPart RecordsPart Records
Document OneThe BeastThe BeastHospitalHospital
Dodge Brothers, TheStep away from the carDrive Train
Doel Brothers, TheFurther to goAlbumEl ToroAirplaydirect
Doel Brothers, TheRoking on a hard floorAlbumEl ToroEl Toro
Doell Brothers, TheFurther To GoEl ToroEl Toro
Dominik BalimannThe world is turningThe world is turning
Dominik WullschlegerB?siHomet^rave-SessionManagementManagement
Don Diego TrioHonky Tonk MindHonky Tonk Mind
Done(4)Hotel MamaRalfManagementManagement
Doors, TheRiders on the stormDVD-Track
Doug AdkinsSecond Hand HeartSecond Hand HeartManagementManagement
DovesCarouselsCarouselsYouttube-track of the week
DovesDiv. TracksWarnerWarner
DovesDiv. Tracks
Dr JoeTell your motherTell your motherManagementManagement
Dream NailsJillianAlbumManagementManagement
Dream NailsWomen And Non-Binary People To The FrontWomen And Non-Binary People To The FrontManagementManagement
Dream NailsCorporate RealnessWomen And Non-Binary People To The FrontManagementManagement
Dream WifeTracks
Dream WifeTemporaryIRL (Live in London 2020)CommunityCommunity
Drei Meter FeldwegWas uns bewegtWas uns bewegtRookieRookie
Dritte WahlZur SeeYoutube-Track of the week
DRS & DynamiteNot the fake onesPlaying in the darkHospitalHospital
DRS & DynamiteBack & ForthBack & Forth (feat. S.P.Y)HospitalHospital
Drywall heelsConfuciusConfuciusManagementManagement
Drywall Wheels, TheTomahawkTomahawkManagementManagement
Ducktails, TheClassroom Hop
Dues, TheSomething for my mindGhosts of the PastSixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
Dues, TheElements of DoubtGhostst of the pastSixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
DunkelsuchtTanznachtTracktipp von DJ Simone
Dv HvndSonnenseiteSonnenseiteRookieRookie
Dwight YoakhamPlease please babySwimming PoolsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Dwight YoakhamCadillacs, GuitarsSwimming PoolsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
DynfariOf Suicide and redemptionMyrkus er poerfCode666Aural
Earth RotMind KillerBlack tides of obscuritySeason of MistSeason of Mist
EchtDu tr?gst keine Liebe in dirDu tr?gst keine Liebe in dirPhonagPhonag
Eckhardt and the HouseWe're all woodWe're all woodTCBYLTCBYL
Eddie Meduza?Get out of town?Album
Eddie y los GrasososCherry PopMexican RockabillyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
EdmundBei dir bleib i dahamKarma KarmaKarma Karma
Edwardian DevilsDamned to TeddyboyVol. 1Part RecordsPart Records
Edwardian DevilsRocket (Go! Go! Go!)Vol. 1Part RecordsPart Records
Edwardian DevilsLong Black TrainVol. 1Part RecordsPart Records
Edwardian DevilsDevil's Stroll AKA Cottonpickin'Vol. 1Part RecordsPart Records
Edwardian DevilsLittle GirlVol. 1Part RecordsPart Records
Eelsbaby let's make it realbaby let's make it realMVMV
EelsBaby let's make it realBaby let's make it realMVMV
EelsWho you say you areWho you say you areMVMV
EelsAre we alright againMusikexpress 1120MusikexpressMV
EelsAnything for booAnything for booMVMV
Einst?rzende NeubautenAm LandwehrkanalAlles in AllemPotomakOpen Broadcast
El Toro RecordsEl ToroAirplaydirect
EleineAll shall burnAll shall burnSound PollutionSound Pollution
Elevators, The49 FordTape
Eliza ShaddadOne last embraceSeptFerryhouseFerryhouse
Ellas7 Billion7 BillionMouthwateringMouthwatering
EllasKeysA Whole Lot MoreMouthwateringMouthwatering
Ellisa SunWhat could have beenWhat could have been
Elodie R?verieTrackTrackManagementManagement
ElskavonOffers to peceOffers to peaceManagementManagement
ElvettCa y estCa y estMouthwateringMouthwatering
Elvis PresleyFever?Live 1973Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Elvis PresleyWestern UnionBest of?Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Elvis PresleyRip it up
Elvis PresleyThat's all right68 comeback specialOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Elvis PresleyHeartbreak hotel68 comeback specialOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Elvis PresleyMerry Christmas BabyElvis Sings the Wonderful World of ChristmasOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Elz and the CultFaith in meFaith in meManagementManagement
Emer KinsellaIntrensic PerceptionsIntrensic PerceptionsManagementManagement
Emer KinsellaIn OrbitIn OrbitManagementManagement
EmeraldDeceaseBasement SessionsAeneosAeneos
EMMFame Stutz Gl?ckFame Stutz Gl?ckIndieCommIndieComm
Emma & The RagmenBip Bop BoomIn the knowManagementManagement
Emma & The RagmenAlbum of the weekAlbum of the week: In the know
Emma & The RagmenBigelow 6-2000In the knowManagementManagement
Emma & The RagmenBip Bop BoomIn the knowManagementManagement
Emma & The RagmenRagtop rollIn the KnowManagementManagement
Emma & The RagmenBigelow 6-2000In The KnowManagementManagement
Emmy Lou and the Rhythm BoysBip Bop BoomRockabilly Summer 2014Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Emmy The GreatA Window O'KeefeAprilMVMV
Emmy The GreatChang-EChang-EMVMV
EncumberedSequence KillerMarauder epManagementManagement
Ennio The Little BrotherJoyGoodbye, Magnolia StumpMai68 RecordsMai68 Records
Ennio The Little BrotherAnthonyGoodbye, Magnolia StumpMai68 recordsMai68 records
Enrique Jesus Hernandezthe base hunger citythe base hunger city
EnsiferumAndromedaMaximum Metal Vol. 257Metal HammerMetal Hammer
EnslavedUtgardNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
EnslavedUtgardrUtgardNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Enuff ZnuffGeneration BrainwashedFrontier
ErdlingW?lfe der Nacht (feat. Chris Pohl)W?lfe der Nacht (feat. Chris Pohl)Out Of LineOut Of Line
Eric BabakMain themeTitanic SoundtrackOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Eric ButterfieldWake me in ParisWake me in ParisManagementManagement
Eric ButterfieldWake me up in ParisWake me up in ParisManagementManagement
Eric ButterfieldWake me in ParisWaiting for youManagementManagement
Eric ButterfieldBoy in a bubbleBoy in a bubble
Eric LinquistFranklin StreetA Place called HomeManagementManagement
Erik MagleDen Hemmlige...Den Hemmlige...ManagementManagement
Ernest Tubbyou're the only good thingThe Last SessionsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Ernest TubbMr. JukeboxThe Last SessionsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Esmeralda GaldaKarl LagerfeldKarl LagerfeldManagementManagement
Everyone You KnowSeen it all?Seen it all?ElevateElevate
Everyone You KnowSeen it all (Friction Remix))Seen it all (Friction Remix))ElevateElevate
Everything EverythingDiv. TraclsDiv. TraclsCommunityCommunity
Everything EverythingViolent sunRe-AnimatorCommunityCommunity
Everything EverythingDiv. TracksCommunity
Ex.OrderOpiate of CombatThe Place of Dead RoadsCold SpringCold Spring
Exits, ThePress repeatPress repeatManagementManagement
Exorcism, TheHer dispairGothic Music Orgy Vol. 6Dark TunesDark Tunes
ExumerRaptorHostile DefianceMetal BladeMetal Blade
ExxasensDreamns are overRevolutionManagementManagement
Eyyes, TheWaiting for youWaiting for youManagementManagement
Fabulous Thunderbirds, TheTrue LoveTuff EnuffOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
False HeadsYou've made an art formYou've made an art formManagementManagement
False HeadsHelp yourselfHelp yourselfManagementManagement
Family GotownBoxBoxVertigoVertigo
Fanni MayerNo more misuseNo more misuseChris WilsonChris Wilson
Fanny Mae & The Dyamite BelieversHipshakinYoutube-track of the week
Fanny Mae & The Dynamite BelieversHipshakin'Youtube-Track of the week
Fantas SchimunHow every truth...Golden BallsManagementManagement
Fantas SchimunLos MuertosGolden BallsManagement
Fantas SchimunAarghGolden BallsSeayouSeayou
Fantas SchimunBack to the presentBack to the presentManagementManagement
Far WestLet it slipLet it slipManagementManagement
FatboyPulling back the reinsMomentsManagementManagement
FatboyBlack HoleMomentsManagementManagement
FatboyCruel LoveAlbum
FatboyDreaming like I didMomentsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
FatboyCruel LoveMomentsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
FatboyCruel LoveMomentsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Father John MistyDisappointin diamonds are rarest of them allOff-Key in HamburgMVMV
Father John MistyThe Night Josh Tillman came to our apt.?Off-Key in HamburgMVMV
Father John MistyStrange EncounterOff-Key in HamburgMVMV
Father John MistyTotal Entertainment ForeverOff-Key in HamburgMVMV
Father John MistyThings that would've been useful to know before the revolutionOff-Key in HamburgMVMV
FauvesBatheBatheObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
FauvesBatheBatheFierce PandaFierce Panda
Federico FerrandinaIn the wildIn the wildManagementManagement
Federico FerrandinaObscenity LawObscenity LawManagementManagement
Feebles, TheI'm cryingEPOpen BroadcastNot On Label
Felt?September LadyRolling Stone Rare Trax 125: September SongsRolling StoneRolling Stone
Fenne LilySolipsismYoutube-track of the week
Fennr LaneTime to ruinTime to ruinManagementManagement
Fennr LaneLion in DishuiseLion in DishuiseManagementManagement
Ferlin HuskySioux City SueGonna shake this shack tonightOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
FeuerschwanzI see fireI see fireNapalmNapalm
Field Mice, TheSeptember's not so far awayRolling Stone Rare Trax 125: September SongsRolling StoneRolling Stone
Fields Of The NephilimFor her lightEliziumBeggars BanquetMV
First Aid KitCome give me loveCome give me loveObscence StrategiesObscence Strategies
First Aid KitCome give me loveCome give me loveObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
FjernlysArrival TMWithing the mind of ghostLokiLoki
FKA Twigshome with youMagdaleneMVMV
Flava DMesmerizeMesmerizeHospitalHospital
Flava DMesmeriseMesmeriseHospitalHospital
Flava DTracksHospitalHospital
Fleuve CongoDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 15-01-2011
Flexxertu ballatu ballavia Radio Loravia Radio Lora
Flight BrigadeFury Road
Flight BrigadeFury RoadWaiting for youManagementManagement
FlomeNot the sameNot the sameManagementManagement
Floral ShopAroundAroundManagementManagement
Florian MondayRip it UpRip it UpBuffalo BopBuffalo Bop
Flowers Of LebanonBeetroot GuyBeetroot GuyManagementManagement
FlowidusDon't breath In Feat. LinguisticsDon't breath In Feat. LinguisticsElevateElevate
Flowidus & TreiDon't breath in feat. LinguisticsDon't breath in feat. LinguisticsElevateElevate
Flying Tiger Claw, TheShitwreckedGamma LifeCold Storage RecordsCold Storage Records
Fms, TheEyes are sufferingEyes are sufferingManagementManagement
FoalsDiv. TracksWarnerWarner
FoalsDiv. TracksWarnerWarner
Fontaines D.C.A hero's deathA hero's deathMV
Fontaines D.C.Oh such a springA Hero's deathMVMV
Fooks NihilInside of loveFooks NihilPopup RecordsPopup Records
Fooks NihilSurface of ThingsFooks NihilPopup RecordsPopup Records
Fooks NihilInside of loveFooks NihilPopup RecordsPopup Records
Fooks NihilLong DaysFooks NihilPopup RecordsPopup Records
Fooks NihilSurface of ThingsFooks NihilPopup RecordsPopup Records
Fortuna EhrenfeldH?r endlich auf zu jammernLive Wohnzimmerkonzert
Fountaines D.C.A heroe's deathA heroe's deathMVMV
Four TetHarpsichordSixteen OscarsSolarmanagementSolarmanagement
Four TetSchoolSixteen OscarsSolarmanagementSolarmanagement
Four TetBand PracticeSixteen OscarsSolarmanagementSolarmanagement
Four TetInsect Near Pina BeachSixteen OceansSolarmanagementSolarmanagement
Four TetLove saladSixteen OceansSolar ManagementSolar Management
Four Tops, TheReach Out I'll be thereReach Out I'll be thereMotownOpen Broadcast
FourwardHow feat. Dakota SixHow feat. Dakota SixElevateElevate
FourwardLose controlLose control EPShogun AudioShogun Audio
Fox AcademySnowIndie Music FridaySpotify-Playlist Indie Music Friday
FragileSascha OsbornSascha OsbornManagementManagement
FragranceEndless cold
Frand Who Am II will wait for youI will wait for youManagementManagement
Frank Virtue & The VirtuesRollin' and a rockin'RockBear FamilyBear Family
Frankie WilsonDo I loveThe northern soul generationOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
FranklinLuces en el MarLuces en el MarPortaldiscPortaldisc
Frantic FlintstonesAlley Cat KingA nightmare on nervousNervousNervous
Freak InjectionToxicToxicManagementManagement
Freaky FarmGodlikeGodlikeManagementManagement
Freaky FarmPreview: Radioshow from Monday
Freaky FarmBiokarma (Matt Sawyer remix)RemixesManagementManagement
Freaky FarmBiokarmaBiokarma-EPManagementManagement
Freaky FarmBiokarma (Alogique & Bergsteiger Timeless Remix)Biokarma-EPManagementManagement
Freaky FarmBiokarma (Eeverything counts remix)Biokarma-EPManagementManagement
Freaky FarmGodlikeGodlikeManagementManagement
Fred & RoseEstado AlphaMidnight TrainIrascibleIrascible
Fred SlackerMy LifeMy LifeManagementManagement
Fred Slackermy Lifemy LifeManagementManagement
Fred VAwayAwayHospitalHospital
Fred VWobbleboardWobbleboardHospitalHospital
Fred VAtmosphereAtmosphere (feat. Lottie Jones)HospitalHospital
Freddy PowersWild Party BluesAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Frederik MagleThe secret gardenThe secret gardenManagementManagement
Frederik MaglePraeludiumPraeludiumManagementManagement
FreespiritsAlways TrueAlways TrueDeathdiscoDeathdisco
Friction, Bou & TriggaSeizureSeizureShogun AudioShogun Audio
Friedemanns WeiseDie KunstDie KunstStaatsaktStaatsakt
Friendly NeighboursWild cat tamerDJLeo-Sessions 16/03/2007
Friends of GasFelderMusikexpress 06/2020SnowhiteMusikexpress
Friends of GasWaldbrandKein WetterSnowhiteSnowhite
Frixtion & Flava D?Now or never Feat. Charlotte HainingNow or neverElevateElevate
Frog Brothers, TheMobinAlbumManagementManagement
Frogs, TheBlack MagicYoutube-Track of the week
Full Blown CherryYou shook me all night longThe Rock-a-billy-tribute to AC/DCOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Full Blown CherryRock'n'Roll Damnation?Rockabilly-Tribute to AC/DCOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
FunhouseOut of the blueDarkenedOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Future islandsThrillThrillMVMV
Future islandsThrillThrillMVMV
Future IslandsBorn in a warBorn in a warMVMV
Future IslandsWarWarMVMV
Future RelicRollercoasterRollercoastervia LoraManagement
Future RelicRollercoasterRollercoasterManagementManagement
Future RelicDJLeo-SessionDJLeo-Sessions 2015
Future SynthsMissed a beatMissed a beatManagementManagement
Futureheads, TheDiv. Tracks
Fuzztones, TheBad news tarvels fastBest ofOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Gang GreenSnob?This is Boston not L.A.Modern MethodOpen Broadcast
Gang GreenSnobThis is Boston not L.A.Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Gang GreenSnobThis is Boston not L.A.Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Gene MicofksyGiving up is crazyGiving up is crazyManagementManagement
Gene MicofskyFist for a hammerWaiting for youManagementManagement
Gene MicofskyBad WaysBad WaysManagementManagement
Gentle BeastThe SpliffThe SpliffSixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
George JonesRevenoor ManGonna Make it aloneAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
George NooksYou're all I NeedYou're all I NeedRDXRDX
George YoungCan't stop meThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
GeorgiaAbout work the dancefloorSeeking ThrillsIrascibleIrascible
Georgia GreeneGood EnoughGood EnoughManagementManagement
GestThe foundationThe foundationShogun AudioShogun Audio
GestSequentialSequentialShogun AudioShogun Audio
Gfive keys, TheShe's the mostShe's the mostBear FamilyBear Family
Ghost CaravanDamn YouDamn YouManagementManagement
Ghost Inside, TheAftermathMaximum Metal Vol. 257Metal HammerMetal Hammer
Gilian WelshDiv. TracksDon't push me away
Gina & The StrollersThis little girl's gonna rockin'Hard up and restlessOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Gina Et?D'WahlD'WahlManagementVia Radio Lora
Ginger CowgirlI'm goneWaiting for youManagementManagement
Giosia PerrettaLiberoLiberoManagementManagement
Glen GlennEverybody's movinBest of?Bear FamilyBear Family
Gloria Ameliaslow downslow downwemotionswemotions
GLXYShe sings for me feat. DRSShe sings for me feat. DRSShogun AudioShogun Audio
GMFJam Nr. 5827The Big PieMy PromotionMy Promotion
GMFSpanish MossThe Big PieMy PromotionMy Promotion
Go Getters, TheLong black shiny carLove & HateOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Go Go GazelleLaptoptrainerFlaschenpost am MorgenPopupPopup
Go Go GazelleFluchfahrzeugFlaschenpost am MorgenPopupPopup
Go Go GazelleFluchfahrzeugFlaschenpost am MorgenPopupPopup
Go Go GazelleFluchfahrzeugFlaschenpost am MorgenPopupPopup
God DethronedSpirit of belzebubIlluminatiMetal BladeMetal Blade
God DethronedDominus MuscarumIlluminatiMetal BladeMetal Blade
Golden GhostsElodie R?verieElodie R?verieManagementManagement
Golden StatesWinding River
Golden StatesWinding RiverWinding RiverManagementManagement
GoldnwolfLone WolfLone WolfManagementManagement
Goodbye GraceLight as feather @Kawaii SessionHomerave-SessionsManagementManagement
GotthardHushSteve Lee - The Eyes of a tigerNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
GrafixonyxOnyx (feat. Chrissie Huntley)HospitalHospital
Grand Mother's FunckThe Man with the fluteThe Big PieManagementManagement
Grand Mother's FunckJam
Grand Mother's FunckInterview
Grand Mother's FunckInterview
Grand Mother's FunckSly's BonesLive
Grand Mother's FunckTwisted SoulThe Big PieManagementManagement
Grand Mother's FunckInterview
Grand Mother's FunckJamJamManagementManagement
Grand Mother's FunckInterview and jamDJLeo-Sessions 03/04/2020
Grand Mothers FunckJamHomerave-SessionsManagementManagement
Grand Who am I, TheYour giving handsYour giving hands
Great GableTracing FacesIndie Music FridaySpotify-Playlist Indie Music Friday
Greatbyrd, ThePinewood's lakeKeepManagementManagement
Greatbyrd, TheInterview
Greatbyrd, ThePinewood's lakeKeepManagementManagement
Greatbyrd, TheNight City RoadKeepManagementManagement
Greatbyrd, TheNight City RoadCorona-Homesessions
Greatbyrd, TheNight City RoadCorona-Lockdown-SessionManagementManagement
Greatbyrds, TheLivesessionsCorona-Homesessions
GrooveCorona SodaCorona SodaBaldy MinderBaldy Minder
Guana BatzShake it upShake it upOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Guana BatzWerewolf BluesThe CaveOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Guana Batz?I'm on fireBest ofOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Gun ClubWalking with the beastThe Las Vegas Story
Gun Club, TheDeath PartyDeath Party EpIrascibleIrascible
Gun ShmiffBasically RatchetBasically RatchetManagementManagement
GunshipWhen you grow up, your heart diesWhen you grow up, your heart diesManagementManagement
Guy MandonTransportTransportRadicalisRadicalis
Haile SelacidBlack Magic SpellBlack Magic SpellAugeil?Augeil?
HaimUp from a dreamWomen in Music Pt.IIIUniversalUniversal
HaimGasolineWomen in Music Pt.IIIUniversalUniversal
HaimMan From The MagazineWomen in Music Pt.IIIUniversalUniversal
HaimSummer girl (Bonus Track)Women in Music Pt.IIIUniversalUniversal
HaimAnother TrayWomen in Music Pt.IIIUniversalUniversal
HaimFUBTWomen in Music Pt.IIIUniversalUniversal
Haim3amWomen in Music Pt.IIIUniversalUniversal
HaimAlbum-TrailerWomen in Music Pt.IIIUniversalDJLeo
Half HumanHarbingerHarbingerManagementManagement
Half JapaneseThe BeastmasterCrazy HeartsFireFire
Half JapaneseMagicWhy Not?FireFire
Hammered SatinStrawberries N'CreamStrawberries N'CreamManagementManagement
HanaI'm an AmericanI'm an AmericanPillagiAloha Music Group
HappynessVegetableVegetableObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
HappynessSeeing Eye DogSeeing Eye DogObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
HappynessSeeing eye dogSeeing eye dogObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
HarlottGriefDetritus of the Final AgeMetal BladeMetal Blade
Hatchets, TheDon't let go80ManagementManagement
Hatchie / The Pains of Being Pure At HeartSometimes alwaysSometimes alwaysMVMV
Hawkins, TheHilowSilence is a bombThe Sign RecordsThe Sign Records
Hawkmen, TheBaby Tonight
HayridersGlad all overYoutubetrack of the week
Hazer BabaTerra BTerra BVia Radio LoraVia Radio Lora
HeadsPush you out to SeaPush you out to SeaAll NoirAll Noir
HeadsWeather BeatenWeather BeatenAll NoirAll Noir
HeathenEmpire of the blindEmpire of the blindNuclear BlastWarner
Heather NovaDiv. Tracks
Heaven Shall BurnEcowarMetal Hammer – Maximum SacrificeMetal HammerMetal Hammer
Heaven Shall BurnEisenkopfMetal Hammer – Maximum SacrificeMetal HammerMetal Hammer
Heaven Shall Burn?bermachtMetal Hammer – Maximum SacrificeMetal HammerMetal Hammer
Heaven Shall BurnEradicateEradicateCentury MediaCentury Media
Heavy HandsDesert King
Heavy HandsHonestyHonestyManagementManagement
HeilungOthanFuthaSeason of MistSeason of Mist
Heiz?fel!ii de b?rg?Corona-Homerave-Session
Heiz?feliiSturmYoutube-track of the week
Heiz?feliiIn de B?rg?Livesession
Heiz?feliiDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 20/04/2020
Hekto SuperKleine M?nnerKleine M?nnerVia LoRaManagement
HelenkaMi Name isch hel?Vocal DesasterMouthwateringMouthwatering
HelfroEldhjartaHelfroSeason of MistSeason of Mist
Hellfreaks, TheMen in GreyMen in GreyManagementManagement
Hellfreaks, TheMen in greyMen in greyManagementManagement
Hellfreaks, TheBoogie ManYoutube-track of the week
HelloweenWolrd of warStraight out of hellMetal Blade
Hempolics, TheBongdashiBongdashiRDXRDX
Henric de La CourStation IDWGT 2019ProgressProgress
Henric de La CourGrenadeGrenadeProgressProgress
Henry ChadwickCupidCupidManagementManagement
Henry Rollins and the Hard-OnsLet there be rockLet there be rockOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Henry The Horsethe magic of timethe magic of timeManagementManagement
Henry The HorseSome stories never endSome stories never endManagementManagement
Herman's HermitsI'm into something goodBest ofOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
HexxVultures gather roundEntangled in SinHigh RollerHigh Roller
Hi-Strung Ramblers, ThePure miseryTwangsville RevisitedVolume 76Wild Records
Hidden CharmsHello babyTapeOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
High FidelityFreudin' banjosBanjo Player's bluesAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Hillside Spirit RevivalBack to loveBack to loveManagementManagement
HIMHow beautiful you areHow beautiful you are
HindsGood times bad times?Musikexpress 5/20MusikexpressMusikexpress
Hit By A TruckCrash 84PlowOrganikOrganik
Hit Crew, TheSplish splashRock'n'Roll 50s
HocicoObscured (Club version by Hocico)ObscuredOut Of LineOut Of Line
HocicoPsychonautLiving The DarknessOut Of LineOut Of Line
HocicoPoltergeistShalom from Hell AvivOut Of LineOut Of Line
Holden LaurenceRock The CradeleRock The Cradele
Holden LaurenceFriendship and the feverFriendship and the feverManagementManagement
HolmColored darkThrough WindowsQuiet LoveQuiet Love
Holmes Brothers, TheSmiling Face Hiding A Weeping HeartState of GraceAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
HolographLive Milano Music Week 2019Live Milano Music Week 2019
Honey HushRock it isEPKIX4URockhouse
Honey HushNowhere TrainRockhouse Mini CollectionKIX4URockhouse
Hoo Doo SinnersTrack
Hoo Doo Sinners, TheNo More DogginYoutube-track of the week
Hoodoo SinnersI can tellLive @ KuFa LyssLivevideo
Hope RamainsStand before usStand before usManagementManagement
Hope RemainsStand before usStand before usManagementManagement
Hot ChipStraight to the morning-feat. Jarvis CockerStraight to the morning-feat. Jarvis CockerObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
House of LoveDiv. TracksDiv. TracksManagementManagement
Hudson TaylorRun with meRun with me
Hudson TaylorRun with meRun with meManagementManagement
Huey Piano SmithI got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie fluI got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie fluOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Hugh HardieDay 3: Klaxon7 Tunes in 7 DaysHospitalHospital
Hugh HardieSaid & DoneSaid & DoneHospitalHospital
Hugh HardieDarjeelingLearning to fly EPHospitalHospital
HunzgrippeForever bloedForever bloedArtist MSArtist MS
I, Us & WEIdolIdolManagementManagement
I, Us & WeSavageSavageManagementManagement
I'll Remember YouAlters AnarchieI'll Remember YouLautstarkLautstark
IdlesMr MotivatorMr MotivatorMVMV
IdlesModel VillageUltra MonoMVMV
Iker Piris and his Dual ElectrasOut of ControlElectraEl ToroEl Toro
Iker Piris and his Dual ElectrasDance?ElectraEl ToroEl Toro
Iker Piris and his Dual ElectrasAin't just the sameElectraEl ToroEl Toro
Iker Piris and his Dual ElectrasI'm gonna moveElectraEl ToroEl Toro
Iker Piris and his Dual ElectrasLet me inElectraEl ToroEl Toro
IkonI never wanted youPsychic VampireManagementManagement
IkonBefore the dawnLove, Hate and SorrowManagementManagement
Illbilly HitecChaseKing size dubRDXRDX
Illegale FarbenFrankieFrankieRookieRookie
Illegale FarbenFrankieFrankieRookieRookie
Imelda MayWild About my lovin'Love tattooManagementManagement
In FlamesAs the Future Repeats todayClayman (20th ann. edition)Nuclear BlastWarner
In FlamesPintball MapClaymanNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
In Most & Temam1s N 2s1s N 2sSoulventSoulvent
In Slaughter NativesBlood TesturalInsanity & TreatmentOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
In The NurseryCrepusculeBlind SoundITNManagement
InadeReiteration of VoidAlbumLokiLoki
InhalerWe have to moveWe have to moveYouttube-track of the week
InhalerFade into youFade into youSpotify-Playlist Indie Music Friday
Insmoniac BearsScenic DrivesScenic DrivesManagementManagement
Insomniac BearsScenic drivesScenic drives
Interstellar SupercopsSpringtimeZero OneManagementManagement
Interview with Markus ganz/Volkshochschule - Kurse
IntronautCubensisFluid Existential InversionsNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
IonosphereRadio AttitudeNightscapeLokiLoki
IrdorathSerca RaskolataSerca RaskolataManagementManagement
IrdorathSerca RaskolataSerca RaskolataManagementManagement
IrfanThe Golden HornThe Eternal ReturnManagementManagement
IrfanSalamanderThe Eternal Return
IrfanThe Cave of swimmersThe Eternal ReturnManagementManagement
Isolation BerlinTrackStaatsaktStaatsakt
IvanhoeBroken MirrorBlood and goldNapalmNapalm
Jacco WyniaMelodia Melancholia
Jacco WyniaNewborn SunNewborn SunManagementManagement
Jack and the Jive GangJumpin' jive
Jack EllisPistol Twisted Tongue
Jack Ellis?Pistol Twisted TonguePistol Twisted TongueManagementManagement
Jack King?Ready Go SteadyRough StuffBuffalo BopBuffalo Bop
Jack Rabbit SlimThe Devil Made YouAlbumOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jack ScottGeraldineThe Very Best ofBear FamilyBear Family
Jack ScottGeraldineBest OfBear FamilyBear Family
Jack ScottLeroyBest ofBear FamilyBear Family
Jack ZhoulDreamsDreamsManagementManagement
Jack ZhoulBring me to lifeBring me to lifeManagementManagement
Jackie CrayI want you BabyThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear Family?Bear Family?
Jackie Lee CochranMoney HoneyThe Rollin Rock RecordingsRollin' RockRollin' Rock
Jackson SloanNo No Don't Do ItRock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
Jackson SloanGhost TrainRock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
Jackson SloanNo No No Don't do it nowRock that swingPart?Part?
Jackson SloanGhost TrainRock That Swing FestivalPart RecordsPart Records
Jaded Hearts Club, TheReach Out I'll be thereYou've always been hereOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jake Calypsomy Baby Rocks!One take JakeRockabillystompManagement
Jake CalypsoDowntempo MemphisOne take JakeRockabillystompManagement
Jake CalypsoIndian Boppin'One take JakeRockabillystompManagement
Jake Calypsosaturday night to teaseOne take JakeManagementManagement
Jake CalypsoWho knocks on my doorWho knocks on my doorManagementManagement
Jake CalypsoSeeking a partnerWho knocks on my doorManagementManagement
Jake CalypsoWho knocks on my doorWho knocks on my doorManagementManagement
Jake CalypsoRock'n'Roll TrainOne Take JakeManagementManagement
Jake CalypsoCall my babyOne Take JakeManagementManagement
Jake CalypsoI was a fool about youAlbumManagementManagement
James CottonDigging my potatoesAlbumAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
James Day & the Fish FryMoney, smarts and charmSouthland 320AirplaydirectAirplaydirect
James GodfreyI don't wanna knowI don't wanna knowDeeVuDeeVu
James StephenThe Deviation of YouThe Deviation of YouManagementManagement
James YorkstonStruggleStruggleIrascibleIrascible
Jamie Lidelldo you hear what I heardo you hear what I hear
Jamie LidellDo you hear what I hearManagementManagement
Jan HowardLivin' and lovin' hondoFirst generation SessionsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Janis MartinDrugstore Rock'n'RollJust... Squeeze Me! (Remastered)Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Janis MartinMy Boy Elvis!Just ... squeeze me (Remastered)Bear FamilyBear Family
Janis MartinBilly Boy, My BIlly BoyJust ... squeeze me (Remastered)Bear FamilyBear Family
Janis MartinBilly Boy, My Billy BoyJust... squeeze me (Remastered)Bear FamilyBear Family
JapandroidsNorth East South WestNear to the Wild Heart Of LifeAnti-TBA Phonag
Japandroidsdiv. Tracks
JarShake me upLove rocketN-GageN-Gage
Jason S. MatueskiewiczHang on to the momentHang on to the momentManagementManagement
Jason SaltielBetter NowBetter NowManagementManagement
Jay & the AmericansLivin' above your headNorthern Soul's Guilty SecretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jay & the AmericansLivin' above your headNorthern Soul's Guilty SecretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jay-beesGood timesGarage Punk Unknowns Vol.3Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
JB Ramblers, TheCall me the breezeCall me the breezeYoutube-track of the week
JB Ramblers, TheThey call me the breeze
JB Ramblers, TheCall me the breeze
JB Ramblers, The
Jean Michel JarreCalypsoCalypsoOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jean-Michelno place in the trainsuper vitesseManagementManagement
Jeannette HarperNorthern soul's guilty secretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jeff TweedyGwendolynGwendolynAda WarnerAda Warner
Jefferson CountyCity BillySin Alley
Jerry Lee LewisBreathlessBreathlessOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jerry Lee lewisGood Golly Miss MollyLive at the Star Club Hamburg
Jerry Lee LewisMatchboxLive at the star club, HamburgBear FamilyBear Family
Jerry Lee LewisHound DogLive at the Star Club HamburgBear FamilyBear Family
Jerry Lee LewisLong Tall SallyLive at the Star Club HamburgBear FamilyBear Family
Jesse MarkinStars in your eyesStars in your eyesPopup RecordsPopup Records
Jesse MichaelBabyBabyCapetownCapetown
Jesus and Mary Chain, TheApril Sies21 singles 1984-1998WarnerWarner
Jets, TheWarpaint40th anniversary agents of futureManagementManagement
Jim CroceLivetrack
Jimi HendrixAll Along The WatchtowerElectric LadylandOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jimmy McGriffRed River BluesA Bag Full of SoulFreedom TracksFreedom Tracks
Jimmy Rodgers SnowMilkcow BluesThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 1Bear FamilyBear Family
Jive Boys, TheTrack
JJ Jerome ComboBig Boss Man
Jo Ann CampbellMotorcycle MichaelRock'n'Roll-Girls Vol. 7Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jo-Ann Campbellcome on baby
Joachim WittDie Erde brenntNeumondSPVMV
Jocelyn & Chris Arndt?Footprints on the moonFootprints on the moonManagementManagement
Jody GlenhamTalking out loudManagementManagement
Joe BonamassaWhen one door opensWhen one door opensMascotMV
Joe BonamassaCradle rockWhen one door opensMascotMV
Joe BonamassaWalk in my shadowA new day nowFrontierMV
Joe ClayOn the right track babyThe Greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show 109Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Joe Ducktail ClayGoodbye GoodbyeBest of?Bear FamilyBear Family
Joe PearsonPilotPilotOurpostmediaOurpostmedia
Joe SchwachDJLeo-SessionsTag der Livemusik
Joe TexPneumoniaPneumonia
Joe VickersWood Burning StoveWood Burning StoveManagementManagement
Joel Adam RussellBorrowed TimeBorrowed TimeManagementManagement
John DuffeyFalling LeavesThe Rebel Years: 1962-1977AirplaydirectAirplaydirect
John FogertyHave you ever seen the rainCorona-Homesessions
John FogertyBad Moon of the RiseCorona-Homesessions
John GusterRock'n'Roll-GuitarPreview: Rockabilly-festival @Kufa Lysswww.kufa.ch
John Guster & The Rhythm StormsTracks
John Guster & The Rhythm StormsYoung & Wild
John John BrownThe RoadThe RoadManagementManagement
John Wages & Junior CheyneClose enough for JazzClose enough for JazzManagementManagement
Johnny Amelio & The DownbeatsJo Ann, Jo AnnThe Right To RockBear FamilyBear Family
Johnny BurnetteTear it upBest OfBear FamilyBear Family
Johnny CopelandDon't stop the the creek,s onEssential recordings: Down on bended kneeAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Johnny NabuNachtNachtIndieCommIndieComm
Johnny O'KeefeReal wild childRock-A-Billy
Johnny Polonski
Johnny ReidSoul TrainRevivalOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Johnny RiversI got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu
Johnny TroubleTornado WarningTornado WarningRhythm BombRhythm Bomb
Johnny Trouble TrioI'm gone
Jojo-EffectNo JokeTrue Sky HeroesChin ChinChin Chin
Jonathan EdwardsIf I were A CarpenterEpilogue: A Tribute To JOhn DuffeyAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Jonny PolonksiNo TearsKingdom of sleepManagementManagement
Jonny PolonksyTake me homeKingdom of SleepManagementManagement
Jordan LewisTail LightsTail LightsManagementManagement
Jordan LovelisBlack & WhiteBlack & WhiteManagementManagement
Jordan PriceMost Famous SurpriseMost Famous SurpriseManagementManagement
Jordan PrinceMost famous surpriseMost famous surpriseManagementManagement
Jorge GonzalezNada es para siemprePortaldisc 167/AntologiaPortaldiscPortaldisc
Joy DivisionShe's lost controlShe's lost controlWarnerWarner
Joy DivisionIsolationGet CloserMusikexpressMusikexpress
JoywaveIt's a tripIt's a tripManagementManagement
JoywaveIt's a tripIt's a tripManagementManagement
Judy HarrisYou tocuhed meNorthern Soul's Guilty SecretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jukebox RacketHave calorAtaque Rockabilly Vol. 5Bear FamilyBear Family
Julia HatfieldSisterSisterOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Julia HolterGold Dust WomanGold Dust WomanIrascibleIrascible
Julia HolterSo humble the afternoonSo humble the afternoonIrascibleIrascible
JungleBusy Earnin'Busy Eranin'MVMV
JungleDiv. Tracks
Kaelan Mikla
Kaelan MiklaSkuggadansNott eftir nottArtoffactArtoffact
KafvkaFick die WeltFick die Weltkktkkt
Kampusch KlubFylingFylingManagementManagement
KapturPixelWaiting for youManagementManagement
Karjalan SissitSkitfolkMyspace-track
Karl KaveDeine ZufluchtDeine ZufluchtManagementManagement
KataklysmUnderneath the scarsUnconqueredNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Katarina GubanovaContemplationContemplationManagementManagement
Kate BoothmanI am an animalI am an animalManagementManagement
Kath & The KicksLet it outLet it outManagementManagement
Kath & The KicksUndergroundUndergroundManagementManagement
Katherine NewtonLost KidLost KidManagementManagement
KatzenheimBevor wir untergehnBevor wir untergehnvia LoRavia LoRa
KeelsCold WinterCold WinterManagementManagement
KeenoBehind the glassBehind the glassHospitalHospital
Keeno?Severn summersSevern summersHospitalHospital
Keep Dancing Inc.No MilkshakesEmbracePopup RecordsPopup Records
Keep Dancing Inc.No milkshakes in hellPopup Records
Keep Daning Inc.No milkshakes in hellAlbumSiltaPopup Records
Keiser TwinsEddie The CatFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
Keiser TwinsEddie The CatFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
KejnuTime to goTime to goMouthwateringMouthwatering
KelandiNo stopping usNo stopping usPillaggiPillaggi
kellindoGets LouderGets LouderManagementManagement
Kelly LangWonder WomanObsessionAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Kepa LehtinenSerenade for Theremin, pianoSerenade for Theremin, pianoManagementManagement
Kepa LehtinenIt's so darkIt's so darkManagementManagement
Kerry Pastine and the Crime SceneIn your dreamsIn your dreams
Kerry Pastine and the Crime SceneLet's do this thingLet's do this thingManagementManagement
Kerry Pastine and the Crime SceneLet's do this thingLet's do this thingManagementManagement
KestrelsI don't dreamDream or don't dreamDarlaManagement
Kevin McDermott OrchestraWheels of WonderMather Nature's KitchenOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Keytones, TheReady TeddyReady Teddy
KhostYellow lightBuried steelCold SpringCold Spring
KhostYellow lightBuried SteelCold SpringCold Spring
Kickers, The?PresumidaAttaque Rockabilly Vol. 5Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
KillerplanetsHawai 5-0DefinitivRecRecRecRec
King DudeFull Virgin MoonFull Virgin MoonInner VanInner Van
King OuzoHundescheisswieseAlbumManagementManagement
King OuzoFadegradAlbumManagementManagement
King Size TaylorGuitar BoogieTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
King Size TaylorOoh, my soulTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
King Size TaylorGreat balls of fireTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
King Size TaylorShortnin' Bread rockTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
King Size TaylorSomebody's always tryin'Taylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
King Size TaylorLet me you combTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
King Size TaylorWhole lotta shakin' goin' onTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
King Size TaylorBabyTaylor MadeBear FamilyBear Family
Kings of the RollersSaturn's StringsHospitality house partyHospitalHospital
Kings of the RollersBurnt endsBurnt endsHospitalHospital
KingswoodReady SteadyJuvenilesMouthwateringMouthwatering
Kitchens of DistionctionsTrackTape-Archive
KleenexAin't youSwiss wavesSound ServiceSound Service
Klo PelagUmamiNotre-Dame-des-Sept-DouleursIrascibleIrascible
Kl? PelagUmamiNotre Dame des sept douleursIrascibleIrascible
KloobDeep introspectionUnpedictable signsWinterlightWinterlight
Kloob & OnasanderCataphract GhostMundus PatetWinterlightWinterlight
Kloob & OnasanderLiving DeitiesMundus PatetWinterlightWinterlight
KoherentThunderSecond stormShogun AudioShogun Audio
KoherentWine spillSecond storm EPShogun AudioShogun Audio
KoherentBlissBlissShogun AudioShogun Audio
KornDiv. Tracks
KotzreizN?chtern unertr?glichInspired by Plastic Bomb (new issue)Youtube-Track of the week
KowloonLive in JapanLive in Japan
KowloonLife in Japan
KraftwerkThe ModelLive at LatitudeOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
KraftwerkDas ModelDas Model (Live)Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
KramskyKokain? Ja bitte!MetaegoRookieRookie
KreignLost PurposeKreign IIDark DimesnionsDark Dimesnions
KrewmenJeanie JeaniePlague of the DeadLost MomentLost Moment
Krewmen. TheSolid Gold Easy ActionT-Rex-Tributealbum
KriefNever without youNever without youPopupPopup
Krunoslav Kico SlabinacTutti FruttiRock'n'Roll ABC
Krunoslav Kico SlabinacThat's all rightRock'n'Roll ABC...Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
KS ChoiceTrack
Kymberley KennedyDon't pacify meDon't pacify meManagementManagement
LA PriestRubber SkyGeneIrascibleIrascible
LA PriestPeace LilyGeneIrascibleIrascible
LA WomanFalling in loveFalling in lovePopupPopup
Ladina Defilawish we didwish we didManagementManagement
Laetitia SheriffWe Are YouStillnessIrascibleIrascible
LaikaDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2018
LakemanPower's creekProgenitorAsher MediaAsher Media
LakewayMassiveMed School: GraduationHospitalHospital
LambchopGolden LadyGolden LadyIrascibleIrascible
Lamia VoxBorn of the AbyssSigillum DiaboliCyclic LawCyclic Law
Lamia VoxThree dreamsAlles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das MeerCyclic LawCyclic Law
Lamia VoxI call the starsAlles ist Ufer. Ewig ruft das MeerCyclic LawCyclic Law
Lamia VoxEternityAlles ist Ufer. Ewig uft das MeerCyclic LawCyclic Law
LanzallamasCapajeSin CabezaPortaldiscPortaldisc
Las KelliesbabySuck this tangerineFireFire
Last AvenueHigher and higherGreatest HitsDas OfficeDas Office
Last AvenueHouse of trash
Latvian Blues BandQuit youMusic of my heartManagementManagement
Laura CarboneSwansSirensSnowhiteSnowhite
Laura GrovesInfinite WisdomInfinite WisdomMVMV
Laura Osburnis love a broken thingRolaRola
Laura VeirsTurquoise WallsNew Noises Vol. 155Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Lauran HibbertBang BangBang BangManagementManagement
Lauran HibbertBang BangBang BangManagementManagement
Lauran HibbertI don't like when you smileI don't like when you smileManagementManagement
Lauren HibberdBang bang bangBang bang bangManagementManagement
Lauren JaimesCherry PieCherry PieManagementManagement
LavedaBetter NowBetter NowManagementManagement
Lazer BoomerangStolen DaysStolen DaysMVMV
Leading Lady Funk SolutionBefore the virus cameBefore the virus cameManagementManagement
Leading Lady Funk Solution, TheLeading Lady (before the virus came)Homerave-Sessions
Leading Lady Funk Solution, Thewie nie zuvor (Orchester)Homerave-Sessions
Leading Lady Funk Solution, TheAfter the virus cameHomerave-Sessions
LedaNot a love songNot a love songManagementManagement
Lee Curtis & The All StarsBoppin' the bluesLet's stompShack MediaBear Family
Lee Curtis & The All StarsBlue Suede ShoesLet's stompShack MediaBear Family
Lee Curtis & The All StarsSticks and StonesLet's stompShack MediaBear Family
Lee Curtis & The All StarsSkinnie Minnie (Live)Let's stompShack MediaBear Family
Lee Curtis & The All StarsJezebel (Live at the Cavern)Let's stompShack MediaBear Family
Lee Curtis & The All StarsShot of rhythm'n'bluesLet's tompBear Family?Bear Family?
Lee Curtis & The All StarsShot of rhythm'n'bluesLet's tompBear Family?Bear Family?
Lee DensonNew ShoesThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 1Bear FamilyBear Family
LeftlionSessionFacebook-Corona-SessionI'm not from LondonI'm not from London
LeidungrPrincipiumDe Nio KraftsangernaEquilibriumEquilibrium
Lemon Twigs, TheNever in my arms, always in my heartLiveMVMV
Lemon Twigs, TheThe FireLiveMVMV
Leopards, TheDown That LineYoutube-track of the week
Leos JanacekGlagolytische MesseGlagolytische MesseOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Les Anges De La NuitIf You EverIf You EverEchozoneEchozone
Les LeopardosHot RodMexican RockabillyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Les TouristesChame MacheChame MacheRadio LoRaRadio LoRa
Les WampasDracy BopPsycho Attack over EuropeKIX4URockhouse
Les WampasDracu BopPsycho Attack over EuropaKix4URockhouse
LevellersOne wayLive Glastonbury '94Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Liam MayeCrushCrushYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Lightning EchoesIn CirclesIn CirclesManagementManagement
Lil GreenwoodGrandpa can boogie tooThe greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show Vol. 102
LimeLive in SessionCorona-Homesessions
Linah RocioAvailable
Linkin ParkDiv. TracksWarnerWarner
Lissa LoPoisonPoisonManagementManagement
Little DragonAre you feeling sad?Are you feeling sad?Ninja TuneNinja Tune
Little ElementFireFireFuturesfutureFuturesfuture
Little EvaHe is the boyThe Greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show 119Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Little FellowCinnamon FlavoureddizzyRed Brick ChapelRed Brick Chapel
Little Lesley & The BloodshotsI'm sorryWalldorf Rock'n'Roll-WeekenderPart RecordsPart Records
Little RichardTutti FruttiLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardRip it upLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardJeanny JeannyLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardBama Lama LouLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardThe King Of Rock and RollLiveBear FamilyBear Family
Little RichardTutti FruttiLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardRip it upLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardJeanny JeannyLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardBama Lama LouLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarner
Little RichardTaxi BluesTaxi BluesRCAOpen Broadcast
Little RichardGreat Gosh AlmightyGreat Gosh AlmightyWarnerWarner
Little Tina And Flight 56Need a little lovinNeed a little lovinOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
LivesClara NovaClara NovaManagementManagement
LizzoTruth Hurts (Dubmatix remix)Truth Hurts (Dubmatix remix)RDXRDX
Lloyd ColeMr. MalcontentLloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Lloyd ColeEveryone's complaing (unreleased)Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Lloyd ColeMystery Train (Live in New York 1986)Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Lloyd ColeI don't believe you (Live in New York 1986)Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Lloyd ColeMister Malcontent (Demo)Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsMystery TrainLloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsJennifer she said (unreleased recording)Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsPerfect skinLive at the BBC?Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Lloyd Cole & The CommotionsI don't believe you (Live in New York 1986)Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Collected Recordings 1983-1989TapeteTapete
Llyn Y CwnTrack 2DinorwicCold SpringCold Spring
Lo JoPermettez Majest?Transe de PapierIrascibleIrascible
Loell DuinnZOV (The summoning)ZOV (The summoning)ManagementManagement
Loell DuinnMorningMorningManagementManagement
LogisticsStay True (feat. Thomas Oliver)Stay True (feat. Thomas Oliver)HospitalHospital
Lonesome KingfisherManagementManagement
Loose ArticlesUp the discoUp the discoManagementManagement
Loose ArticlesUp the discoUp the discoManagementManagement
Lord Kesseli and the DrumsShe was angryShe was angryIrascibleIrascible
Lord of the LostDying on the moonNapalm
Loreley & MeRadioRadio
Lorelle meets the ObsoleteFosas LimitadasEPSonic CathedralSonic Cathedral
Lorraine DietrichNew AgeNew AgeManagementManagement
Lorrie CollinsJust for you (Ranch Party - 1958)Just for you (Ranch Party - 1958)Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Lorrie MorganTrainwreck of emotionTrainwreck of emotionOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Los SantosRuby CarolCowboys & CosmonautsPart RecordsPart Records
LosersSirennaBeautiful LosersLeylinepromotionsLeylinepromotions
Lost At SeaMake it LastMake it LastManagementManagement
Lost HorizonsCordeliaIn Quiet MomentsMVMV
Lou ReedWalk on the wild side
Lou RogaiImplications in D MajorImplications in D MajorManagementManagement
Louis PrimaMedley: Just a Gigolo and A AiThe Wildest!Bear FamilyBear Family
Louise lemonCotton Cloudsalmond milkManagementManagement
Louise LemonCrossCrossManagementManagement
Louisville BoppersI'm goneAlbumPart RecordsPart Records
Louisville BoppersTruck drivin manAlbumPart RecordsPart Records
Louisville BoppersPretty Bad BluesLive @ Trash Town Festival Baden
Louisville BoppersPretty Bad BluesLive @ Trash Town Festival Baden
Love Like BloodDoomsdayGerman Mystic Sound SamplerTBA PhonagTBA Phonag
LovebreakersFamily ManFamily ManManagementManagement
LovebreakersFamily ManFamily ManManagementDeathdisco
Lovely Eggs, TheThis decisionThis decisionManagementManagement
Low HumStrange LoveStrange LoveManagementManagement
Low HumStrange LoveStrange LoveManagementManagement
LowrayMy BonesMy BonesLautstarkLautstark
Lucinda BelleBaby don't cryBaby don't cryManagementManagement
Lucky One/Adrian KaiserInto the lightInto the lightManagementManagement
Lucy Kruger & The Lost BoysBlack SpotSummer's not that simpleManagementManagement
Lucy Kruger & The Lost BoysCould we leave thisSummer's not that simpleManagementManagement
LucyfireThousand Million dollars in the fireThis dollar saved my life at whitehorseSteamhammer/SPVMV
LuddiAtlantikTerminal 3ManagementManagement
Ludwig DreisternLindaLindaIkarusIkarus
Ludwig DreisternNew OddityNew OddityIkarusIkarus
Ludwig HartHart purpose of loveHart purpose of loveManagementManagement
LueckeQuarantaeneQuarantaeneNot On LabelNot On Label
Lulu LewisGone to LAGone to LAManagementManagement
Lulu LewisOne Note Rock and RollOne Note Rock and RollManagementManagement
Lunar VillageSafe WordsSafe WordsManagementManagement
Lunar VillageSafe WordsSafe WordsManagementManagement
LuxxuryAt any momentAt any momentManagementManagement
LynksBrand new faceBrand new faceManagementManagement
Lynks AfrikkaStr8 actingStr8 actingManagementManagement
Lynx AfrikkaStr8 ActingStr8 ActingManagementManagement
Lynxx AfrikkaStr8 ActingStr8 ActingManagementManagement
LyonsCosmic HighwaysCosmic HighwaysManagementManagement
LyonsCosmic HighwaysWaiting for youManagementManagement
LyonsCosmic HighwaysCosmic HighwaysManagementManagement
M.I.N.E.The OneUnexpected truth withinOblivionMV
Mac MurrayThat look
Mac MurrayThat LookThat LookManagementManagement
Magic & NakedBring the moonBring the moonManagementManagement
Magic E's, TheHopeHopeManagementManagement
Maja Kristina?IdiotIdiotRDXRDX
MajesticaA Christmas StoryA Christmas CarolNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Make PlainMake OutMake OutProfi MusicProfi Music
MalkaGet UpI'm not your soldierObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
Manatees, TheTongue TiedTongue TiedWilsonWilson
Manatees, The?Know YouKnow YouFierce PandaFierce Panda
Mando DiaoHippie SonAll the peopleCommunityCommunity
Maniacs, LesBring nack the nightBring nack the nightOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
MankindSilent treatmentAlbumManagementManagement
ManowarValhallaWarriors of the world 10th ann. Remastered versionWarriors of the world 10th ann. Remastered versionFocusionMV
MapacheRead between the linesFrom Liberty StreetYep RocYep Roc
Maple & RyeRebel's runRebel's runWesselsWessels
Marc and the Wild OnesRock with meThe rocking beat ofRhythm BombRhythm Bomb
Marc RudinWeekend starNot your dogNot On LabelNot On Label
Marc RudinInterview
Marc RudinFensterkonzertFensterkonzert april 2020
Marc RudinLass die Liebe siegenCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
Marc RudinFensterkonzertCorona-Lockdown-Session
Marcel GainChanceChanceTapeteTapete
Marcus Burchat night I wonderat night I wonderManagementManagement
Marcus BurchTonight I wonderTonight I wonderManagementManagement
Marina KayeDouble LifeDouble LifeMVMV
Mark Peters & The Dark BandSum of all partsSum of all partsManagementManagement
Marko Hietala?Star, sand and shadowPyre of the black heartNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Marlynin BarbarinJust a teenagerNorthern Soul FloorshakersNolaNola
Mars MotelThe enemy
Mars MotelThe enemyThe enemyManagementManagement
Mars MotelThe EnemyThe EnemyManagementManagement
Mars MotelD'you weann get lost with meD'you weann get lost with meManagementManagement
Marshall Tucker Band, TheBlue Ridge Mountain SkyGreatest HitsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Martha CarsonNow stop54th - The Greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show
Martha GunnCaught up & ConfusedCaught up & ConfusedCarolineCaroline
Martha GunnNowhere To RunNowhere To RunCarolineUniversal UK
Martha HillBefore I GoBefore I GoManagementManagement
Martha McGunnIt's overIt's overCarolineCaroline
Martha McGunnIt's overIt's overCarolineCaroline
Marti BromIf I was a fifthMidnight BusOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Marty WildeRockabilly DreamsRunning TogetherOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Marty WildeJezebelBest ofBear FamilyBear Family
Mary SaenzWould she do that for youNorthern soul's guilty secretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
MatchboxRockabilly RebelRockabilly RebelOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
MatchboxBuzz Buzz a diddle itRockabilly RebelOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
MatchboxRollin' onRockabilly RebelOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
MatchboxCircle Rock
Matchstick Skeletons, TheI'm the dogI'm the dog
Matchstick Skeletons, TheSo Far AwaySo Far AwayManagementManagement
Matha GunnNowhere to runNowhere to runCarolineCaroline
MattLysligi T?n 2020 LiveHomerave-Sessions
Mattress FoodBurn Yr IdolsBurn Yr IdolsManagementManagement
Max ApolloStop the showStop the showYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Max BuskohlSie ist daSie ist daManagementManagement
Max BuskohlSie ist daSie ist daManagementManagement
Max UballazRock little darlin'The Right to rockBear Family?Bear Family?
Max?mo ParkI don't know what I'm doingI don't know what I'm doingMVMV
Mazzy StarLivesessionOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Medico PesteNumerous CatastrophyThe Black BiteSeason of MistSeason of Mist
Meffs, TheBudget LuxuryBudget LuxuryManagementManagement
Mega EmotionI want so much more than youI want so much more than youObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
Megan BirdAffirmationAffirmationManagementManagement
Meggie BrownBoys Boys BoysBoys Boys BoysManagementManagement
Meggie Brown?Boys boys boysBoys boys boysManagementManagement
Meira LoomFarewellAlbumManagementManagement
Meira LoomHolding HandsLetting GoManagementManagement
Meira LoomThere is enoughLetting GoManagementNot On Label
Meira LoomGolden NightCorona-Homerave-Session
Meira LoomGolden NightCorona-Homerave-Sessions
Meira LoomGolden nightCorona-Homerave-Sessions
Meira LoomUndertowCorona-Homerave-Sessions
Meira LoomGolden NightLockdown-Sessions
Meira LoomUndertowLockdown-Sessions
MelrosePrisionerosla LeyendaManagementManagement
MelroseEternal youthla LeyendaManagementManagement
Memphis Rockabilly BandMean like Betty JeanAlbum
Mercy Stone, TheAbove the towersAbove the towersManagementManagement
Merle HaggardWouldn't that be somethingThe Bluegrass SessionsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
MeryemBreath of RomaBreath of RomaIrascibleIrascible
Meryem AboulouafaBreath of RomaMeryemIrascibleIrascible
Meteors, TheMutant rockLive styles of the sick and shamelessPeople Like YouPeople Like You
Meteors, TheInsaneWreckin' crewAnagramAnagram
Meteors, TheNight of the werewolfNight of the werewolfPeople Like YouPeople Like You
Meteors, TheGraveyard stomp (Live)Night of werewolf
MetrikWe are The EnergyWe are The EnergyHospitalHospital
MetrikEx MachinaEx MachinaHospitalHospital
MetrikParallel (feat. Grafix)Parallel (feat. Grafix)HospitalHospital
Miachel von der HeideAbschied von der NachtAmden AmsterdamDas OfficeDas Office
Michael KrebsCoronaSolo aus dem Wohnzimmer
Michael LaneBelieveBelieveManagementManagement
Michael P. CullenBlack dogBlack dogManagementManagement
Michael/DemoralizeDMerely PhantasiesMerely PhantasiesManagementManagement
Michail MemschewDemoralizeDDemoralizeD
Mick WynneDon't be a prisonderDon't be a prisonderManillaManilla
Micro KidsTrack
Micro KidsTrack
Midnight ManticsYou for a lifetimeYou for a lifetimeManagementManagement
Midwestern MidnightsBreaking at the bendsBreaking at the bendsManagementManagement
Midwestern MidnightsBreaking at the BendBreaking at the BendManagementManagement
Mike IzonPurple HazePurple HazePillagiPillagi
Miller CampbellObsessionObsessionManagementManagement
Miller CampbellSweet WhiskeySweet WhiskeyManagementManagement
Minoyin search of tarkovskyin search of tarkovskyCold SpringCold Spring
MinoyA-SideIn search of TarkovskyCold SpringCold Spring
Minuit MachineDRGSInfrarougeManagementManagement
Minuit MachineMidnight loveLive & DestroyManagementManagement
Miro ShotNo more no lessNo more no lessObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
Miro ShotTaste InvaderTaste InvaderFierce PandaFierce Panda
Mirror ShotTaste InvaderMagpie
Miss FDVulture CultureFaster Than LightManagementManagement
MisslingNo FutureMurderSixteentimesSixteentimes
MisslingWalking RiversideMurderSixteentimesSixteentimes
MnevisMoviestarMoviestarRed Brick ChapelRed Brick Chapel
Model ChildPowerPower (Maral Remix)
Modern StudiesRun for a coverThe weight of the sunFireFire
MogwaiDry FanatsyDry FanatsyMVMV
Mojo Blues BandPromised landRock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
Mojo Blues BandPromised landRock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
Mojo WavesFuture of the pastFuture of the pastManagementManagement
MollyAnother glimpseAnother glimpseSonic CathedralSonic Cathedral
Mono Inc.Where the raven fliesThe Book of FireOblivionMV
Mono Inc.Shining LightNo Cut
Mono MojoHold meAlbumSixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
MonokinoNo returnNo returnManagementManagement
MonokinoNo returnNo returnManagementManagement
MonowhalesLet it goLet it goManagementManagement
MonrroeYour liesEndless change EPShogun AudioShogun Audio
MonrroeOut of Time feat. Zara KershawOut of Time feat. Zara KershawShogun AudioShogun Audio
Moon MartinShe's in love with my carMystery TicketOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Moon PandaSirensSirensFierce PandaFierce Panda
Moonlight BreakfastLook upLook upManagementManagement
MoonshapedInto itDrive your bodyManagementManagement
MoontwinNothing is good for meNothing is good for meManagementManagement
MoontwinNever in the same worldWaiting for youManagementManagement
Morning WarsEleanor RigbyEleanor RigbyManagementManagement
Morning WarsEleanor RigbyEleanor RigbyManagementManagement
MorrisseyI am not a dog on a chainNew Noises Vol. 151Rolling StoneRolling Stone
MosesWaiterAlmost everything is BullshitOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
MosesRiver ThamesRiver ThamesManagementManagement
Mosh LabHighway To HellYoutubetrack of the week
MotoerheadAce of spades-Live Melun FMetal Hammer Picture DiscMetal HammerMetal Hammer
Motoerhead(We are) The Roadcrew-live in HannoverMetal Hammer Picture DiscMetal HammerMetal Hammer
MountaineerShot through with sunlightBloodlettingLifeforceLifeforce
Moxie & The NobodiesFear is thisFear is thisManagementManagement
Moxie and the NobodiesHoney on the rugHoney on the rugManagementManagement
Mr MaxLet me outLet me outManagementManagement
Mr. MaxLet me outLet me outManagementManagement
Murder Capital, TheDon't cling to lifeDon't cling to lifeManagementManagement
My Bloody ValentineLivetrackCreationCreation
My cat Is An AlienSilver glimpse of InfinitySpiritual Noise Vol. 2ManagementManagement
My Morning JacketBeautiful loveRolling Stone Rare Trax 127 - Best of 2020Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Mystery FriendsEmpty Nostalgia
Mystery FriendsEmpty NostalgiaEmpty NostalgiaManagementManagement
Mystery FriendsEmpty NostalgiaEmpty NostalgiaManagementManagement
Mystery FriendsEmpty nostalgiaEmpty nostalgiaManagementManagement
Mystery JetsCampfire SongA Billion HeartbeatsMVMV
Mystery Jets, TheDiv. Tracks
Mystery TrainMystery Train Boogie
Mystery TrainMystery Train BoogieRock'n'Roll-Show 8
MyyloBe my babyBe my babyManagementManagement
Na NeferaSo SeSo SeManagementManagement
Nadeen LavieLetGoLetGocw promotionscw promotions
Nadeen LavieLetGoLetGocw promotionscw promotions
Nadja ZelaBack to God's countryBack to God's countryMouthwateringMouthwatering
NaglfarCereclothCereclothCentury MediaCentury Media
Naked in English ClassAtomic BabyDJLeo-Sessions 2018
NaluRide the waveRide the waveManagementManagement
Nam KharDregs PaSur Ch?dWinterlightWinterlight
Nam-KhaDregs PaSur Ch?dWinterlightWinterlight
NamakaRainbow in BerlinWater on the sunMouthwateringMouthwatering
Narvel FeltCry, baby, CryThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Natachawie s?gis blossalls drbyDas OfficeDas Office
Neil NathanJohn Lennon-Power to the peopleJohn Lennon-Power to the peopleManagementManagement
Neil NathanPromised landBest OfManagementManagement
Neil.9Film noirFilm noir
Neil.9Exitand interview
Neil.9Misses PoeI'm so glad you came here to hang yourself
Neil.9Loreley & Me – Radio
Neil.9Bordeaux Lip – Film Noir
NekromentixDevil smileDevil smileHellcatHellcat
NekromentixDevil smileCurse of the CoffinOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
NelioKumm zwaKumm zwaProblemb?rProblemb?r
Nellen DrydenFunny FeelingsFunny FeelingsManagementManagement
NerraterraeFate unveiledscenes from the sublimeCyclic LawCyclic Law
NetskyMixed emotionsMixed emotionsHospitalHospital
NetskyBasic InstintSecond NatureHospitalHospital
Netsky & RudimentalBlendBlendHospitalHospital
New GhostYour redsFuture is deadShorediveShoredive
New Hate RisingRoll the diceMilesSwell CreekSwell Creek
New OrderBlue Monday (1982 Writing session recording)Power, Corruption and lies (Definitive)WarnerWarner
New Ravis, TheRustRustManagementManagement
New Ravis, ThePiece of youPiece of youManagementManagement
New Ravis, ThePiece of youWaiting for youManagementManagement
NewbridgeDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2014
NewbridgeDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions 2014
Newton coloursWhere the weather wentWhere the weather wentManagementManagement
NicaAnother Holiday Song
NicaAnother holiday songAnother holiday songManagementManagement
Nicholas RobertsGrowing upGrowing upManagementManagement
Nick ByrneHousesManilla
Nick CaveEuthanasiaEuthanasiaLimmat RecordsLimmat Records
Nick PorscheSorrowAlbumIrascibleIrascible
Nicole BerneggerWe Are LosersWe Are LosersLautstarkLautstark
Nicole RayyUnfinsihedUnfinsihedManagementManagement
Nicole RayyUnfinishedWaiting for youManagementManagement
Night Flight Orchestra, TheDivinylsAeromanticNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Night LaserThousand yearsThousand yearsOut Of LineOut Of Line
NightwishHow's the heart?Maximum Metal Vol. 255Metal HammerMetal Hammer
NightwishHow's the heart?Metal hammer Vol. 255Metal HammerMetal Hammer
Nimh & RapoonCompensating ContemplationPost-Folk Lore Vol. 1WinterlightWinterlight
Ninja DollsWho am I foolingWho am I fooling
Nino aus Wien?TrackProblemb?rProblemb?rProblemb?r
Nisse HellbergChip Chop BabyRockabilly Summer 2014Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Nite Owls, theA song to move onA song to move onManagementManagement
Nite Owls, TheWherever you goWherever you goManagementManagement
No Kings No SlavesNew lease of lifeS.P.E.C.T.R.EManagementManagement
Noel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsEverybody's on the rundNoel Gallagher's High Flying BirdsMVMV
Noise of the Worldbefore it blows you all awaybefore it blows you all awayManagementManagement
NolexImmer wiederImmer wiederManagementManagement
NolexImmer wiederImmer wiederManagementManagement
NordvargrSpiritus OmniAnima NostraCold SpringCold Spring
NordvargrTabernakelvisaThe Redeemer and the ...Cyclic LawCyclic Law
NorthauntBeneath the IceVol. 1 Dark AmbientProjektProjekt
Not A ToyFearlessFearlessHead of PromoHead of Promo
Novelists FrC'est la vieNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
NoxThe CatacombOpus UnendingWinterlightWinterlight
NoxThe CatacombOpus UnendingWinterlightWinterlight
Noya?The TemptressThe TemptressManagementManagement
NP Big BanditAin't that rightRock That SwingPart RecordsPart Records
Nuns of the TundraPray 4 U Slay 4 UPray 4 U Slay 4 UManagementManagement
Nzca LinesReal Good TimePure LuxurySnowhiteSnowhite
Obscuritones, TheRockabilly BoogieYoutube-Track of the week
Oceans Of SlumberStrange FruitStrange FruitCentury MediaCentury Media
Oceans of SlumberThe Colors of GraceThe Colors of GraceCentury MediaCentury Media
Of the wand and the MoonI called your nameBridges burned and hands of timeManagementManagement
Of the wand and the MoonA cancer called loveBridges burned and hands of timeManagementManagement
Of the Wand and the MoonA cancer called loveBridges burned and hands of timeManagementManagement
Of The Wand and The MoonFuneral for solangeBridges burned and hands of timeManagementManagement
Okto VulgarisThe EndThe EndManagementManagement
Okto VulgarisThe end (around the world jam)DJLeo-Sessions 06/04/2020
Okto VulgarisDJLeo-SessionsDjeo-Sessions April 2020
Okto VulgarisThe EndHomerave-SessionsManagementManagement
Omar & The StringpoppersSomeone newYoutube-Track of the week
Omega AttraktorCalmDJLeo-Sessions 13/06/2020
Omega AttraktorCalmDJLeo-Sessions 13/06/2020
Omega AttraktorvisionicDJLeo-Sessions 13/06/2020
Omega AttraktorrazorCorona-Homesessions
Omega AttraktorVisionicCorona-Homesessions
Omega AttraktorVisionicCorona-Homesessions
Omega AttraktorNoisefloorCorona-Homesessions
OmnimarYou & IGothic Music Orgy Vol. 6Dark TunesDark Tunes
One Way SystemThis is the ageThe Best ofTBA PhonagTBA Phonag
Oneira, TheTrust no oneInjectionRockshotAsher
Orb, TheDazeDazeCommunityCommunity
Orb, TheHawk KingsAbolition of the Royal FamilyCooking VinylCooking Vinyl
Ordo Rosarius EuqilibrioLive at WGT 2012 track
Ordo Rosarius EuqilibrioLive at WGT 2012 track
Ordo Rosarius EuqilibrioLive at WGT 2012 track
Ordo Rosarius EuqilibrioLive at WGT 2012 track
OrplidIch binDeus VultProphecyProphecy
Ossian SmithRunning HeadlongSmoke & SparksInverseInverse
Ost FrontSchau ins LandDein helfer in der NotOut Of LineOut Of Line
Oster-/Coronakrise-GedankenSt?mpfcourt. Myriam Imhofcourt. Myriam Imhof
Oster-/Coronakrise-GedankenAnna Mae
Oster-/Coronakrise-GedankenGreatbyrd, The
Oster-/Coronakrise-GedankenSam Moser
?stro 430Triebt?terKeine Krise kann mich schoclenTapeteTapete
?stro 430Randale und BierKeine Krise kann mich schoclenTapeteTapete
Other Day, TheTrack
Other Half, TheMr. PharmacistNuggetsRhinoWarner
Our Survival Depeneds on usGalahadMelting the ice in the hearts of menVan Rec.Van Rec.
Out of One's HeadI Miss YouWuppertal SamplerPigture DiscPigture Disc
PabloSisterWave Myself GoodbyeSixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
Palais SchaumburgRote LichterGet CloserMusikexpressMusikexpress
Pale SaintsYou tear the world in two woodhousesThe Comfort of madness4ADMV
Pale WavesDiv. Tracks?MVMV
Pale WavesDiv. Tracks?MVMV
PallbearerStasisForgotten DaysNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Pamela Sue MannI want your soulI want your soulManillaManilla
Panic PreistNighthunterNighthunterFade PrFade Pr
Panic PriestLonely CitySecond SeductionFadeInFadeIn
Paradox ObscurAlleysNoirManagementManagement
Paradox ObscurDark FortressNoirManagementManagement
PastelShe waits for meShe waits for meSpirit of Spike IslandSpirit of Spike Island
PastelShe waits for meShe waits for meSpike IslandSpike Island
Patiently Awaiting The MeteoriteElectrifiedElectrifiedManagementManagement
Patrick JonssonKeep RunningKeep RunningProfi MusicProfi Music
Patrick JonsssonPerfect dayPerfect dayProfi mediaProfi media
Paul FreemanMischiefMischiefManagementManagement
Paula James Chavisfix up meAlbumFreedomtracksFreedomtracks
PauliSchaut abSchaut abManagementManagement
PauliSchalt abSchalt abManagementManagement
PauliLos AngelesEPManagementManagement
PeachbloodStayLonging SkyShorediveShoredive
Peacocks, TheAfter AllAfter AllPeople Like YouPeople Like You
Pearlfishers, TheWe'll be the summerRare Trax Vol. 124Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Peel Dream MagazinePillYoutube-track of the week
Peel Dream MagazineDiv. Tracks
Peggy SueIn DreamsVicesObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
Peggy SueMotorcadeAlbumObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
PelosBehind the BlueDJLeo-Sessions 2020cw promotionscw promotions
Penelope TrappesConnectorConnectorManagementManagement
PerkelDer wilde GartenDer wilde GartenManagementManagement
PestpockenVirus BRDInspired by Plastic Bomb (new issue)
Peter and the Testtube BabesFacebook LooserFuctifanoNuclear BlastWarner
Peter Bj?rg?Anemoia & OnismStructures and downfallCyclic LawCyclic Law
Peter PanaFr?hligsgf?hlCorona-Sessions
Peter PanaSummertimeSummertime
Peter PanaFr?ehligsgf?helCorona-Sessions
Peter PanaSummer songCorona-Sessions
Peter PanaSummer songCorona-Sessions
Peter PanaFr?hligsgf?ehlCorona-Homeravesession
Petra und der WolfThe WheelSurface!SiluhSiluh
Phantom RockersMexicoAttaque Rockabilly 3Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Phil Campbell and The Bastard SonsBite my tongueMaximum Metal Vol. 259Metal HammerMetal Hammer
Phil CamposStreet FightSinn Alley Vol. 4CryptCrypt
Philip SandiferThat kind of LonelyThat kind of LonelyManagementManagement
Philip SandiferThat Kind of LonelyThat Kind of LonelyManagementManagement
Philipp FankhauserChasch mers gloubeChasch mers gloubeDas OfficeDas Office
Pierre OmerThings I once knewTime FliesIrascibleIrascible
Pierre Omer & The NightcruisersRocking NYCTime FliesIrascibleIrascible
Pink Turns BlueTouch the skiesBest ofOrdenOrden
Pirates, ThePlease don't touchOut of their skullsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Pistol HillBrand New Bottle of WhiskeyBrand New Bottle of WhiskeyManagementManagement
Pistol HillBrand New Bottle of WhiskeyBrand New Bottle of WhiskeyManagementManagement
Pitch InvadersMr. BondMr. BondManagementManagement
PixiesCatfish KateCatfish KateMVMV
Pixiesdiv. Tracks
Pixiesdiv. Tracks
Planet RockersRampageRampage
Plants & AnimalsSacrificeSacrificeIrascibleIrascible
PlexiphonesApocalypse (Cyborg remix)ApocalypseEchozoneEchozone
PlexiphonesMadame TussaudBreak in the cloudsManagementManagement
PlexiphonesStand to fallBreak in cloudsEchozoneManagement
PlinthBiker girlBiker girlManagementManagement
PlinthBiker girlEPManagementManagement
PohlmannNoch kann ich verstehenfalschgoldrichtigCommunityCommunity
PolarisComputer MusicMed School: GraduationHospitalHospital
Polly FaeFallen starsMetamorphosisProjektProjekt
Polly's GardenYou done me wrongThe (Almost) Naked TruthOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
PorchesI wanna rideRicky MusicIrascibleIrascible
PorchesI Miss thatI Miss thatIrascibleIrascible
PortraitElf Riot!Elf Riot!ManagementManagement
PostscriptumThis is dynamiteProphet:DenyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Poupp?e FabrikOnly ControlOnly Control
PowerAgeEat Wheat Not MeatYoou
Pretenders, TheThe BuzzThe BuzzOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Pretenders, TheThe BuzzThe BuzzOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
PrettyWell FedWell FedManagementManagement
PrettyWell fedWell fedManagementManagement
Preview: Concert of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Oxil Zoingen 8.3.2020
Preview: Der Schwarze Ball, 10.4.2020 X-Tra Zurich, Nitzer Ebb, Unzucht, The Beauty Of Gemina
Preview: Hangar Shake 13./14.11. Burgdorf
Preview: Indie-Block next week, feat. Negative White/Casanora/Art Mnoir – how does coronavirus infect the music-scene?
Preview: Int. Country Music Festival Zurich
Preview: Int. Country Music Festival Zurich
Preview: Int. Counzry Music festival Zurich
Preview: Rockabilly Festival KuFA Lyss
Preview: Rockabilly-Festival KuFa Lyss
Preview: Rockabilly-festival KuFa Lyss 25.9.2020
Preview: Wave Gotic Treffen 2020
Price SistersSinging my troubles awayA Heart Never KnowsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Primal FearNo Smoke without fireBefore the Devil Knows you're deadNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Primal Fear?Riding the eagleBefore the devil knows...Nuclear BlastWarner
Prince GrizzleyCuting WoodTo my Green Mountains HomeManagementManagement
Prince JellehInterview + LivesessionInterview + LivesessionJust BecauseJust Because
Prince JellehInterviewJust BecauseJust Because
Prince JellehDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sesssions 06/04/2020Just BecauseJust Because
Prince JellehInterviewJust BecauseJust Because
Prince JellehDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sesssions 06/04/2020Just BecauseJust Because
Prince JellehAntarcticaCorona-HomesessionsJust BecauseJust Because
Prince JellehAntarctica IIICorona-Homerave-Session and Gig-preview 11.9.2020 Salzhaus WinterthurJust BecauseJust Because
Prinz GrizzleyCutting WoodTo My Green Mountain HomeManagementManagement
Prinz GrizzleyYou don't know loveTo My Green Mountain HomeManagementManagement
ProfanaticaTithing cunt?Rotting incarnation of GodSeason of MistSeason of Mist
Promised, TheWe could be in loveWe could be in loveManagementManagement
Promised, TheWe could be in love
Proper YouthOff my mindOff my mindManagementManagement
ProtomartyrPrcoessesd by the boysPrcoessesd by the boysIrascibleIrascible
Proxy LoveWait for youWait for youManagementManagement
Psychedelic Furs, TheYou'll be mineYou'll be mineFerryhouseFerryhouse
Psychedelic Furs, TheDiv. TracksFerryhouseFerryhouse
Psychedelic Furs, TheNo Onemade of RainCooking VinylFerryhouse
Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsMr. PrismaMr. PrismaCommunityCommunity
Psycho Daisies, TheShe-s a wild!B-SideManagementManagement
Psycho Daysies, TheReneeA-SideManagementManagement
Psycho Daysies, TheShe's a wildB-SideManagementManagement
PsychoidThe end of timeThrash impactGrand SoundsGrand Sounds
Puts MarieOrientstrumentalOrientstrumentalIrascibleIrascible
QuintessenzStressStressKanal KKanal K
R.E.M.It's the end of the world as we know itIt's the end of the world as we know itWarnerWarner
Rabia SordaDestruye (Leather Strip Remix)Destruye (Leather Strip Remix)Out Of LineOut Of Line
RabooseAu wennAu wennManagementManagement
RaclettegaggiGaggi auf dem KopfDJLeo-Sessions 2013
Radio TexasHay Mucga AgitacionAttaque Rockabilly 3Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Radium Cats, TheHowling in the swampMunster rockNervousNervous
Rain on MondayHiding PlacesHiding PlacesManagementManagement
Rainy Days FactoryOde to PersistenceOde to PersistenceEthereal Sound WorksEthereal Sound Works
Rainy Days FactoryHeartbeatOde to PersistenceEthereal Sound WorksEthereal Sound Works
Rainy Days FactorySo longOde to PersistenceEthereal Sound WorksEthereal Sound Works
Rainy Days FactoryOde to PersistenceOde to PersistenceEthereal Sound WorksEthereal Sound Works
Rainy Days FactoryHeartbeatOde to PersistenceEthereal Sound WorksEthereal Sound Works
RamrodsSamson & DelilahScandinavian RockabilliesWildcatOpen Broadcast
Ran NirI Am With YouI Am With YouSnowhiteSnowhite
RantanplanInspite of no feet
Raphael NovarinaNotre evolNotre evolManagementManagement
Raphael NovarinaWorriesWorriesManagementManagement
RaptusGanz bestimmtPlastic Bomb Sampler #100Plastic BombPlastic Bomb
Raw Soul, TheOn the roadOn the roadManagementManagement
Raw Soul, TheLoaded gunLoaded gunManagementManagement
Raw Soul, TheLoaded gunLoaded gunManagementManagement
Raw Soul, TheOn The RoadOn The RoadManagementManagement
Ray CampiLove meRockabilly Rebellion: The Very Best ofOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Ray CampiTore UpRockabilly Rebellion: The Very Best ofOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Ray CampiYou don't rock'n'roll at allBest of?Bear FamilyBear Family
Ray CampiRockabilly MusicRockabilly RebellionOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Ray HarrisCome on little MamaEssential Sun Rockabillies Vol. 1?SunDisques Office
Ray IsaacMadonnaMadonnaManagementManagement
Ray IsaacAbsolutely EverybodyAbsolutely EverybodyManagementManagement
Reach Around Rodeo ClownsThe road to hell
Real Doug Lane, TheHold on?Hold on?ManagementManagement
Real PonchosFlatline RoseFlatline Rose (Live)
ReaperzThe Living DeadThe Living DeadManagementManagement
Red Hot Max & CatsRed Hot StompScandinavian RockabilliesWildcatOpen Broadcast
Red Rum ClubThe ElevationThe ElevationManagementManagement
Red Rum ClubThe ElevationThe ElevationManagementManagement
Red Stains, TheFreezer JesusFreezer JesusManagementManagement
Red Western, TheDon't blame meDon't blame meManagementManagement
Reel BeetzGwunneGwunnevia Radio Loravia Radio Lora
Rees FinleyI don't want to walk awayI don't want to walk awayManagementManagement
Rees FinleyAddictive PersonalitiesAddictive PersonalitiesManagementManagement
Refreshments, TheI'm ready (live feat Albert Lee)
RegentNo going backNo going backDeath DiscoDeath Disco
Rein MoraWinter in juneWinter in juneManagementManagement
Relax TrioMidnight Shift & Shake and rollYoutube-Track of the week
Relax TrioDon't you mess with meYoutube-track of the week
RemRemAbefahreAbefahreBaldy MinderBaldy Minder
RestlessI go wildBest of?
RevolverI wear your chainI wear your chainHutHut
Rhythm Express, TheBeat Down BabylonBeat Down BabylonRDXRDX
Rich KruegerKingfish LiveKingfish LiveManagementManagement
RichiesIn our wildest daysYoutube-Track of the weekPlastic BombPlastic Bomb
Rio ReiserKoenig von DeutschlandKoenig von DeutschlandOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Riot RockersYakety YakThe Greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show 109Tape-ArchievesTape-Archieves
RiscasCool to chill withCool to chill withFierce PandaFierce Panda
Ritchie ValensDooby-Dooby-WahThe Right To RockBear FamilyBear Family
Ritualists, TheIce FlowerPainted PeopleOut Of LineOut Of Line
RNGMNNThe Cold OnesArctic InterferencesWinterlightWinterlight
Roadhouse Roosters, TheChrome & FinsIt's a rockabilly riot vol. 1Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Roal FlushWe Wanna Rock, We wanna Roll!Moonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Rob SimonsenCoeurCoeurManagementManagement
Robert GordonRock Billie BoogieRock Billie Boogie
Roberto FonseccaCadenasCadenasManagementManagement
Roberto FonseccaTrack
Roberto Fonsecca
Roch?e and the SarnosRip it upStompin at the Klub Foot Vol. 3+4Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Rockabilly Bones, TheRockabilly BonesDJLeo-Sessions 2019
Rockabilly Bones, TheDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions April 2019
Rockabilly Kitty RoseGotta wind downGotta wind downManagementManagement
Rockabilly WildcatsPink'n'Black Cadillac
Rocket 58Demo
Rockets, TheTeardrop BopNail Polish, ?ies and GasolineManagementManagement
Rockets, TheTeardrop BopNail polish...
Rockets, TheGood old rockin' wayNail Polsih, Lies and GasolineManagement
Rockin' CarbonaraYou never talked about meYou never talked about meManagementManagement
Rocky BottomStrangers at the stationStrangers at the stationManagementManagement
Rocky BottomMr. NothingMr. NothingManagementManagement
Rolling Blackouts C.F.She's thereShe's thereIrascibleIrascible
Rolling Blackouts C.F.She's thereShe's thereIrascibleIrascible
Rolling Blackouts C.F.Falling ThunderMusikexpress 07/20MusikexpressMusikexpress
Rolling Blackouts C.F.Not tonightSideaways to new ItalyIrascibleIrascible
Rolling Blackouts C.F.The Only OneSideaways to new ItalyIrascibleIrascible
Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverFalling ThunderFalling ThunderIrascibleIrascible
Roni Bar HardasYou're gonna tell meYou're gonna tell meManagementManagement
Ronnie DawsonRockin' in the cemetaryThe Carnegie Hall Tour
Ronnie NightingaleTeddyboy FamilyFinallyPart RecordsPart Records
Ronnie NightingaleFood Crazy
Ronnie NightingaleThe Teds are still alive
Ronnie NightingaleHaunted House?
Ronnie NightingaleFood CrazyFinallyPart RecordsPart Records
Rooftop HeroesBest of youAlbumManagementManagement
RooseveltFeels RightFeels RightIrascibleIrascible
Roots, TheBlack Lives Matter SessionCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
Rosa AmschuetzTrackOne Of A Million 2020Kanal KKanal K
Rosa CruxWGT
Rosario MenaPorvenirPorvenirPortaldiscPortaldisc
RosewoodQuality timeQuality timeDas OfficeDas Office
RosewoodRideRideDas OfficeDas Office
RosewoodRideRideDas OfficeDas Office
Roy and The Devil's MotorcycleTrying to get to youGod Morning BluesVoodoo RhythmVoodoo Rhythm
Roy Hamilton?You shook me upNorthern Soul Floorshakers
Roy HeadOne More TimeRockabilly GoldOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Royal FlushWild RaceMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royal FlushWe wanna rock, we wanna rollMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royal FlushBob Cat BoogieMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royal Flush, TheGretschMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royal Flush, TheLets rollMoonshine truckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royal Flush, TheBoppin' from here to MarsMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royal Flush, TheGretschMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royce Porter with the KountsGood TimeThat'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Rubbernecks, TheTrack
Ruby AnnBaby I don't careViva Las vegasOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Rucker BrandtleypeoplepeopleFreedomtracksFreedomtracks
RuderalsI miss you from the futureI miss you from the futureManagementManagement
Rue OberkampfLe Soir BleuWaveclashManagementManagement
Rufus MillerKilling our friendsKilling our friendsManagementManagement
Rumblers, TheSoulful jerkNorthern Soul's Guilty SecretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
R?mboldSick of it allR?mbombvia Kanal KManagement
Runaway JuneBuy my own drinksRunaway June EpOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Runaway JuneFast as youBlue RosesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Russ ParishTogetherTogetherManagementManagement
Rusti Stell & The Star TonesGas Up My Hot Rod StokerCaf? A-La RockManagementManagement
Ruth BrownThis little gil's gone rockin'Best Of
Ruth BrownGo on FoolMs. B's BluesAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Ryan BlackCatch you blindCatch you blindManagementManagement
Ryan BlackWake me upWake me upManagementManagement
Ryan Sanguine's The ElementalistVolume 1?Volume 1?ManagementManagement
Ryan SlizzardDer Mann (Original Mix)EPManagementManagement
S.E.T.I.Final TrajectoryFinal TrajectoryLokiLoki
Sacha LoveThis where I hideThiis where I hideIrascibleIrascible
Sacha OsbornFragileFragileManagementManagement
Sad Lovers and GiantsWGT 2019
Sadon & Treha SektoryWolfs DaySymphony of dyingCyclic LawCyclic Law
sage&schweigeMorgen ist heute gesternEPManagementVia Radio Lora
sage&schweigeMorgen ist heute gesternEPManagementVia Radio Lora
sage&schweigeDer Stein war ein FelsenAlbumManagementVia Radio Lora
Sage&SchweigeNur SekundenAlbumManagementManagement
sage&schweigeDust of broken glassCorona-Homerave-Session 2/10/2020
sage&schweigeHecateCorona-Homerave-Session 2/10/2020
sage&schweigeSch?ne WeltCorona-Homerave-Session 2/10/2020
sage&schweigeSch?ne WeltCorona-Session 2020
Sail Into NightBurdenBurdenManagementManagement
Sail Into Night?BurdenBurdenManagementManagement
Saints and SinnersPersonal JesusPersonal JesusDrunkabillyDrunkabilly
SaladDiv. TracksDiv. TracksMVMV
SaladDiminished ClothesSingles BarOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
SalarymenSomething to meSomething to meDeath DiscoDeath Disco
SaltemQSpread Peace not warSpread Peace not warManagementManagement
Sam DooresCambodian Rock'n'RollAlbumManagementManagement
Sam DooresLet it rollAlbumFreedom TracksFreedom Tracks
Sam HimselfDJLeo-SessionsCorona-HomesessionsYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Sam HimselfDJLeo-SessionsCorona-HomesessionsYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Sam HimselfCorona-SessionsLive-SessionsYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Sam HimselfCorona-SessionsLive-SessionsYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Sam HimselfCorona-SessionsLive-SessionsYoung & AspiringYoung & Aspiring
Sam JohnsnonUnder the surfaceUnder the surfaceMind of MusicMind of Music
Sam LynchOff the railsOff the railsManagementManagement
Sam LynchOff the rails?Off the rails?ManagementManagement
Sam MoserPrecious StarDJLeo-Sessions 2020
Sam MoserThe CircleDJLeo-Sessions 2020
Sam MoserThe CircleLockdown Session
Sam MoserInterview and livesessionDJLeo-Sessions 03/04/2020
Sam MoserThe CircleDJLeo-Sessions 03/04/2020
Sam MoserLove Rock and RollCorona-Homesessions
Sam MoserThe CircleCorona-Homesessions
Sam MoserSession-TracksCorona-Homeravesession
Sam RussellWaves of tomorrowWaves of tomorrowManagementManagement
Sam RussoThe WindowThe WindowRookieRookie
SambassadeurFoot of africa
SambassadeurFoot of AfrikkaFoot of AfrikkaManagementManagement
Sambassadeur?Foot of Afrikka
Same Old ShoesRockabilly Rave live
Same Old ShoesHonky Tonkin rockAlbumManagementManagement
Same Old ShoesHonky Tonkin rockAlbumPart RecordsPart Records
Same Old ShoesWhiskey and MilkBobflix SessionsManagementManagement
San JuaSwirls in the swimming poolSwirls in the swimming poolManagementManagement
San JuaSwirls in the Swimming PoolSwirls in the Swimming PoolManagementManagement
Sarah MaiAin't gonna hushSession
Sarah Shook and the DisarmersHeal meSidelongAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
SaroosCord Burn Pt 1Cord BurnMorrMorr
ScampsPlay ManPlay ManSkull RecordsSkull Records
Scamps, ThePlay manPlay manDemoDemo
Scarlet's WellWilly WhispersMagic (Selections from 1999-2010)TapeteTapete
Schreiner?Rolling StonedRolling StonedManagementManagement
Screaming TreesNearly lost youSweet oblivionOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sea At Midnight, TheWe share the same stars?We share the same stars?ManagementManagement
SeadrakeLower than thisLower than this
SeahawksLook at the sun (feat. Tim Burgess)Paradise FreaksOcean MoonOpen Broadcast
Sean WatersEasy gracesEasy gracesManagementManagement
S?bastien TellierA BalletDomesticatedIrascibleIrascible
Second SunVem ska bry sigAlbumGaphalsGaphals
SedlmeirSo sexy so lonelySo sexy so lonelyRookieRookie
SeedsPushin' too hardNorthern Soul's Guilty SecretsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Seeds, TheSatisfy youThe greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show: Garage Rock
SepulturaMeans to an endQuadraNuclear BlastWarner
Sequence KillersEncumberedEncumbered
ShadeDon't you (forget about me)Youtube-Track of the week
Shakin' American, TheEarthquakeA Tribute to jackieRDXRDX
Shakin' StevensOutlaw man
ShapeshifterBreak me downBreak me downElevateElevate
Shaun JacobsRollinRollinManagementManagement
Shaun MurphySoul ShakeFlame still burnsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Shaun MurphyLittle by littleFlame still burnsAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
ShedirThe swims your headfinite InfinityCyclic LawCyclic Law
Shelby LynneDown HereI can't imagineAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Shemekia CopelandWild, wild mwomanWickedAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Shemekia CopelandUnder my thumbUncivil WarAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Shemekia CopelandMoney makes you uglyUncivil WarAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Shemekia CopelandUncivilized warUncivil WarAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Sheree ScottFascination babyRock'n'Roll-Girls Vol. 7Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sherlocks, theI want it allUnder your skyManagementManagement
Shirley GrimesHold OnDJLeo-Sessions 28/10/2018
Shiva and the HazardsAngkor WatSpotify-Playlist: IndiemusicFridayManagementManagement
Shiva and the HazardsRevolution SunSpotify-Playlist: IndiemusicFridayManagementManagement
Shotgun Eddie & The RaversLive 1985
Sick Sick SinnersZombie's UnionRoad of sinOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sickle of DustThe VeteranMockupFlowing DownwardFlowing Downward
Sid King & The Five StringsSag drag and fallBest ofBear FamilyBear Family
Sid King & The Five StringsLive @ Hotel Winkelried Wettingen 1986
SiegeWide openLife in the 16SoulventSoulvent
SiegePlastic PeoplePlastic PeopleSoulvent
SigaFl?chtling (feat Morish)Fl?chtling (feat Morish)Via Radio LoraVia Radio Lora
SigaFl?chtling (feat Morish)Fl?chtling (feat Morish)Via Radio LoraVia Radio Lora
Silence Industry, TheForever, singinA Song For Bad SectorsAeneosAeneos
Silenced, TheResist to existResist to existOut Of LineOut Of Line
Silent NeighbourRebeccaTired of your smilePrologProlog
Silent NeighbourTired of your smileTired of your smilePrologMouthwatering
Silver ApplesDiv. TracksDiv. TracksIrascibleIrascible
Sin AlleyLive @ Let's get wildLet's get wild 2006
Sin AlleyLive at Let's get WildLet's Get Wild Stuttgart 2006Kanal KKanal K
SinaMondnachtDs BeschtaDas OfficeDas Office
SindWelt ver?ndernWelt ver?ndernSinnbusSinnbus
Sinead OConnorTrouble of the worldTrouble of the worldMVMV
Sinthetik MessiahLanguishLanguishManagementManagement
Sinthetik MessiahLanguish feat. Cat HallLanguish feat. Cat HallManagementManagement
Siouxsie and the BansheesYou're lost little girlThrough The Looking GlassQuartetOpen Broadcast
Siouxsie and the BansheesHall of MirrorsThrough the looking glass
Siouxsie and the BansheesGreen fingersA Kiss in the dreamhouseOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sis King & His Five StringsGonna shake this shack tonightCruisin Rockabilly Vol. 2Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sis King & His Five StringsPut something in the pot boyLive @ Hotel WinkelriedTape-ArchievesTape-Archieves
Sister Moonunplugged #coronasessionDJLeo-Sessions 2020
Sister MoonGreedCorona-Homesessions
Sister MoonInterview
Sister MoonJust like springCorona-Homesessions
Sister MoonGreedCorona-Homesessions
Sister MoonInterview
Sister MoonJust like springCorona-Homesessions
Sister MoonSpaced out unpluggedCorona-Homesessions
Sister MoonSpaced out unpluggedCorona-Homesessions
Sister MoonGreed (unplugged)Homerave-Sessions
SITDKreuzgangBestie Mensch
Six Leaves LeftEverything we left behindEverything we left behindManagementManagement
Six Leaves LeftEverything we left behindWaiting for youManagementManagement
Six Leaves LeftBlack SandAlbumManagementManagement
Six Leaves LeftInterview
Six Leaves LeftI am coldWe were braveManagementManagement
Six Leaves LeftParallel WoeldWe Are BraveManagementManagement
Skeets McDonaldHeart Breakin' MamaRockabilly RulesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Skeith McDonaldsSee the grandma rockThe greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show Vol. 102
SkorchedThe Masta DisasterThe Masta DisasterManagementManagement
SkorchedThe Masta DisastaThe Masta DisastaManagementManagement
Skullers, ThePeace with youPeace with you
Skullers, TheConvenientConvenientManagementManagement
Skullers, ThePeace with youPeace with you
Slade TempletonThe CallTruth of the shadowsManagementManagement
Slade TempletonTheme SongTruth of the shadowsManagementManagement
Slade TempletonTheme SongTruth of the shadowsManagementManagement
Slade TempletonMatthew last wordsTruth of the shadowsManagementManagement
Slade TempletonIt's time for lockdownTruth of the shadowsManagementManagement
Slappin' Tony & The Wild OnesThe Stompin' JUmpWalking Down The MainstreetOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sleepy LizardStreet signsStreet signsManagementManagement
SlimeWem geh?rt die AngstYoutube-track of the weekinspired by the new issue of plastic bomb magazine
SlimeParadiesWem geh?rt die AngstNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
SlowdiveSome velvet morningSome velvet morningIrascibleIrascible
Smething Shocking?Who caresPink SkiesFury RecordsFury Records
SnakeSkinFuckU2Medusa's SpellManagementManagement
SnakeSkinFuck U 2Medusa's spell
Society, TheMilanMilanManagementManagement
Society, TheMilanTrackManagementManagement
Society, TheTowersTowersManagementManagement
Softer StillStrength to strengthStrength to strengthFierce PandaFierce Panda
Softer StillStrength to strengthStrength to strengthFierce PandaFierce Panda
Software?Surfing SaturnElectronic Universe-Planete Spheres Pt. 1Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
SoilworkDeesperadoA Whisp of the AtlanticNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Solea MorenteCosas BuenasCosas BuenasElefantElefant
Solid Stompers, TheHoney HushHoney Hush
SolstafirHer fall from GraceEndless Twilight of codependent loveSeason Of MistSeason Of Mist
Some SproutsSummer DazeSummer DazeBlickpunkt PopBlickpunkt Pop
Something CleverLet it kill meLet it kill meManagementManagement
Something ShockingWho caresThe Greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show 120
Sonhoy BluesTrack
Sonic BoomJust imagineJust imagineMelodicMelodic
Sonics, TheKeep a KnockinHere are the sonics
Sonics, TheSana ClausBack from the graveOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sonny BurgessWe wanna boogieEsential Sun Rockabillies Vol. 1Bear FamilyBear Family
Sonny EliottMisguided AngelMisguided AngelManagementManagement
Sonny ElliotSurrenderSurrenderManagementManagement
Sonny ElliotMisguided angelWaiting for youManagementManagement
Sonny ElliottSurrenderSurrenderManagementManagement
Sonny FisherI miss you ElvisTexas Rockabilly StompBear FamilyBear Family
Sonny Tucker and the TornadosRock with the tornadosYoutube-Track of the week
Sonny Tucker and the TornadosWalk on by
Sons of the Golden WestOrionSons of the Golden WestManagementManagement
Sons of the Golden WestSunday MorningSons of the Golden WestManagementManagement
SorryIn Union925IrascibleIrascible
SostafirAlda SyndannaEndless twilight of codependent loveSeason of MistSeason of Mist
Soul Whirling Somewherenot breathing?The great barrierProjekt
SoundrideCat WalkCat WalkManagementManagement
SoundrideCat WalkCat WalkManagementManagement
Soundwalk CollectiveVeraVeraMVMV
Southeners, TheLong black trainThe greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show 102
Space CamelMolly and the quarantinesMolly and the quarantinesManagementManagement
Space CamelMolly and the QurantinesMolly and the QurantinesManagementManagement
Spectral TeaseMareux
SpeedboatbigboybigboyObscence StrategiesObscence Strategies
SpermaZ?ri PunxSwiss wavesSound ServiceSound Service
Sph?re SechsTrackCryochamber
Sph?re SechsTrackCryochamber
Spider Murphy GangCadillacCadillacOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Spillwater DriveDestiantion nowhere boundAlbumAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Spirit FestZenbu HontoZenbu HontoMorrMorr
Spook & the GhoulsDemon Barber of Fleet Street
SportsgeistSportgeistSportgeistKellerassel RecordsKellerassel Records
Spotify-Playlist-Tipp: Indie Music FridayManagementManagement
Spunyboys, TheSweet LonelinessWalldorf Rock'n'Roll-Weekender 2018Part RecordsPart Records
StaempfLost & FoundCorona-Homesessions
Staggered RiotStaggered LaddersStaggered LaddersManagementManagement
StahlbergerMengmol het sie Angstdini zwei W?ndIrascibleIrascible
St?mpfLst and foundCorona-Homesessions
St?mpfLst and foundCorona-HomesessionsMiriam ImhofMiriam Imhof
St?mpfLost and foundCorona-HomesessionsMy PromotionMy Promotion
Stand Up StacySir, You have a problemThe Magnificient youRadio LoRaRadio LoRa
Star Feminine BandRew Be MeAlbumBorn Bad RecordsBorn Bad Records
Starflyer 59This ReclinerThis ReclinerSpotify-Playlist Indie Music Friday
Starflyer 59This reclinerThis reclinerSpotify-Playlist Indie Music Friday
Starflyer 59MiamiMiamiYouttube-track of the week
Stay IllusionProve me wrongProve me wrongManagementManagement
Stay IllusionProve me wrongProve me wrongManagementManagement
Steiner & MadlainaWenn ich ein Junge w?reWenn ich ein Junge w?reIrascibleIrascible
Steiner MadleinaProst mein SchatzProst mein SchatzIrascibleIrascible
Stephen EyreCome onCome onManagementManagement
Stephen EyreCome onCome onManagementManagement
Stephen K DobsonSatoriMomentsManagementManagement
Stephen MalkmusJuliefuckingetteJuliefuckingetteIrascibleIrascible
StereolabOrgiasticPeng!Too PureMV
Steve RoachOrbit of MemoryPainting in the darkProjektProjekt
Steve RoachI see nowPainting in the darkProjektProjekt
Steve RoachArtifactsJourneys to the infiniteProjektProjekt
Steven JaymesJust the way it goesEverything must change
Steven JaymesJust the way it goesManagementManagementSi, 2020
Steven JaymesJust the way it goesJust the way it goesManagementManagement
Stevie Lee WoodsGood Time To Go HomeGood Time To Go HomeRDXRDX
Still CornersTrack
Still PatientDiv. Tracks
StoneKeep runningKeep runningManagementManagement
StoneLeave it outLeave it outManagementManagement
StoneKeep RunningKeep RunningManagementManagement
Stone SourDiv. TracksOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Stranglers, TheNo mercyNo mercy (remastered 7“ version)PhonagPhonag
Stranglers, TheGolden Brown
Stray Cats(She'll stay just) One More DayGonna BallOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Stray CatsBuilt for speedHellride 2003Surf DogMV
Stray CatsGene and EddieLive in Brussels?Surf DogMV
Stray CatsToo Hip Gotta GoLive in Brussels?Surf DogMV
Stray CatsLust'n'LoveRocked this town: From LA to LondonSurf DogMV
Stray CatsTrying to get youOriginal CoolSurf DogMV
Stray Cats, TheDouble talkin' babyRocked This Town: From LA To LondonMascotMV
Stray Cats, TheCat fight (Over a Dog Like Me)Rocked This Town: From LA To LondonMascotMV
Stray Cats, TheGene and EddieRocked This Town: From LA To LondonMascotMV
Stray Cats, TheCry BabyRocked This Town: From LA To LondonMascotMV
Stray Cats, TheWon't stand in your wayRocked This Town: From LA To LondonMascotMV
Stray Cats, TheBuilt for speedRocked This Town: From LA To LondonMascotMV
Stray Cats, TheCat fight (over a dog like me)Rocked this town: From LA to LodnonSurf DogMV
Stray Cats, TheDouble Talkin' BabyRocked this town: From LA to LodnonSurf DogMV
Stray Cats, TheToo Hip Gotta GoRocked this town: From LA to LodnonSurf DogMV
Stray Cats, TheToo Hip Hotta GoRocked this town: From LA to LondonSurf DogMV
Stray Cats, TheDouble talkin' BabyRocked this town: From LA to LondonSurf DogMV
Stray Cats, TheThree Time's a charmRocked this town: From LA to LondonSurf DogMV
Strokes, TheBrooklyn Bridge to ChorusThe New AbnormalOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
StromtodSet @ Moritzbastei Leipzig/Global Noise Movement
Stupid SonOne Paper KidOne Paper KidManagementManagement
Sturle DagslandKusanagiKusanagiSnowhiteSnowhite
SubarashikaShe is exploitedShe is exploitedManagementManagement
SubsonicWith youWith youElevateElevate
SubsonicNeed MeNeed MeElevateElevate
Subtype ZeroEsoteric IllusionCaremonious ExtinctionSeeing RedSeeing Red
Sufjan StevensascIrascibleIrascible
Suicide CommandoMindstrip ReduxMindstrip (2000-2020)Out Of LineOut Of Line
SunflowersDreamweaverEndless VoyageStolen RecordsStolen Records
Sunset on MarsKsoraFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
Sunset on MarsKsoraFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
Sunstack JonesDistillDistillMai68 RecordsMai68 Records
Sunstack JonesHow it all went downHow it all went downSpotify-Playlist: IndiemusicFridayManagement
Sunstack JonesInterview
Sunstack JonesDistillDistillManagementManagement
Sure ShotsDon't make me wait too longSplit-EP
Sureshots, TheI'm on fireI'm on fire
SuryBlue ParadiseBlue ParadiseManagementManagement
SuryBlue ParadiseBlue ParadiseManagementManagement
SuryDaddy's girlBlue ParadiseManagementManagement
SuryPaint all over the greyPaint all over the greyManagementManagement
Susan GibsonStill TimeOuterspaceAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Sustance & Charlie BrixBreak the habitBlood Money EPShogun AudioShogun Audio
SviatiborThe descendant's revivalSecrets of the landFlying DownwardsFlying Downwards
Symon MarcusWonzimmer-Sessions und InterviewDJLeo-Sessions 30/03/2020
Symon MarcusWays of lIfeWays of lIfeManagementManagement
Symon MarcusInterview + Livesession
Symon MarcusDJLeo-SessionsCorona-Homesessions
Symon MarcusInterview
Symon MarcusNever give upCorona-Homesessions
Symon MarcusInterview
Symon MarcusTrue StoryTrue Story-Corona-SessionsManagementManagement
Symon MarcusToo little timeCorona-Sessions
Symon MarcusNever give upCorona-Homesessions
Symon MarcusStill RollingHomerave-Sessions
Symon MarcusTrue StoryHomerave-Sessions
Symon MarcusStill RollingHomerave-Sessions
SysselmannMS NordlysnattRitual odf the aurora noirWinerlightWinerlight
SysselmannThe Long WaitRitual of the Aurora NoirWinterlightWinterlight
TablefoxComing HomeComing HomeManagementManagement
Tall DaysLoved youLoved youManagementManagement
Tall PinesMunchausenMuchhausenManagementManagement
TamarynDiv. Tracks
Tambourine Girls, TheAm I being testedAm I being testedManagementManagement
Tambourine Girls, TheAm I being testedAm I being testedManagementManagement
Tangie TownWounded SkyWounded SkyManagementManagement
TapephobiaThe OmenBlue HourCyclic LawCyclic Law
TaphephobiaSoothsayerBlue HourCyclic LawCyclic Law
Teenage FanclubTrackBandwagonesqueCreation
Teenage FanclubHomeHomeCommunityCommunity
Temple SolaireClouds repeat themselvesClouds repeat themselvesTaxi GaucheTaxi Gauche
Temple SolaireClouds repeat themselvesClouds repeat themselvesTaxi GaucheTaxi Gauche
TestamentNight of the witchTitans of CreationNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Texabilly RocketsHot Rod Race Vol. 13Walldorf Roc'n'Roll-WeekenderPartPart
The PromisedWe could be in love
The TheTrackinspired by New Issue Rolling Stone Magazine?
Thelma HoustonBaby MineThe Eigan Casino Story ContinuesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Thelma HoustonBaby MineThe Wigan Casino Story ContinuesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Thelma HoustonDon't leave me this wayThe Wigan Casino Story ContinuesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Then Comes SilenceDark EndMachineOblivionMV
This Is HeadThe oneThe oneOutro?Outro?
This Is HeadThe OneThe OneOutro?Outro?
This WayHairlessHairlessManagementManagement
This WayLonnesome cowboyHomerave-Sessions
This WayLonesome Cowboy-LiveHomerave-Sessions
This WayMan in a troubled worldHomerave-Sessions
This WayHey-LiveHomerave-Sessions
This WayHeavy Metal-LiveHomerave-Sessions
Thom SouthernShiversShiversObscene StrategiesObscene Strategies
Thom SouthernShiversShiversManagementManagement
Thom SouthernPerfect SomeonePerfect SomeoneOscene Strategies
Thomas LemmerSilent TearsIn silence
Thomas LemmerSilent tearsSilent tearsManagementManagement
Thomas LemmerSilent tearsIn SilenceManagementManagement
ThornlandMoonlandDark BritannicaCold SpringCold Spring
Throwing MusesDark BlueAlbum
Throwing MusesBywaterSun RacketFireFire
Throwing MusesDark BlueSun RacketFireFire
Throwing MusesBywaterSun RacketFireFire
Throwing Muses, TheDiv. TracksFireFire
Tiger ArmyHellcatPhonag
Tiger ArmyPrisoner of the nightPrisoner of the nightHellcatHellcat
Tim & Puma MimiDJLeo-SessionsDJLeo-Sessions August 2012IrascibleIrascible
Tim BurgessLaurieLaurieMVMV
Tim BurgessYours. to neYours. to neMVMV
Tinsley EllisEvil Till SunriseIce Cream In HellAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Tipp: Radar-Festival feat. Babyhaven and othershttps://radarfestival.ch/
Tmabourine Girls, TheAm I being testedAm I being testedManagementManagement
TNTZ?ri Br?nntSwiss wavesSound ServiceSound Service
To AthenaAngschtAngschtvia Radio Loravia Radio Lora
ToalTrapped Heart (unplugged)Corona-Loxkdown-Session
Tobey KaiOndineOndineManagementManagement
Tobey KaiWho re youWho re youManagementManagement
Tobias JensenYoung LoveYoung LoveColdkingsColdkings
Tobin SproutOn golden riversOn golden riversFireFire
Toby MeyerDienendi HeldeDienendi Heldetmlproductionstmlproductions
TocotronicDie ErwachsenenDas Rote AlbumManagementManagement
Tom LiwaSpringRolling Stone Rare Trax 127 - Best of 2020Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Tom SailPlease be cruelPlease be cruelDeathdiscoDeathdisco
Tom Stormy Trio feat. Rhythm SophieRockabilly RhythmYoutube-track of the week
Tom Toxic und die Holstein RocketsVielleicht lag es am WhiskeyAuf ins n?chste Gefecht!Halb 7Halb 7
Tomas R EinarrsonHaegt en bitandiAlbumManagementManagement
TombsNecro AlchemyMonarchy of ShadowsSeason of MistSeason of Mist
Tomine HarketNot together, togetherNot together, togetherManagementManagement
Tommy RomeroRooster RockRooster RockManagementManagement
Tommy RomeroHey Little QueenieRooster RockManagementManagement
Tommy RomeroMy One DesireRooster RockManagementManagement
Tommy RomeroDancing QueenRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Tony ChickA CarSin Alley Vol. 4CryptCrypt
Too Dead To DieWanderslustTropical Gothic?Out Of LineOut Of Line
Too MadSheperd's PieToo MadRadio LoRaRadio LoRa
Too MadCome with meCome with meManagementManagement
Top CatsButterflySveriges Basta RockabillyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
TorresSkimSkimInspired by the new issue of Musikexpress
TotenwaldForward to the pastForward to the pastPlastic BombPlastic Bomb
Toz Antonio PirettiHeroesHeroesManagementManagement
TR-STUnbleachedThe DestroyerFatpossumFatpossum
TR-STUnbleachedDestroyer 2ManagementManagement
TR-STDarlingAlbumFat PossumFat Possum
Tracy PendervisSouthbound Line
TravisGhost, ARolling Stone - New Noises Vol. 154Rolling StoneRolling Stone
Travis Lee KernEmpty Roanoke Coal TrainEmpty Roanoke Coal TrainManagementManagement
Travis Lee KernEmpty Roanoke TrainEmpty Roanoke TrainManagementManagement
TreatmentAbove so belowSagacityInverseNon Stop Music
Tri-GanticsAin't no stoppin'Roots'n'fruitsManagementManagement
Tri-GanticsAin't no stoppin'?Roots'n'fruitsPart?Part?
Tri-GanticsBoogie all NightRoots'n'fruitsPart RecordsPart Records
Trix-O-TreatRock this town (acoustic-session)Corona-Homeravesession
Trobar de MorteTrackWave Gotic Treffen 2020
Troika, TheDJLeo-SessionsTag der Livemusik 2018
TrummerDJLeo-SessionsTag der Livemusik
TrummerDs L?be g?hDJLeo-Sessions 2018
T?chelMore and moreMore and more
Tune-Yardsnowhere, mannowhere, manMVMV
Tunnels Of AhParable of the SewerDeathless MindCold SpringCold Spring
TurboFast as fvckMake BailAsher Media
TV FaceHappy delusionsHappy delusionsManagementManagement
Twin TribesThe RiverThe River
Two Doors Cinema CubIsolationIsolationMVMV
Two Tons of SteelCryin' eyesNot that luckyManagementManagement
Two Tons of SteelNot that luckyNot that luckyManagementManagement
TychoEasy Mild MindsEasy Mild MindsNinja TuneNinja Tune
TyniCherry TreesCherry TreesManagementManagement
Type O NegativeLivetrackMVMV
U.X.A.Non-FictionIllusions of GrandeurPosh BoyPosh Boy
UlvestadNyrFallCyclic LawCyclic Law
Umeå Bodø Lonesome KingfisherLonesome KingfisherManagementManagement
UmifoziAster KrossAster KrossManagementManagement
Uncool UncoolLoseLoseManagementManagement
UndirheimarUrthursarHejarrunarCyclic LawCyclic Law
UngluedTotal XTCTotal XTCHospitalHospital
United Ghostsall you sad boysall you sad boysManagementManagement
UrbandownTogether againTogether againHospitalHospital
UrgesHeart on the lineHeart on the lineIrascibleIrascible
UrgesHigh roadUrgesIrascibleIrascible
UrsinaLive in SessionKeep your graceDeNotterDeNotter
Usagi Is DeadHold You NowHold You NowManagementManagement
Usagi Is DeadDie On The DancefloorDie On The DancefloorManagementManagement
UxANon-FictionIllusions of GrandeurPosh BoyPosh Boy
Vacant StationsCordonClonesWinterlightWinterlight
VaderFight fire with fireTribute to MetallicaMetal HammerMetal Hammer
Van HalenYou really got meYou really got meOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
VandalyeLittle PiggyLittle PiggyManagementManagement
Vanja SkyRock'n'Rolla TrainAlbum?RufAirplaydirect
Various – Dark BritannicaSedaynelore – A Country LifeDark BritannicaCold SpringCold Spring
Various – Maximum Metal Vol. 258In Flames – ClaymanMaximum Metal Vol. 258Metal HammerMetal Hammer
Various – Quadrant EPTony AnthemQuadrant EPElevateElevate
Various – Soul Music 2020Monika - Wake up VIPSoul Music 2020SoulventSoulvent
Various_ NSH 400- Keeno x PolarisLeviathanNSH400HospitalHospital
Various: Cancione Adentro Vol. 1Floriance GallardoCanciones Adentro Vol. 1PortaldiscPortaldisc
Various: Dark BritannicaPerkelt – Ailien DuinnDark BritannicaCold SpringCold Spring
Various: Dark BritannicaBeau – The Roses of EyamDark BritannicaCold SpringCold Spring
Various: Eletrostorm Vol. 9Solitary Experiments – The StruggleElectrostrom Vol. 9Out Of LineOut Of Line
Various: Gothic Music Orgy Vol. 6Cattac – The Blackest oneGothic Music Orgy Vol. 6Dark TunesDark Tunes
Various: Gothic Music Orgy Vol. 6Dust in my Mind – A new WorldGothic Music Orgy Vol. 6
Various: Hospitality House PartyPolaris-Eternal ConflictHospitality House PartyHospitalHospital
Various: Hospitality House SamplerKings of the Rollers – Staurn's StringsHospitality House SamplerHospitalHospital
Various: Med SchoolGraduationGraduationHospitalHospital
Various: Rock That Swing Festival Comp. 2020?Hot Gravel Eskimos – At's In ThereRock That Swing Festival Comp. 2020
Various: Shogun Audio Presents: 2020DJ marky, Pola & Bryson – Trouble ft. JaveonVarious: Shogun Audio Presents: 2020Shogun AudioShogun Audio
Various: Soul Music 2020?Natus - RhemaSoul Music 2020: SamplerSoulventSoulvent
Various: That'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35LaDell Sisters-Rockin' RobertVarious: That'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Various: That'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Curtis Gordon - Draggin'That'll Flat... Git it! Vol. 35Bear FamilyBear Family
Various: The Right To RockThe Downbeats - JuguieThe Right to rock – The Mexicano and Chicano Rock'n'Roll-Rebellion 1955-1963Bear FamilyBear Family
Various: Tribute To MetallicaSabaton – For Whom the Bells TollTribute to MetallicaMetal HammerMetal Hammer
Various: Wtiii Records?Sampler/Mix5th anniversary mixWtiiiWtiii
VazumShe's in partiesShe's in partiesManagementManagement
Vegan Letter, TheGloamingGloamingObscence StrategiesObscence Strategies
Velvet BlackJust meJust meManagementManagement
VenenoMot?rheadbangerMot?rheadbangerYoutube-Track of the weekPlastic Bomb
Vera KaaZu Sp?tKorrektOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Verve, TheBlueMTV 120MinutesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Viagra BoysCommon SenseAlbumLimmatLimmat
Viagra BoysCommon senseCommon senseLimmatLimmat
Vibrations, TheSoul A Go GoThe Vibrating VibrationsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Vibrators, TheInto the futurePure ManiaOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
View, TheDiv. Tracks
View, TheDiv. TracksOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Viktor LeedBut in your eyes98th the greatest Rock'n'Roll-Show
Vintage CompanyFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
Vintage CompanyFacebook-Gruppe Neue Musik aus der Schweiz
VioletPure BluePure BlueManagementManagement
Visions in cloudsTides (Crimer Rework)Tides (Crimer Rework)Listen CollectiveListen Collective
Visions in CloudsTides-Pablo Nouvelle remixTidesLittle JigLittle Jig
VistasThe love you give?The love you give?Youttube-track of the week
Vlad In TearsDeadDead stories of forsaken loversEchozoneEchozone
VoelurInviolate GroveDeath CultProphecyProphecy
VoltageNatty LoveNatty LoveHospitalHospital
Von GreyHearseHearseManagementManagement
VonheimPhilippe PetitPhilippe PetitCommunityCommunity
VortexNachtmeerfahrtHeliozCyclic LawCyclic Law
VVVHow many timesHow many timesHolodeckHolodeck
Wade WilliamsonCorvid WaysCorvid WaysManagementManagement
WagonEverything she ownsEverything she ownsManagementManagement
WagonEverything she ownesEverything she ownesManagementManagement
WagonsEverything she owns
Walkabouts, TheDJLeo-SessionDJLeo-Sessions 1993
Wanda JacksonRockabilly Hound dogRockabilly FeverOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Wanda JacksonRockabilly FeverBest ofWarnerWarner
Wanda JacksonRip It UpQueen of Rockabilly: The Very Best of Rock'n'Roll-YEarsRhinoWarner
Wanda JacksonTrackAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
War StrigsArcherArcherManagementManagement
War StringsSeventeenSeventeenManagementManagement
Water DistrictDream with your eyes openDream with your eyes openManagementManagement
Water DistrictDream with your eyes open
Water DistrictDream with your eyes openDream with your eyes openManagementManagement
Waylon JenningsHeartaches by the numberThe very Best of, Vol. 2AirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Waylon JenningsIt's so easyThe very Best of, Vol. 2AirplaydirectAirplaydirect
WE ARE AVADJLeo-SessionsCorona-Homesessions
WE ARE AVAGo Home inkl. Preulude
WE ARE AVAFeel them listeningCorona-Homesessions
We Are AvaGo HomeCorona-Homesessions
We Are AvaInterview
We Are AvaFeelthemlistening (Fabriggli Livesession)Corona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
We Are AvaInterview
We Are AvaGo HomeCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
We Are AvaInterview
We Are AvaGo HomeCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
We Are AvaInterview
We Are AvaVibeCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
We Are AvaInterview
We Are AvaGo HomeCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
We Are AvaDiv. Tracks
We Are AvaInterview
We Are AvaGo HomeCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
We Are AvaDiv. Tracks
We Are AvaBlossomCorona-Homesessions
We Are The CityLover is deadLover is deadSinnbusSinnbus
We Invented ParisNightlinerWaltz AwayListen CollectiveListen Collective
We Invented ParisManneequinWaltz AwayListen CollectiveListen Collective
Webb PierceI ain't neverGreatest hitsBear FamilyBear Family
Wedding CrashersCrash and BurnBondsManagementManagement
Wendy SucksRevengeRevengeYoutube-Track of the weekPlastic Bomb
WerDustI don't wanna knowWerDustManagementManagement
West BerlinThe carried weight (feat. Max Gould)ManagementManagement
Westrin and MowryLove already goneLove already goneManagementManagement
Whale CityThere she goes
Whale CityDaylightDaylightManagementManagement
Whale CityDaylightDaylightManagementManagement
WharvesNothing left to sayNothing left to sayManagementManagement
What RulesMo?tMo?tManagementvia Kanal K
WhineyOld FlameBubblers Part TwoHospitalHospital
WhineyRoll OutRoll OutHospitalHospital
White Buffalo, TheProblem solutionOn the widow's walkSpinefarmSpinefarm
White MagicianDealers of DivinityCruz Del SurCruz Del Sur
White StonesRusty ShellKuarahyNuclear BlastNuclear Blast
Why Foxes, Why?LighthouseHey! Folk of DeathLittle JigLittle Jig
Wild?Hold us togetherHold us togetherManagementManagement
Wild AngelsMidnight riderMidnight rider
Wild Blue, TheBooga SugarBooga SugarManagementManagement
Wild Wax ComboBedrock ComboAlbum
Wildcats, TheDriving my life awayDriving my life away
Wildwax ComboKickass RockabillyAlbumOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Wildwood TrioThe Wildwood rockRockabilly Race Vol. 2Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Wilford SocialGoGoManagementManagement
Will PurdueThere's nothing left to say
William T. And the Black 50sRock'n'-Roll QueenRock'n'Roll-BabyPart RecordsPart Records
William The Conqueror BandTend to the thornsTend to the thornsManagementManagement
Wire TrainStone meSo soul no straubOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
With IntentionWide AwakeWide AwakeManagementManagement
With IntentionWide awakeWide awakeManagementManagement
WizardsPuppetsDJLeo-Sessions 2020
WizardszLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 2020
WolfFeeding the machineFeeding the machineCentury MediaCentury Media
Wolf DenSo CloseSo CloseRDXRDX
Wolfgang press, TheGoing southFunky Little Demons4ADMV
Wolfgang Press, TheBlack Hole Star (Demo)Unremembered Remembered4ADMV
Wolfgang Press, TheTrackUnremembered Remembered4ADMV
Wolfgangs, TheCannibal FamilyYoutube-Track of the week
WolfmotherWomanWomanOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Wonk UnitSummer timeSummer timeRookieRookie
WoodriverSeeSeeClemens KluckClemens Kluck
WooloomoolooRiver of tearsRiver of tearsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Working Man's ClubValleysValleysMVMV
Working Man's ClubTrackMVMV
Working Men's ClubValleysValleysMVMV
Working Men's ClubValleysValleysMVMV
WormwoodTrack 3GhostlandBlack LodgeSound Pollution
WTII Records5th anniversary compilation mix5th anniversary compilation mixWTIIWTII
Wueh!CommunicationDemosTaxi GaucheTaxi Gauche
WyoNothing but loveNothing but loveManagementManagement
X RaidersTrain ManTrain Man
X RaidersFleshwolfFleshwolfManagementManagement
YachtclubTrackOne Of A Million 2020
YaldaMillion Thousand?Million Thousand?ManagementManagement
Yard ActFixer UpperFixer UpperManagementManagement
Yard ActThe Trapper's PeltsThe Trapper's PeltsMVMV
YernaBeautyBeautySixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
Yerna?Fear is a lieExpectationsSixteentimes MusicSixteentimes Music
Yo La TengoWasn't born to followWasn't born to followMVMV
You me At SixSuckapunchSuckapunchLimmatLimmat
Young Gods, TheFigure Sans NomFigure Sans NomIrascibleIrascible
Young Gods, TheEnvoy?Swiss wavesSound ServiceSound Service
Yvng HoudiniYout ime is overYout ime is overVia Radio LoraVia Radio Lora
Ziegler Co.What a lifeWhat a lifeManagementManagement
Zion TrainWe shall riseWe shall riseRDXRDX
Zir BijouDeep amber foliageDeep amber foliageManagementManagement
Zir BijouDeep amber foliageDeep amber foliageManagementManagement
Zlang ZlutDJLeo-SessionsTag der Livemusik 2018
Zlang ZlutDJLeo-SessionsTag der Livemusik 2018
Znackkthatelei deheiCorona-HomesessionsManagementManagement
Znackkthatelei deheiCorona-Homesessions
Znakk ThatLivesessionsCorona-Homesessions
Znakkthatelei deheielei deheiManagementManagement
ZnakkthatElei deheiCorona-Homerave-Session
ZnakkthatDiv. SessionsCorona-Homeravesession
ZweierpaschUn peu d'amourCorona-HomesessionsYoutube-Track of the week

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