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Radioshow: The 60’s (rock’n’roll, rockabilly, psychobilly, northern soul, country) – with Swiss radio-DJ Leo

DJLeo live on radio Lora

DJLeo live on radio Lora


● Mon, november 30 3, 22h, Radio LoRa




New music from all around the world.

Sonny FisherYou're rightTexas RockabillyOpen BroadcastOPen BroadcastLP
Wanda JacksonRockabilly Hound DogRockabilly FeverWarnerWarnerLP
El Sonno Brothers, TheNo greenSavage MindsRockabilly StompRockabilly StompCD, 2015
Patrick SassoneHouse of the rising sunWickedAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2018
Weber & Wohler BandLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 30/11/2018
Sten & StanleyNo ChaperonesScandinavian Beat Groups Vol. 4Star ClubStar ClubLP
Marcia Ball Too Much for me Shine brightAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2018
Railbones, The If you want my loveRocket Launch Vol. 2Black Shack RecordingsRhythm BombCD
Royal Flush, TheAll night longAll night longBlack Shack RecordingsMigraine Bop7“
Bitter GroundsMy TimeTwo sides of hopeRing Of Fire RecordsRing Of Fire RecordsCD, 2018
Weber & Wohler BandLive in SessionDJLeo-Sessions 30/11/2018
Booze Bombs, TheYou got me rockin'Ice cold WhiskeyPart RecordsPart RecordsCD, 2016

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