Weeks 7 and 8 – 2023

Radio Kanal K, Rasa, LoRa, 15.ch, 4tng / Unikomradios
Feat. interview with Valérie Hug and Fabian Mösch from One Of A Million Festival (Pic) + musicpress-review: Rolling Stone + new music.

Valérie Hug + Fabian Mösch @Interview with DJLeo.
Musicpress-review: Rolling Stone Magazine.




New music from all around the world.

Various – New Noises Vol. 168Billy Nomates – Blue BonesVarious – New Noises Vol. 168Rolling StoneRolling StoneComp., 2023
Silent UniverseLost SatelliteImmersityCryo ChamberCryo ChamberAlbum, 2023
Hazy SundaysAll you ever wantedAll you ever wantedManagementManagementSi, 2023
Prima QueenEclipseEclipseManagementManagementSi, 2023
Hugh HardieFace OffFace OffSoulventSoulventSi, 2023
Mission, TheAnd the dance goes on and onThe God's Own MedicineOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 1986
Various – Cycles IICurse all Kings – For Amara...Various – Cycles IICyclic LawCyclic LawComp., 2023
Musicpress-review: Rolling Stone, feat. tracks and quotes taken from issue february 2023
Various – New Noises Vol. 168Poolblood – TwinkieVarious – New Noises Vol. 168Rolling StoneRolling StoneComp., 2023
Monrroe & DuskeeMud (Extended mix)Mud (Extended mix)Shogun AudioShogun AudioSi, 2023
LunaLive-Trackinspired by Rolling Stone
Freaks and GeeksGuiding LightGuiding LightElevateElevateEp, 2023
Jo BartlettI don't wanna hear anymoreI don't wanna hear anymoreDeath DiscoDeath DiscoSi, 2023
JunksistaRock BottomRock BottomCop Int.Cop Int.Si, 2023
Red Bird RisingMy revolutionMy revolutionDependentDependentSi, 2023
MetrikImmortalImmortalHospitalHospitalSi, 2023
Elektro GuzziCollinLost Tracks
LunaLive-Trackinspired by Rolling Stone
Murphy CampbellPoor winnerPoor winnerManagementManagementSi, 2023
Various – New Noises Vol. 168Robert Forster – AlwaysVarious – New Noises Vol. 168Rolling StoneRolling StoneComp., 2023
Various – Cycles IINordvargr - LichtbringerVarious – Cycles IICyclic LawCyclic LawComp., 2023
One of a Million Festival-SpecialInterview with Val?rie Hug and Fabian Moesach (OOAM Board)
Les TrucsKuehles MoosEPManagementManagementEP, 2023
Perrine 3000Le RoyHyperinCheptel RecordsCheptel RecordsEP, 2023
Various – Cycles IISophia – Hunt-HangVarious – Cycles IICyclic LawCyclic LawComp., 2023
Wave Gotic Treffen 2023 Countdown
Mach Violets, TheBillion3Made GloriousManagementManagementEP, 2014
UrgesHigh roadDJLeo-Sessions 2020
Preoccupations, TheLive-Track
Nature-Flash: Zootier des Jahres
Musik ZooCold Killer
DeliluhAmuletFault LinesManagementManagementAlbum, 2023
Alice BomanTrack
Cool Greenhouse, TheLive-Track

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