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Rockabilly Radio-DJ Leo
Rockabilly Radio-DJ Leo



Ace DiamondElvis, Jerry Lee and MeElvis, Jerry Lee and MeAirplaydirectAirplaydirectEP, 2020
Alan VegaBe Bop A LulaJukebox BabeOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Album of the week: Jake Calypso (One Take Jake)
Album of the week: Tri-GanticsRoots'n'fruits
AlligatorsWild Blue CatRockabillygatorOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Annita & The StarbombersLive @Kiff AarauLive @Kiff AarauCrazyeventikCrazyeventik2003
Annita & The StarbombersLive @Kiff AarauLive @Kiff AarauCrazyeventikCrazyeventik2003
Banaani-MiehetAntti Hulkon LompakkoFiniish RocklabillyTape
Bang Bang BazookaRed DressDemoCount OrlockCount OrlockTape
Barbara & The BrownsI'm start a warNorthern Soul FloorshakersOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
BarnshakersFlippin' awayGoofin around promo samplerOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastComp.
Barrence WhitfieldTrackLet's get Wild 2006
Beatles, TheLong Tall Sally -LiveLive
Big Kitty & The Scaredy CatsTryin' to forget youHola!Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Big Mama ThorntonHound DogRock'n'Roll-Girls Vol. 6Bear FamilyBear Family
Blue HighwayBlue Ridge Mountain GirlAlbumAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Blue Moon BoysDemoDemo
Bombs, TheWhen you're in loveDon't Wait Too LongPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2014
Booze Bombs, ThePlease just call Live at the Pier ViewPart RecordsPart Records
BreathlessBad Bad BoyBad Bad Boy
Bryan BurnettOutlawOutlawAirplaydirectAirplaydirectEP; 2020
Buddy Guy & Junior WellsDiggin' my potatoesAlone & AcousticAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 1981
Buddy HollyHolly HopBest ofBear FamilyBear Family
Buddy HollyHolly HopBest ofBear FamilyBear FamilyLP
Buddy HollyHolly HopBest of Bear FamilyBear Family
Buddy HollyHolly HopBest of Bear FamilyBear FamilyLP
Buzz and the FlyersRock BopAlbumNervousNervous
CadavosLong Tall SallyYoutube-Track of the week
Caravans, TheJail Guitar DoorsTape
Carl MillerRhythm GuitarRockin' Hepcat RockabillyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Carl PerkinsDixie FriedSessionsBear FamilyBear Family
Chuck Berry & Little RichardLiveLive at Jay Leno2002
Clay DuboseTrackReverting historyAirplaydirectAirplaydirect
Cobra ExpressPipelineSurf ExperiencePart Part Album, 2018
Connie ClarkeMy Sugar babyNorthern Soul PartyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Cramps, TheBop PillsStay sick!Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
CruisersDo you know how muchDo you know how much
Crypt RapersDr. WestPsychoticos BillysOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Daddy Long LegsPink LemonadeLowdown WaysYep RocYep RocAlbum, 2020
Daddy Long LegsDing Dong DangLowdown waysManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Danny & The Flat BoysMystery TrainThe best of Ripsaw RecordsPart RecordsPart RecordsSampler, 2019
Danny and The Fat BoysAmerican MusicAmerican MusicOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 1975
Dave Del MontaHubby Hubba Ding DingHubby Hubba Ding DingManagementManagementSi, 2020
Dave Del MonteBald Headed DaddyBald Headed DaddyManagementManagementSi, 2020
Dave EdmundsDon't call me tonightKing Biscuit Flower Hour
Dave Taylorkeep it up babyDave TaylorOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastLP, 1979
De Hijgende HertenGood Golly Miss Molly
Deke DevilsonJukebox ManFin-a-BillyOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastTape
Della MaeSleep with one eye openAlbumAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2019
Demented Are Go!Holy Hack JackBest of
Derek Lee GoodreidGod, the Devil and IGod, the Devil and Ivia Twittervia TwitterAlbum, 2019
Dixie FriedDon't you do me no wrong
Dwight YoakhamPlease please babySwimming PoolsAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Dwight YoakhamCadillacs, GuitarsSwimming PoolsAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Eddie & The FlatheadsCoozy CoatA Dazzling Cascade of NotesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Eddie Meduza Get out of town Album
Elevators, The49 FordTape
Elvis PresleyFever Live 1973Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Elvis PresleyWestern UnionBest of Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Elvis PresleyRip it up
Emma & The RagmenBackward bopIn the knowManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Emma & The RagmenBip Bop BoomIn the knowManagementManagementAlbum, 2019
Emma & The RagmenAlbum of the weekAlbum of the week: In the know
Emma & The RagmenBigelow 6-2000In the knowManagementManagementAlbum, 2019
Emma & The RagmenBip Bop BoomIn the knowManagementManagementAlbum, 2019
Emma & The RagmenRagtop rollIn the KnowManagementManagementCD, 2020
Emma & The RagmenHello babyIn the knowManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Emma & The RagmenSnetimental FoolIn the knowManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Emmy Lou and the Rhythm BoysBip Bop BoomRockabilly Summer 2014Open BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2014
FatboyPulling back the reinsMomentsManagementManagement
FatboyBlack HoleMomentsManagementManagement
FatboyCruel LoveAlbum
FatboyDreaming like I didMomentsOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2018
FatboyCruel LoveMomentsOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2020
Ferlin HuskySioux City SueGonna shake this shack tonightOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum
Florian MondayRip it UpRip it UpBuffalo BopBuffalo BopLP
Fox HallMy Baby Left meDon't mess with my babyOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
George JonesRevenoor ManGonna Make it aloneAirplaydirectAirplaydirectComp., 2020
Glen GlennEverybody's movinBest of Bear FamilyBear Family
Graham FentonThree months to killRaging HeartOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Guana Batz I'm on fireBest ofOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Hawkmen, TheThe FrathouseThe HawkmenManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Hi-Strung Ramblers, ThePure miseryTwangsville RevisitedVolume 76Wild RecordsAlbum
Hidden CharmsHello babyTapeOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastTape
Hold On TightDemo
Honey HushRock it isEPKIX4URockhouse
Huey Piano SmithI got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie fluI got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie fluOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastSi, 1957
Jack ScottGeraldineThe Very Best ofBear FamilyBear FamilyAlbum
Jake CalypsoTrack
Jake CalypsoSave your soulSave your soulYoutube
Jake Calypsomy Baby Rocks!One take JakeRockabillystompManagementAlbum, 2020
Jake CalypsoDowntempo MemphisOne take JakeRockabillystompManagementAlbum, 2020
Jake CalypsoIndian Boppin'One take JakeRockabillystompManagementAlbum, 2020
Jake CalypsoWho knocks on my doorWho knocks on my doorManagementManagement7“, 2020
Jake CalypsoSeeking a partnerWho knocks on my doorManagementManagement7“, 2020
Jake CalypsoWho knocks on my doorWho knocks on my doorManagementManagementSi, 2020
Jake CalypsoTrackDowntown MemphisPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2015
Jake Calypsosaturday night to teaseOne take JakeManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Jan HowardLivin' and lovin' hondoFirst generation SessionsAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Jerry Lee LewisBreathlessBreathlessOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Jerry Lee lewisGood Golly Miss MollyLive at the Star Club Hamburg
Jets, TheHave a heart40 YearsManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Jets, TheWarpaint40th anniversary agents of futureManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Jets, TheCall the Police40 Rockin' YearsManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Joe Ducktail ClayGoodbye GoodbyeBest of Bear FamilyBear Family
Joe TexPneumoniaPneumonia
Johnny & The RoccosCherokee Boogie (Live)LiveOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Johnny PowersI'm walkingLong Blond HairBear FamilyBear Family
Johnny ReidSoul TrainRevivalOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2017
Johnny RiversI got the rockin' pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu
Johnny Trouble TrioI'm gone
KrewmenJeanie JeaniePlague of the DeadLost MomentLost MomentAlbum
Krunoslav Kico SlabinacTutti FruttiRock'n'Roll ABC
Linda BrennanI'm leavingShreveport stompOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Little RichardThe King Of Rock and RollLiveBear FamilyBear FamilyLP
Little RichardTutti FruttiLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarnerLP
Little RichardRip it upLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarnerLP
Little RichardJeanny JeannyLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarnerLP
Little RichardBama Lama LouLittle Richard sings his greatest hitsWarnerWarnerLP
Little RichardTaxi BluesTaxi BluesRCAOpen BroadcastSi, 1951
Louisville BoppersI'm goneAlbumPart RecordsPart Records
Louisville BoppersI'm goneAlbumPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2019
Louisville BoppersTruck drivin manAlbumPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2019
Louisville BoppersPretty Bad BluesLive @ Trash Town Festival Baden
Louisville BoppersPretty Bad BluesLive @ Trash Town Festival Baden
Mars AttacksWaitin in the rainWaitin in the rain
Marshall Tucker Band, TheBlue Ridge Mountain SkyGreatest HitsOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Marti BromBlack CadillacThe best of Ripsaw RecordsPart RecordsPart RecordsSampler, 2019
Marti BromIf I was a fifthMidnight BusOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2020
Marvin Gaye and Kim WestinIt takes twoIt takes two
MatchboxRockabilly RebelRockabilly RebelOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastReissue, 2020
MatchboxBuzz Buzz a diddle itRockabilly RebelOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastReissue, 2020
MatchboxRollin' onRockabilly RebelOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastReissue, 2020
Meteors, TheMutant rockLive styles of the sick and shamelessPeople Like YouPeople Like You
Mystery TrainMystery Train Boogie
Nisse HellbergChip Chop BabyRockabilly Summer 2014Open BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2014
Preview: Int. Country Music Festival Zurich
Preview: Int. Country Music Festival Zurich
Preview: Int. Counzry Music festival Zurich
Price SistersSinging my troubles awayA Heart Never KnowsAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Ray Black & The Flying CarpetsTrack
Ray Black & The Flying CarpetsBig Boy RockBetter way to moveRhythm BombRhythm BombAlbum, 2018
Ray Black & The Flying CarpetsShe's gone I'm fineBetter way to moveRhythm BombRhythm BombAlbum, 2018
Ray CampiLove meRockabilly Rebellion: The Very Best ofOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2020
Ray CampiTore UpRockabilly Rebellion: The Very Best ofOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2020
Ray CampiYou don't rock'n'roll at allBest of Bear FamilyBear Family
Ray HarrisCome on little MamaEssential Sun Rockabillies Vol. 1 SunDisques Office
Ray ScottPut down that bottleGuitar for SaleAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Reach Around Rodeo ClownsThe road to hell
Refreshments, TheI'm ready (live feat Albert Lee)
RestlessI go wildBest of
Review: Runnin' Wild Festival
Roch?e and the SarnosRip it upStompin at the Klub Foot Vol. 3+4Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Rockabilly Bones, TheRockabilly BonesDJLeo-Sessions 2019
Rockin' CarbonaraSicily goes rockin'Sicily goes rockin'ManagementManagementSi, 2020
Roy HeadOne More TimeRockabilly GoldOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Royal FlushWild RaceMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly Stomp
Royal Flush, TheGretschMoonshine TruckRockabilly StompRockabilly StompAlbum
Runaway JuneBuy my own drinksRunaway June EpOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastEP, 2018
Runaway JuneFast as youBlue RosesOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastAlbum, 2019
Rusti Steel & The Star TonesI wannaCaf? A-La RockManagementManagementSi, 2020
Rusti Stell & The Star TonesGas Up My Hot Rod StokerCaf? A-La RockManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Sam & DaveSoul ManRespectOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast7“, 1967
Same Old ShoesRockabilly Rave live
Same Old ShoesHonky Tonkin rockAlbumManagementManagement
Same Old ShoesHonky Tonkin rockAlbumPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2019
Same Old ShoesWhiskey and MilkBobflix SessionsManagementManagement
Sarah Shook and the DisarmersHeal meSidelongAirplaydirectAirplaydirectCD, 2016
Scamps, ThePlay manPlay manDemoDemo
Shakin' StevensOutlaw man
Shelby LynneDown HereI can't imagineAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Sick Sick SinnersZombie's UnionRoad of sinOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sid King & The Five StringsSag drag and fallBest ofBear FamilyBear Family
Sin AlleyLive @ Let's get wildLet's get wild 2006
Sis King & His Five StringsGonna shake this shack tonightCruisin Rockabilly Vol. 2Open BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Sis King & His Five StringsPut something in the pot boyLive @ Hotel WinkelriedTape-ArchievesTape-Archieves
Solid Stompers, TheHoney HushYoutube
Sonics, TheKeep a KnockinHere are the sonics
Sonny BurgessWe wanna boogieEsential Sun Rockabillies Vol. 1Bear FamilyBear FamilyAlbum, 2020
Steve a la Vac & The DisposableTravel VacSteve a la Vac & The DisposableTape
Sureshots, TheI'm on fireI'm on fire
Susan GibsonStill TimeOuterspaceAirplaydirectAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Thelma HoustonBaby MineThe Eigan Casino Story ContinuesOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Tios BizarrosHijo de la NocheGlandes ExitosOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Tom Toxic und die Holstein RocketsVielleicht lag es am WhiskeyAuf ins n?chste Gefecht!Halb 7Halb 7
TranquillizersLong blond hairNeorockabilly StoryRockhouseRockhouse
Tri-GanticsAin't no stoppin'Roots'n'fruitsPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2020
Tri-GanticsAin't no stoppin'Roots'n'fruitsManagementManagementAlbum, 2020
Tri-Gantics, TheBack to ChicagoRoots'n'fruitsPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2020
Tri-Gantics, TheDon't stop meRoots'n'fruitsPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2020
Truly Lover TrioLet's go out tonightLet's go out tonight
Two Tons of SteelCryin' eyesNot that luckyManagementManagement
Two Tons of SteelNot that luckyNot that luckyManagementManagement
Vanja SkyRock'n'Rolla TrainAlbum RufAirplaydirectAlbum, 2020
Various – The best of Ripsaw RecordsThe best of Ripsaw RecordsPart RecordsPart RecordsSampler, 2019
Wanda JacksonRockabilly Hound dogRockabilly FeverOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Wanda JacksonRockabilly FeverBest ofWarnerWarner
Wanda JacksonRip It UpQueen of Rockabilly: The Very Best of Rock'n'Roll-YEarsRhinoWarner
Webb PierceI ain't neverGreatest hitsBear FamilyBear FamilyAlbum
Will & The Hi-RollersSad 'n lonelySad 'n lonelyWild RecordsYoutube
William T. And the Black 50sRock'n'-Roll QueenRock'n'Roll-BabyPart RecordsPart RecordsAlbum, 2018
Win free tickets for Runnin' Wild night 1.2.2020 Musigburg Aarbug,
Win free tickets for Runnin' Wild night 1.2.2020 Musigburg Aarbug,

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