in this radioshow: preview to a lot of rockin‘ concerts between Christmas + New Year’s Eve + beyond…



📻Mo, 30.12., Radio Kanal K/CH, 23h


Sleepy La BeefTore BeefThe Core of RockabillyOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastCD
Rudy Tutti GrayzellWhen you're goneMustang MustMustang MustMustang Must
Crazy CavanRockabilly rules OKMister CoolOpen BroadcastOpen Broadcast
Harmonica SamStepping SamThe Country Side ofEl ToroEl ToroCD, 2019
Steve YoungLong road to HollywoodSeven bridges roadAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2019
Jiants, TheTornadoMustang MustMustang MustMustang Must
Omar and the StringpoppersTake off rhythmTake off rhythmYoutubeWild Records
Tommy CastroAll about the cashMethod to my madnessAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2019
Jimmy JohnsonBar Room PreacherMissing linkAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2019
Pat CapocciSlave for the beatSlave for the beatYoutubeWild RecordsSCD, 2019
Marti BromIf if was a fifthHer Rancho NotoriousAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2019
RelaxTrioDon't mess with meDon't mess with meYoutubeJungle RecordsSCD, 2019
Louisville BoppersDon't jive and wailAlbumPart RecordsPart RecordsCD
Long Tall TexansCairoSaturnaliaOpen BroadcastOpen BroadcastLP
Fiddle BoppersRockin' and reelin' country styleDemo
Bill DurhamPink CadillacMy Kind Of MusicAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2019
Lindsay BeaverDon't be afraid of loveTough as LoveAirplayDirectAirplayDirectCD, 2019

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